Raven April horoscope: Gemini gets rid of the Dark Moon, Aries manages what it reaches


  • Raven Argoni, astrologer and wizard.

    April 4, 2022 ● 09:31

    What awaits us in April? The next turbulent moon will take you to the mage and astrologer Raven Argoni.

  • RAM

    April 2022 was “pinned” by the great New in Aries, enriched by Mercury, an excellent constellation that will support everything in terms of work, employment, business, finances, wealthy income, as well as mortgages, of loans, credits and other financial services practically up to half a month. Until April 21, you can take advantage of everything you need to improve your relations, if you find that you have a witch by your side, you can get rid of it quite easily on April 30. And it will be calm.

  • Taurus

    Throughout April 2022, the Bulls will appear as determined beings, with the ability to think quickly and logically, which in the first third of April will be reflected mainly in family and partner, in the second third of April, the Bulls will shine in the field of work, business and property management, and in the last of April 3, the Bulls will receive well-deserved applause as masters of communication, publicity and promotion. We can therefore say that not only these legendary Andy Warhol, who promised a quarter of an hour of glory, await the Bulls in April, but that this whole month will be directly edifying for the Bulls.

  • Gemini

    All Bizards will say goodbye to the Black Moon by mid-April 2022, but it won’t be a heartbreaking farewell, the ruthless wisdom of the people says uncompromisingly that the fish and the guest won’t dazzle us after three days , some guests are bored arrival, of course in full This is especially true of the astrological Black Moon, which will annoy its neighbors in the second half of the month, and Gemini will enjoy a sense of freedom and independence, two things the bravest of us pay for not fleeing the battlefield and fighting.

  • Cancer

    In the first half of April, the Moon, the divine Moon, the ghost of inspiration and perhaps a little conspiracy appear in the backyard, and in the second half of April 2022, the ghost of the bad luck, depression, and innocent worries of the Black Moon begin to pour into the sign of the crayfish, Cancer settling in, as if turning a fleeting visit into a permanent residence. It is possible that there is an increase in frequency in the area of ​​less fortunate coincidences, even in the area of ​​proverbial misfortune, but on the other hand the deterioration of the overall life situation can be offset by increased vigilance and alertness. regarding watching all the tweets around Cancer.

  • Lion

    The beginning and especially the first half of April will be perceived by most Leos as completely non-violent, as if fate and similar stupidity could not even touch them. But around April 12-13, most Leos will be bombarded with nostalgic memories, they will begin to reminisce about the failures, but also the successes that have already faded in the relentless flow of time, and it’s quite possible that they eventually end with a sad statement, which famous movie hero Arnold Schwarzenegger recently reached when he sighed, too bad he couldn’t live in the past.

    By the end of April, the Lions will regain their strength and determination to plan for further success and also to fight for them.

  • Virgin

    In mid-April, Virgo will feel an influx of inspiration and new ideas about work, business, and any major changes or life changes, such as renovating a home or finding a side job. They don’t have to move to the other side of the republic or look for a new employer, but it is quite possible that they decide to take an interesting course or training to improve their qualifications and have a better chance. to obtain a more interesting monthly job. Income. In general, Virgos will behave actively and actively, perhaps one day they will say where Virgo commands, there is no fear, on the contrary, there is order and discipline. We’ll see.

  • Balance

    Most of the time, Libra will be dealing with their financial income and partnership throughout April 2022. especially then Libra, who has yet to have a partnership and maybe not even a resolved job of satisfactory way. Until April 16, everything Libra does will unfold and evolve rather slowly (although for sure), but from the full moon on April 16 (Moon in Libra, Sun in Aries), all around Libra will speed up significantly (perhaps the light will fly a little faster in the presence of Libra). Otherwise, everything will be in perfect condition, health will serve, and, as I always say, the plane will not fall with you, the ship will not overturn, and sudden illnesses will be avoided.

  • The joyful swarm of events around the sign of Scorpio will be completely hassle-free and spiritually and visually lucrative if astrological Scorpios logically and rationally avoid any major financial transactions involving borrowing money and building credit. I’m not saying every loan is deadly for Scorpio in April 2022, but there is a monthly descending node, which generally warns, beware, beware, you borrow money from a friend, you lose money. money and a friend, you use a bank loan, you lose your job and a regular income and you end up with a begging stick, it’s just a matter of deeper and longer thought than a recommendation to skip directly into unfamiliar water to see if you can still swim. As we did in a past life.

  • Shooter

    Quite easily and simply, Sagittarius can experience the feeling of fate in April 2022, what is it? We are each our own engineers, if I don’t step on my own happiness, then I’ll just have it when it suits me, what else do you want to solve? It’s true that sometimes there are times in life when you manage everything easily, almost masterfully, until the proverb of the proverb about a master who sometimes cuts the floor. So, dear Sagittarius, everything will be fine; It won’t always be the case, but for now you can thank the higher forces for April 2022.

  • Capricorn

    In the planetary confusion of the April 2022 horoscope, Capricorn gives a cautious, almost omniscient impression. In April, all Capricorns will have interesting opportunities for work and education, in other words, you will have the opportunity to find an interesting job, if you already have a job, you will have the opportunity to do something for your career and if you are already satisfied with your job and career, tomorrow you can move on to a happy family and partnership. April is generally a month of progress for you in everything you do and do.

  • Aquarius

    Dear Aquarius, it can slow you down a little in the presence of Saturn in April 2022, it’s not a bad sign, but there can be a “brake” in the working area, whether it is generally understood as fatal or that it can also happen in success a psychopath who indulges himself as soon as things go wrong, you just have to be careful of that, as they say, a psychopath never sleeps and it is better to have anything at hand than a psychopath with matches on the roof, but still so bad that there will be no fear. It is not for nothing that Saturn has always attracted astrology as an old psychopath who ate children, mainly his own, but it is always worth paying attention to similar cases.

  • Fish

    The rich harvest of planets (Mars, Venus, Jupiter, Neptune) is found in April 2022 in Pisces. It may be unnecessary to provide anything, there is enough material for all creative spiritual and physical growth, so we can expect Pisces to engage in meditation, practice, wisdom writing and, of course, new and other nourishing horoscopes. , which should then be followed and which it is good to monitor regularly. So if you feel like you need guidance or aren’t getting spiritual support, it’s best to follow any newborn of this happy sign and think about every word they say. I certainly won’t do it differently now, in April 2022.

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