Métis as a definition of our justice. Comment by Štěpán Cháb


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The description: Stanislav Polcak

Stanislav Polčák, the former vice-president of the STAN movement, meant almost eight million crowns to “recover” the compensation from the municipalities affected by the explosion of the ammunition depots in Vrbětice. Under pressure from the media, he waived the award, and eventually his law firm waived the right to the award. But half-breeds are normally part of our republic. Where? Everywhere.

Private legal services are offered from 2000 to 5000 crowns, as I made a survey of various legal services in Prague. Not to solve the case, but for an hour. Let’s average it at 3500 crowns per hour. So if you want to solve a problem with a lawyer, just the first hour of presenting the details to him and having him make the declarations, it will cost you 17 hours of your work if you are earning an average salary. Alright, you save. If you earn the minimum wage, for one hour of lawyer you pay 35 hours of personal work.

Beware, if a neurosurgeon has a problem, which is believed to be the most complex and responsible job a person can do, will pay lawyer in one of his ten hours of work. I repeat, the price of the work of a neurosurgeon is worth ten times less from a market point of view than the work of a lawyer. And if the neurosurgeon spoils something in his work, he will kill the person who surrendered to him in confidence. If something is wrong with a lawyer? God, there are courts, you can judge everywhere in hallelujah. Isn’t that wonderful?

The question is naked before the eyes. Does an ordinary person, and there are more than ten million of them in our republic, have a chance to seek justice with the help of a lawyer? And that doesn’t mean a small problem that can be solved simply by taking both sides of the dispute out of their lungs and moving on. What about protest against the state? Against society? A dispute that can take weeks and months?

Let’s look at it this way. There is a difference between when Andrej Babiš was charged for his Stork’s Nest and when I was charged for Stork’s Nest. Without complaining, Babiš pays for the best legal services, for which he pays several times more than an ordinary person earns in his lifetime. If I had been accused of the Stork’s Nest, I would have thrown soaps in the crime shower a long time ago and wondered if it was better to hang myself in the evening or in the afternoon. At the same time, justice must be the same for all. Hooray? May be? I guess I would introduce myself to the lawyers of Andrej Babiš, he said hello and I could say goodbye right away, because it would cost me all my salary. I paid ten minutes for their work, then I went to ask for soup for the poor somewhere in the hospice.

But of course, then we have legal services ex officio, that is to say the services of a public defender appointed. I have a great experience with such a lawyer. He didn’t even greet the defendant outside the courtroom, sitting there and writing his own stuff. And when it was his turn to say something in defense of the accused, he only stammered what the plaintiff had already said. Awesome. But that’s just the edge, I’ve only had this honor once with a duty lawyer.

Do you want to file a complaint against the State? With a business? With a medical facility? But calm down, you just don’t have it. And if your case is not interesting in the media, you will probably not be taken by a lawyer who would offer his services on a pro bono publico basis, that is to say for free with the desire to help (and to surrender visible in the media). And so justice ends where your account no longer reaches. And that, when recalculated as legal costs, does not go beyond “hello, I am in good condition”. You cannot pay more.

Half tail? It was just the tip of the iceberg. Flashy, disgusting, but just the tip of the iceberg that has come to the surface. What doesn’t come to the surface? How many poor people will not get justice because they simply don’t have that justice? Justice is one of the most expensive services in our republic (followed by dentists). Every day the neurosurgeon stands on the brink of the life and death of his patient, he is in a huge psychological harness, his work can do wonders, yet he is a real frog against lawyers when it comes to pay.

“The worst things happen to the poorest. It has never happened to me that a rich man would turn to me and tell me that he was somehow badly damaged by a medical establishment. This injustice and harm just happens to people who then find it difficult to apply for legal aid under standard conditions.” he said in an interview for the Czech Bar Association’s 2011 Lawyer of the Year Robert Cholenský. Interesting way. So a scholar on the poor, because we don’t have to fear them, and a perfect care of the rich, because they could make our life hell with the help of lawyers for whom they have resources . Polčák is just the tip of the iceberg.

Entered by: Štěpán Cháb

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