Russia threatens to shut down pipelines. Above all, do not store diesel at home, advises the expert

To save its currency, Russia threatens to close the pipelines if Europe does not pay for the energy in rubles. How would the Czech Republic be affected if Russian oil stopped flowing there, and what ordinary motorists should do, the editorial staff of asked the experts.

The potential consequences of interrupting Russian oil supplies to the Czech Republic would mean considerable hardship. “If the supply of oil through the Druzhba pipeline is stopped, in my opinion, Czechia will be one of the most affected countries if not the worst in Europe in the end,” Ivan said. Indráček, President of the Union of Independent Petroleum Engineers.

The northern branch of Druzhba can optionally be supplied from the port terminals of Rostock and Gdansk. It’s a little more complicated at the southern branch, continued Indráček. “The southern branch, which supplies Hungary, Slovakia and Czechia, can alternatively be supplied by the Adria pipeline, but I have no idea if there is free capacity. However, I am afraid that even if it is, it will not be enough,” he added.

Oil continues to flow into the Czech Republic via the IKL pipeline, which is connected to the TAL pipeline. But he has full capacity. The only real solution may be to limit oil processing in the Czech Republic and import fuels, petrochemical feedstocks and other refinery products from abroad, Indráček says.

“The logical consequence would be a price increase, and of course only if there was some European solidarity and if we got the missing goods in the necessary volume. I don’t even want to imagine the impact it would have on us if the member states of the European Union they behaved like two years ago, when there was an absolute lack of curtains everywhere, “Indráček thought.

According to the economist Štěpán Křeček, the complications would not be so important. “On the one hand we have relatively large stocks (for three months), on the other hand there are alternative suppliers, the possibilities are vast for oil. But we must not enter a state where there is no there’s no fuel,” he said. noted.

The stock is sufficient, the ministry said

At the start of the conflict in Ukraine, the Ministry of Industry and Trade assured that it was ready for a possible reduction in Russian oil and gas supplies. Industry Minister Jozef Síkela (for STAN) then assured that there was also enough fuel for nuclear power plants.

However, if oil stops flowing into the Czech Republic and the consequences are known for supplying the domestic market, the government can order a state of oil emergency. In doing so, it would seek to reduce consumption, for example by limiting the maximum speeds on the roads, the opening hours of petrol stations, by establishing regulatory measures for the refueling of petroleum and petroleum products at the main suppliers, or by introducing an allocation system, according to the National Administration of Material Reserves. (SSHR).

You can then read the detailed information in the Typical Plan – Large-Scale Oil and Petroleum Product Supply Disruption:

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How to reduce consumption

But how could ordinary motorists prepare for a possible shortage? “I will certainly not be the one to drive people out of gas stations, but an emergency will simply require a crisis solution. Every consumer can save on fuel. And the rules have long been known. Per hour, frequent inspection of the good inflated tires,” Indráček advised.

According to him, the savings can reach liters, not just tenths. “And there will certainly be situations where you can use a bicycle instead of a car, use public transport or carpool. In freight transport, you can save huge volumes of diesel by planning better and by reducing ’empty’ trips,” Indráček said.

Home fuel storage is very dangerous. In addition to being flammable, they can seep into nature if careless, as happened in the Pilsen region. There, a man is carrying a tank that came off while driving and about 1,925 liters of diesel escaped.

In addition, the composition of diesel and gasoline changes depending on the date. “The winter season will end. It may happen that people store fuel at home with special additives due to low temperatures. Then they will use fuel that is not suitable for the weather,” warns Křeček.

Another problem is that people cannot estimate when to buy fuel and when not to. “We saw the panic and the stress, the biggest sales were when the prices were the highest. People are stockpiling fuel and the price will come down in the meantime. The panic comes at a time when the prices reach new heights,” he explained.

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