How do Emma Smetana and Jordan Haj live? A living room full of books and a large collection of spices

We talk in the kitchen, because we don’t fit anywhere else…

Emma: Our children have flooded the whole space and have the talent to be in all the rooms at the same time, so we only have the kitchen table and the balcony.

Who reigns in your kitchen?

Emma: I think it alternates when we meet, so Jordy told him to survive. Now I feel like he lives a lot to eat. And suddenly, over time, he became a chef, and I must say he was excellent. So I walked out of the kitchen for a bit.

Jordan: But you taught me all the same all the same. I ate the good food in Israel when I moved here at nineteen, so I didn’t like it very much and had to learn to cook all the things I liked.

Emma: I love everything Jordy cooks. And now I opt for such simple things: spinach, water, butter. It’s absolutely fantastic, I want it from him every morning.

do you eat meat

Jordan: I’m such a quarterly vegetarian, every time we go to Southeast Asia, I think it’s going to be vegan in fact. Of course, I have to learn how to cook it here at home, because normally restaurants in the Czech Republic aren’t quite ready to feed a vegetarian or a vegan. And then a few months after I came back, they let me go and eat a ton of meat.

Do you have a lot of spices, who buys it?

Emma: Me. I think it’s beautiful.

Jordan: Emma has such a particular obsession, and it’s the spices you can normally buy here…

Emma: Well, they are not as beautiful as in Istanbul, Thailand or the Israeli market. It’s great when the turmeric in your suitcase spills onto your white t-shirt and won’t let go. I know you can buy it here under the barracks, but there’s no story.

Colorful life by Tomáš Třeštík

Speaking of stories, is all that music playing here?

Emma: Yeah, here it’s fantastically broken, it’s very quiet, so you can hardly hear it either.

Jordan: We certainly do not disturb our neighbors.

Emma: The last time Jordy composed the song By Now, our latest single.

Jordan: Emma participated in the production. And just yesterday it was officially announced that we were among the seven finalists for the national Eurovision tour.

Emma: So we will be very happy if people vote for us. Thanks very much.

Congratulations. And who sings everything, you? Other artists?

Emma: Both. Jordy sings Jordy, I sing myself, I sing gospel, but he is held by the fantastic chorister Athina, who gives him such a musical body and such greatness with these violins…

From music to reading – there are a lot of books… Do they have an order, does one of you bring them here, or is it all random?

Emma: They were in order, even alphabetically. One large library is fiction, in the other there are thematic blocks – poems, film books, fine arts. Lots of fairy tales, lots of Petr Sís, lots of political science, diplomacy, international relations…

Jordan: There is a lot of red, a lot of big and small blue there are…

Emma: And Jordy “reads” a lot of audiobooks, so there aren’t many in this library, but there are about eight books in Hebrew.

Jordan: I will spend half my life in a car and yes, now I have worked a lot on audio books, they are great in the Czech Republic.

Renovated house of Heidi Janků

What fills your walls?

Emma: Our close artists, photographers, hang on here, the problem is that we can’t screw much into these walls, it’s an apartment before reconstruction. There’s still plenty of support for my dad in the apartment he lived in, and once he’s done the walls will probably be completely covered. Everything is possible.

Emma’s concert dresses are coming out of the closet a bit, where can Jordan put her stuff?

Jordan: I rent an office in Vinohrady and I actually have my things there. I still have the trauma of letting go of things, in fact I still have most of what I received since I was ten years old.

Emma: He Jordy’s relationship to things is the same as mine to spices. He sees a story in every T-shirt.

Jordan: Yeah, yeah, like how I found the shirt in a flea market in Paris, how it rained, how the lady wanted the euro for it, and I gave her half of it. Well, we wanted to create music videos in this office, but in reality, there are boxes up to the ceiling.

What wouldn’t happen at home?

Emma: Without Jordy, without girls and last trimester without our great babysitter.

Jordan: I sign. And I add internet. Which, of course, makes us stupid.

The most common form of composition in a modern interior is an irregular arrangement.

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