To four oaks, three willows, under a green roof – chapter 10.

“Come sit with us, I’ll serve you some lavender lemonade,” Květinka greeted her, and Tydlík asked impatiently, “So what’s up with you?”
“But don’t even ask, Tydlík. Waserman, the bad guy, had nearly drowned Kozel the miner the day before when he was coming home from the pub.”
“Brekekeke, from the pub he had to watch again, brekekeke,” Vrbička said angrily, but immediately added, “Brekeke, but I don’t heat people up anymore, really, Rákosnička, you have to believe me, brekekeke. “

Fairy Rákosnička smiled shyly and continued talking: “But Juzek and Ferda took it out, it was at the last moment and Waserman was so angry that he was scared off by the White Woman who came to catch the fish for him. dinner. He was so scared that he hurt his wing. Now he sits sadly in his building nest and just sighs and sighs.”

To four oaks, three willows, under a green roof – chapter 9.

Tydlík asked, “And why is he sighing so much when, as I know you, you’ve taken care of his fin?” She’s supposed to come here after him soon, and he won’t have time to build the nest he promised her with the sick wing, and he’s afraid he’ll end up choosing one of his brothers. “” Yeah, chichichi, yeah, Reed, what are you talking about nonsense, a wintering in Africa? “Yeah, chichichi, it’s hot there, they’re all dark and the sun doesn’t shine there,” Tydlík laughed, clutching his stomach.

“Tydlifoun, you are still confused,” Květinka scolded him, “storks fly to Africa for the winter precisely because it is warm there. Imagine, he flies up to 200 km every day, and when he returns to us , it flies even faster, up to 400 km in a day, and in total it flies about 20,000 kilometers round trip.”
“Well, well, that’s all,” Tydlifon muttered, but he had an idea in his mind on how to help Whitefoot. He just glanced at Vrbička and they quietly disappeared.

They agreed that tomorrow, after the morning shift, they would go together to the Volenský pond, where the Bělonožka stork family had a nest not far from the parish field since ancient times.
Work at the pit was especially difficult today, as the guys wouldn’t even talk over lunch. Nevertheless, Tydlík, who was sitting on Juzek’s shoulder as usual, heard him say, “Imagine that, Ferda.

Summer story of the fairy Květinka and her friends.

To four oaks, three willows, under a green roof – Chapter 8.

“Yeah, I know, because our Viktorka has been with him every day, and yesterday she told me that they were watching a stork, there at our house on the parish, how the wing beats, and what can -be this year, storks a bit small.”

Tydlík wasn’t listening anymore, and when he told Vrbiček that afternoon, he urged him not to forget to take his magic pipe. When they arrived at Bělonožek’s nest, they had just seen Miss Stork arrive from distant Africa. They stood under the nest post and listened.
“Pcha, now I have to live with you, pcha, I don’t like it at all, you haven’t done much work at our house,” she said scornfully, proudly raising her beautiful beak and flying towards catch fish with the White-footed Friar right at Volenský Pond.

“Brekekeke, don’t be sad, mate, brekeke, we’ll help you,” Vrbička said, and Tydlík was already pulling the saw out of his backpack. The white foot looked at them sadly and sighed.
But the two immediately got to work, started cutting small twigs from the surrounding trees and stacking them.
Then, when there was a big pile of them, Tydlík called Bělonožka: “Now you, arrange your nest well.”

Fairy Květinka celebrates her birthday today.

To four oaks, three willows, under a green roof – Chapter 7.

The white foot landed cautiously, tapped its beak, thanked, and hurried to work. After the work was completed, Bělonožka took his wings, which intensified and fully recovered, the boatman Vrbička and the elf Tydlifon, and they flew to the Volenský pond.

“Yeah, Vrbička, it was beautiful,” they both rejoiced after landing, but Bělonožka no longer noticed them, tapped her beak loudly and looked at the other storks, who also came for a delicious dinner. Among them was a tiny young stork with a black feather on its wing. The white-footed booby began courting her, and when he caught his tasty green frog, she flew with him back to her nest. It didn’t take long for Miss Stork to fly with the white-legged brother. She just shook her beak longingly when she saw the beautifully repaired nest. But Bělonožek was no longer sorry at all, he had his Černopírka.

Tydlík and Vrbička were very happy, and soon after the visit of the fairy Rákosnička she told how Bělonožka and Černopírka carefully cared for four beautiful eggs, from which little storks would hatch within a month.

“You, Vrbička,” Tydlík suddenly asked, “why didn’t we conjure up the nest with your magic pipe and instead we worked so hard and Bělonožka finally found a completely different girl anyway?”

“Brekekeke,” smiled Vrbička, “well, honest work is better than all the magic in the world, and love is very important to storks, they choose it for life, brekekeke, you know.”

In the next part you will learn how Květinka found Mušánka. So don’t forget, tomorrow you can read another story about Tydlík with the children again on our website!

Mrs. Žofie Zejdová from Šenov sent us a fairy tale for her books “To four oaks, three willows, under a green roof” to our special Write Fairy Tales. “The main thing is that the children like it! I send a photo with Tydlifon, who had no choice but to greet you in person. Tydlík is also very worried and said to me: “Well, so that the ghost and everyone who reads this thing can understand what Ferd z Juzkym has done, because we will no longer understand the same as our shunov gizdi.” So I reassured him that everyone would surely understand the two or three sentences of our Šenov dialect,” said Žofie Zejdová.

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