Material losses due to Fial? He had already demolished something. She is clear

“I would like the government, as well as most citizens of the Czech Republic, to act wisely and not only when it comes to the interests of refugees,” political minister Zdeněk Zbořil said. “In order to make decisions in the interest of those fleeing the war, she suggested how to distinguish them from economic migrants, or even from those who want to continue their economic activities imported from Ukraine to the Czech Republic and further afield. EU, or even abroad, so as not to waste the enthusiasm of those who help and want to help selflessly, and to be able to take measures not to abuse or even earn money from this help. Perhaps the Minister of the Interior came up with this idea a little late, because the first information that something similar is happening is already appearing among the population, and because the exchange of information is limited by various restrictions of the workshops of his ministry, they begin to bring up rumors and legends about the importation of the gray and even black economy from the East.As the “national principle” prevails so far in the evaluation of events events in the East, I suspect government organizers will be able to distinguish between “Russians” in Ukraine and elsewhere, as it may not just be “Russian” Russians, he added. added.


Are you cutting off Russian gas and oil supplies?

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Zbořil also believes that Austrian strategists will not forget the interests of the original inhabitants of the Czech Republic and will find ways to deal with the energy crisis at home and in the EU and other problems that have arisen and arise as a result of chain sanctions, which are no longer confined within the political boundaries of individual countries and states.

The government wants to create a post of Ukrainian crisis coordinator in the government office. “Perhaps a new office should not be created, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Czech Republic certainly has enough competent officials who could perform such a function. And because we have some experience in government activities or rather the silence of the Czech special envoy for energy in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic over the past decade, we know that the ability and the will to do something similar is more important than a another new official, his assistants, his office or even a new building. “Says Zbořil.

Many people can no longer imagine how they are going to pay the cost of living. But we hear economists say it will be worse. According to economist Lukáš Kovanda, the worst is yet to come. “I have read and followed Mr. Kovanda’s articles and thoughts, and it seems to me that he is rather pessimistic in his estimates of the future course of the economy. However, as things stand, it seems to me that it could have the function of a “lark”, which warns of an explosion of methane in the well. This is certainly better than the optimism of some members of the government, who, as we know also from the recent past, ends with the statement that it happened differently than they imagined and that it was Andrei Babiš’s fault”, states Zbořil. “If I may be a little personal, and since my family and I have lost relatively modest assets at least three times, I would recommend instead to carefully prepare Mr. Kovanda’s script and not listen to the speeches of certain members of the government. and apparently the deputies still in place PČR”, he added.

Will they decide not to “help the citizens” of the Czech Republic?

The state of emergency in the republic is extended until the end of May. “The government and the Chamber of Deputies we elected, and some of us greeted them with fanfare during their first purges in ministries and various offices, we are left with only partial consideration or criticism of their But it will be no more important if these state institutions, on the advice of Mrs. Pekarová Adamová, decide not to help the citizens of the Czech Republic and let them help themselves… The government has ignored the critical remarks from the opposition and he can expect “civil society” to help get rid of this government. In such a case, as we also know from the past, such things will not be prevented by a state emergency,” comments Zbořil.

The Czech crisis unit met on Thursday in response to a decision by Russian President Vladimir Putin, who signed a decree requiring customers to pay for Russian gas in rubles. According to Minister Jozef Síkely, representatives of energy companies have assured that supplies are stable and that gas supplies for a month and oil for more than 90 days. The good news is the end of the heating season.

“Although there is a lot of information that is not as optimistic as the statement you quoted, Minister Síkela, but I still trust him. Mr. Václav Bartuška, who is the MFA expert already mentioned in this case, seems to be more cautious, which is a bit at odds with its generally too authoritarian appearance in the media.As for the form of the message, it reminds me of the answer to the question of the time of the construction of socialism – Who is the biggest enemy of Czechoslovakia agriculture? Spring, summer, autumn, winter and imperialism, ”says Zbořil.

Machete murder? it won’t move anyone

Another tragic piece of news hit the public last week. With the death of the teacher, the attack on a student of the secondary vocational school in Prague, who attacked a man with a machete, ended.

“The police report you cite here is far too brief and the accompanying discussion is a bit confusing. young people – family, school, public. It is so simple and no major education reform will be able to bring it together, despite the good will of the actors and leaders. How many times in the recent past have there been “discussions” of how Comenius “All-Remedies” education is being distorted by various “projects”, non-profit activities and the spread of ignorance by the media! I fear that even this horribly tragedy of a teenager, whether “under the influence” or not, will not move a growing society,” Zbořil comments. “After all, even churches of all kinds have been fighting over ownership for many years, and their interest in schools and education remained on the sidelines of their interest. The missionary work of TV Noe, or perhaps the tireless and long-term musical education of Václav Hudeček’s students, are white crows, to which only believers could pay attention in the environment of lies and hatred that surrounds us “, he adds.

President Miloš Zeman pardoned the head of Lány’s forestry administration, Miloš Balák, who was found guilty of influencing a public contract in the Lánská game reserve. This decision caused a stir.

“It has not been known for some time what cannon to fire at the President of the Republic. Senator Láska even promised that if his fellow senators asked him, he would “go” to the President. He has not yet said whether himself or with the president of the Constitutional Court, Pavel Rychetský. But he spared no strong words. I was surprised by the senator’s lawyer, who should have a constitutional reading at hand (and I suppose he also knows the age-old debates that the law is only a minimum of morality.) And I don’t want to recall that from the short history of presidential amnesties, Havel or the last Václav Klaus. Since God’s senator sits in the Senate, perhaps he could have at least tried to change the Constitution of the Czech Republic in the section on presidential powers, then he would not have to run unsuccessfully behind the ‘green light’ ‘, which is getting further and further away from him,” comments Zbořil.

France? Let’s wait for next week

In a week, the results of the first round of the presidential election in France will probably be known. And Dr. Zbořil knows more about this country than anyone. “I must admit that the pre-election mood in France is quite unreadable this time. President Macron started the “hot” election campaign late, or I paid attention to other events that seemed closer to me. Events in Eastern and Central Europe have helped us cover what’s been happening in France in recent months, so we’d better wait until next week,” he comments.

Few people doubt that we are witnessing the changing of the world before our eyes. An epidemic, then a war. Anyway, we are going through an even more difficult period than expected. And who has a chance to handle this?

“It is impossible not to see, not to hear and not to speak. But the assault on the psyche of individuals and society as a whole is certainly extraordinary, especially for those who experience something similar for the first time. So I assume that, as in any time of crisis and catharsis – political, economic, moral – there will be a shift in cultural and social patterns, or arrangements that no one expected. And if I may predict something, then I am afraid that the non-European world has already overcome our Eurocentrism and is wondering how to get rid of it”, concludes Rozjezd Zdeněk Zbořil today.

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author: Daniela Cerna

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