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That was two years ago, when the water was flowing and the sand, how good the old men were in a time when they didn’t have to go to the old fleas. At that time, in two days, it was full of something different. Crying girls in the ass was not considered a crime. When dm didn’t like it, it slapped him. If, on the other hand, it rained and nothing happened, then the heroine of the American series Chva au beau Soleil, told the servant Niels that something was wrong. Neither her employer, do not touch her at all. And with the black servant, he forges how to stick it. Or don’t touch the attractive young house, which is close and if you want to touch directly, it means there is nothing in the horseshoe.

So the village doctor in Mr. Hrunski’s business in the movie The Village of Centers praises when the bottled beer is cooled in the seventh step, because they have total time. They have good beer, and the main thing that has happened to the village is that the girls are running around without their bras. Surprisingly, the communist censors and young unions didn’t care at the time. And even the actor didn’t care. I don’t remember you trying to do it, she smiles, even according to her role, but also according to her murder.
These are moments from a daily point of view. And all of today’s gendero comrades would make sure the director, screenwriter, and even naughty actors are always canceled. It means erasing them from their modern world.

I also remember the days when girls didn’t wear bras and when they needed to get something out they could lean forward in that T-shirt so the next man would lose his mind. And he promised all you could cry. Even in an American series, admittedly old, one of the heroines of the series, the kind of heroine, does not play a joke on her once, when she comes out of a guy saying: You should never have had as much darkness before you! Completely agree with the former, or with the old truth, that a deep cleavage is a dangerous weapon unloaded with colts.

I was reminded of this old truth through a strange pass in the mylenis, when on television some kind of wise heads were discussing the darkness of energy. At a time when girls wore long hair down their backs, T-shirts without bras and mini-mini skirts, the energy crisis did not interest us. The pipeline worked as much as necessary, and the miners mined coal, as if it were some sort of Olympian.

Today we had sex and women withered and burdened under the grave of an ally, that someone thirty years ago, when there was something to give back to them, reached rich strains. I have never heard in my life of a post-menopausal woman complaining that if she left the pub, Tonda, a trick lawyer, would go where he shouldn’t.

We go back to the days of the energy crisis and how I never thought of connecting those two things. I watched television, completely dumb as an expert in energy, economics and technology. They didn’t know anything and they spouted the bullshit that people who knew about triplets had to do, they know something about physics and it’s clear to them that nothing in the world works right away. e nothing is the way to: get on the blood and it’s a calf!

Their utter helplessness and visible expression of not knowing what to do with it reminded me of the famous depth of Miroslav Donutil. About how under socialism, fellow actors had to go forced to visit the coal mines of Ostrava. And how they chattered there and deceived the old ancestor, when they seemed to be fighting. And he was still crying out in despair in the Polish language of Ostrava: what are we going to do? What are we going to do ?!

Is it possible that the whole discussion seemed right in the spirit of this desperation saying: what are we going to do?

Well, they designed it all. The construction of tens of thousands of eco-power plants and photovoltaic panels, the import of liquefied gas and, above all, the understanding of citizens that we have completely screwed up and that we will fix it soon, in five or ten years. Because neither of them will.

It was very interesting that the actual certificate didn’t seem important. Virtually every politician and so called expert has said absolutely NO to the coal we have and have systems to use it! NO and NO!!! Just a Green Deal is our future! Just as there should be a time for the future until 1989, when everyone would fly together.
I don’t know who, but my brain thinks what it wants. And so, I don’t want, I remembered the old man, today an incorrect and full of flaws joke. Pepek goes among his classmates and you ask him if at home at night Fran followed her sister Anika out the dorm window again. And do you know the details? Pepek shakes his head and says: I’m not even saying much. She Ana just sweated: No… no… then smoked: n–! And she said after a while: Let her go.

So I think we have the energy and the relationship that we need the same way Anika does in the relationship with Franta. At first we shouted – that is, the so-called best, the morals among them – that no, no, no … And I think that we will gradually enter a lively free time: let’s – y! So she complains about Franta and we about Coal.

It is clear that the gas in the end simply does not need. That is, as it has flowed so far. If he wants to, he will be small. And there will be leads. If the view does not come, we will be humbled outside the gates of Moscow for many days in the city with Germany in France, barefoot and in the snow. Like Jindi Quarter in January 1074, to ask for forgiveness. And we grass from Rus.

Today, the Pope does not have to sit in Moscow, Putin has his hand in gas and oil, and that is what decides. The fool on how we build new nuclear power plants, how to make an accelerated transfer to Qatari or American liquefied gas, is either a lie or an infestation of a diseased brain. We don’t even know how to build them, we don’t know where to build them, we don’t know who would build them. And we don’t have all the zazen, the machines, the transport and the technology that would transport this gas all over Europe. And above all, it is not known who will sell something and if there is something to sell.

Moreover, if someone does not invent high-voltage fire, which will only float and heat up, we will have to rely on coal. And so on devo. After all, when our ancestors were building an industrial revolution in the 18th and 19th centuries and we couldn’t extract much coal economically, we filled in virtually every tree in the middle of the border mountains, now densely forested (i.e. say, what the bush was not!). As evidenced by photographs and drawings of the Krunch Mountains, Jizera Mountains, Eskomoravsk Highlands, Esk Forest, etc.

And so we won’t be called like Anika: Let her go! But to get revenge on Frant is to think of coal. We also expect that we will soon open new and temporary, quite at the same time, under political pressure closed coal and coal mines.

Even my, if you find the EU of the Polish Turw mine is the coal so on the side, it won’t help us to send the so-called ecology to: the dark stumps. Citizens have two options:
a) be green, freeze and not run, or
b) mt prci a tm i tdlk and therefore heat and hot water. What is stable is the only raw material we have, which is coal.

No, coal will arrive, because there is nothing in it, we will have to work as if only on an invention that would replace coal. Because my ancestor was looking for silence and hardship, but somehow forgot to look for gasoline or diesel. Jako and nen. And for that fall in Moravia.

We are like in this Jewish joke, because, Adonay Elohejnu (sirboe), the Israeli people had to wander for 40 years. Under the direction of My. This is because, for some sincere reason, the saint was looking for a single place in Sinai and Blzkm where there was no gas or oil. And the children of Israel were at that time;

But we don’t have to. Where to look? Maybe only under pem or between Karlovy Vary and Marinky we would make a deep hole and magma then use the heat. What I can’t see.

Take a ride once: Mil uhl, let’s go!

PS He had a note: And I hope there will be someone who is an unruly fanatical fool of Extinction Rebellion, blocking traffic in Prague and abusing the fighting Ukraine and fight for the so-called ecology, simply and simply slapped once. And there will be peace. And the goat, who documented her with a child in her heart, so they want to live with her in an apartment where the temperature is 16 degrees Celsius. Because the stove is flooded, and it will work. And hot water is for me, only when you heat it with coal. I like dt zail. Like then, practically cad. But you idiots who stay on the road, it doesn’t even happen to you. I would give them from the bottom of my heart to enjoy it.
And if I manifest a fool with a child in the room, I recommend removing it. To endanger the dangers for political people and use it as a protective shield in the event of wind, unauthorized demonstrations and aware of the health and life of the child in the midst of a change created by a traffic situation dangerous.

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