Carlos Vémola described his current financial situation and his hunger

Carlos Vémola has been heard many times in the past that he has adjusted his lifestyle and standard of living so that he still has the motivation and the need to earn more money. Last year, however, his career essentially came to a halt. He injured his hand uncomfortably and there was even speculation that he would not have to return to combat at all. Luckily, that didn’t happen and instead of Vémol’s career ending, he’s looking forward to 2 games in a 14-day horizon. But how has Vémol been so financially so far when he couldn’t struggle to make any money?

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“Of course, I have a monthly basis. However, it’s not enough and that’s good, because it makes me hungry and I always want to win and beat other opponents. Thanks to the fact that I’ve been up for a year, Ondra and Pal kinda looked at me that I’ll wrestle in May, June and July I said they have nothing in August I’m happy to drive I want me I want to catch up. I want to make up for what I lost. When I take a break after the game, I eat too much and I gain weight. Why? I will walk, I will walk, I will win, I will catch up. It would not be good if , after a year and a half of depression, I had to stop wrestling, suddenly I would box for the first time in my life, I would have my first knockout, then I would present myself at the premiere at OKTAGON in Germany, which will be huge, I can’t miss it, I want to be there and then I will fight in Štvanice and I hope it will be a big match. It would be a nice end to this bad year,” explained Karlos Vémola in an interview with Startitup.

Of course, Carlos, as the most famous Czech fighter, has a number of sponsors who have stuck with him during the crisis, but after all, income from matches is also important for Vémol, so now he wants to catch up 3 matches. which come relatively soon.

At the end of last year, Carlos even talked about the fact that he received a monthly salary from OKTAGON, but the promoter Ondřej Novotný denied this and explained what it was like.

“Carlos Vémola does not have a fixed monthly salary. Carlos always has such a desire to say everything and if possible even differently than he is. I respect that, but Carlos Vémola does not have a fixed monthly salary. When Carlos came to OKTAGON he told me that everyone always promised him and he wanted someone to finally keep their promises I said ok The moment he came to OKTAGON , he had almost no sponsorship money. In fact, he had no sponsorship money. He said that Kares and others had promised him and no one had given him anything. I said that you could work with him. So we agreed that we can help him with this marketing. We agreed in the contract that he will earn such and such amount of money from the marketing rights on a monthly basis. And that is his alleged monthly salary. Today, he is able to overcome the potential monthly salary very significantly. This is the truth, “ Ondřej Novotný explained in a press conference after the OKTAGON 30 tournament in response to a question from MMA Shorties.

A monthly solution?

Carlos claimed for the Show Kara channel that he had a very unique condition agreed with OKTAGON, thanks to which he did not have to worry about funds yet, “We are millions today. It’s still not enough. I don’t know how it is with the boys, but with me. Walking makes millions for sure. I also make millions for matches I have a lot of offers now, even from the new FRG. That’s good, but I have an agreement with OKTAGON. It’s not just about what I will do in this ring, but what I will do in this ring. you will do outside. I am very lucky to have great and great partners. I mainly agreed to a condition with OKTAGON, which the boys do not think of, and I was certainly the first in the Czech Republic to impose it, namely that I was paid even outside the matches. I am paid monthly.

There is no difference between us fighters and football players, hockey players, etc. We train and stuff, so I want to get paid monthly. I’m glad I made the deal with OKTAGON because now that I’m injured and haven’t wrestled in a year, I have nothing left to fund my life. When I fight, it’s a bonus.”

In the end, it doesn’t matter what we call money, but it’s clear that Carlos has a good monthly income, which of course he deserves, because few people do their own promotion and marketing as intensively as Carlos Vémola .

Intro photo via OKTAGON MMA

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