What will help with energy shortages? A short meditation and a cup of tea

Lack of sun, little time spent in the fresh air, last but not least, eternal cold and endless climb in the dark. All of this must clearly affect our health, or at least our mood, both physical and mental. During the harsh winter, our immunity is exposed to constant threats, colds and viruses, which of course costs a lot of energy that needs to be replenished. Therefore, when the rays of the sun appear and a humid spring breeze blows, weakness and exhaustion usually fall on us instead of a flood of energy. How to prevent it and recall the energy?

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Walk to energy

Research shows that regularly Meditation helps improve physical health, including optimizing blood pressure, deepening sleep and concentration and thus increase work efficiency and save energy. However, also reduce the effects of stress or migraines.

How to start?

Simply by sitting and leaning comfortably, placing your hands on your thighs or folding them in your lap – how comfortable you are. Then close your eyes and begin to feel your breath slowly and calmly. In the nose, in the lungs, in the chest – in short, wherever you feel it, “says lecturer Tomáš Reinbergr, who teaches meditation in free videos from the educational project KurzyProRadost.cz, and emphasizes that it is not complicated, and disproves the myths that you shouldn’t move or say the word Ooooom during meditation.

Switch off

If you have taken the first step, then, in the next ten minutes, with your eyes closed, try to do the opposite of what you do during the day with your eyes open: not wanting to control things, not trying to achieve a goal. “Leave control to something more intelligent within you. The intelligence of life and nature that controls all the mechanisms of the body. Don’t fight back, just feel free. Feel free to move, change your position, clear your throat as needed,” advises Tomáš.

there is energy

When you start to come out of meditation after about ten minutes, you are likely to feel overpowered, slowed down, and sluggish. It’s true. “People expect an influx of energy to come right after meditation. But this is not the case. Rather, the person is mute to pleasantly off. This condition is called restful alertness or relaxed alertness. . We have a slow metabolism, we recharge our energy, we get rid of stress, we cleanse our system. But at the same time, we also have sharper senses and richer perceptions. The feeling of a surge of energy usually occurs when we rev up the metabolism. And this happens when we get up, go for a walk or start working,” adds Tomáš Reinbergr. You can repeat the exercise every day and the energy will come soon.

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Planning for energy

Winter time encourages recapitulation and reflection on how and where we want to go in life. For many of us, spring becomes a turning point and an imaginary start to the year. We think about where to go and what to invest in energy. We are thinking about a restart, we want to clean up and we are moving towards change. Gabriela Brávník Milfortová, Golden Gate’s Regional Director, which deals with physical gold and silver investments and personal development, recommends asking five key questions that will help us discover what we want and get into the next period with energy.

  1. What relationships or activities should I end because I have them out of habit or duty? Who or what can help me with this?
  2. What regular care do I want to give my body?
  3. What three activities will I rely on? Actively and passively thinking.
  4. How will I relieve the stress of work? Describe specific activities and try to find those for which you don’t need tools or space.
  5. What activity brings me the most inner joy? How do you find more time for this?

“Take at least thirty minutes to achieve this. During the first ten minutes you will calm your mind from different thoughts. If you are better with musical training, do yourself a favor,” recommends Milfortová. “Write down your answers somewhere you’ll see them, and most importantly, schedule as many activities into your calendar as possible. For example, if the second question in your answer is a regular massage, schedule at least two appointments in advance with the masseur. If you decide to dance (quietly at home) every week, set aside time in the calendar. First of all, these essential things are planned, such as family time, vacations, space for your development and health care.

With other activities, the diary can already be filled itself – and often more than loosely. “I recommend marking important moments with a strong color that you love. You will see so quickly each week that there is always something to look forward to. At the same time, the color palette will help you monitor your balance and progress towards your goals,” advises Brávník Milfortová. For example, you can have four colors: personal development, relationship building, body care and exercise, business or work.

Drink energy with tea

Whether you are meditating, planning or doing something else, Tea can help you recharge your batteries. They provide a number of health benefits, but above all they give you energy. You can choose a tried and true classic – black tea, which is one of the most caffeinated types of tea – 300ml has about half as much caffeine as a cup of coffee. The second choice can be a fresher green tea. It is appreciated for its stimulating effects, for its ability to repel fatigue, to promote memory and concentration, and in general to stimulate the nervous system.

Another option can be matcha tea, which is made from the leaves of shaded green tea plants, ground into a fine powder to make a powder. It is rich in caffeine, almost as much as coffee. Matcha is traditionally prepared by mixing the powder with hot water in a bowl. The shading process also increases the levels of l-theanine and antioxidants in the tea, resulting in an uplifting and energizing effect that is said to aid in clarity and focus.

You can also drink functional teas to replenish energy. In the market you will find the proven ENERGY Ahmad Tea, which is energizing blend of herbs and seeds of guarana, cinnamon and grapefruitwhich can be a great encouragement. Guarana is added to this herbal blend in the form of guarana powder, which is ground from the seeds of Amazon berries.

Finally, ginger tea, because ginger has been used for centuries in herbal medicine and Ayurvedic medicine and gives teas a pleasantly sweet and spicy taste. Ginger increases energy, attention and improves cognitive abilities.

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