Firefighters searched the safe in Mynář’s cabin. “Something was searched for and not found,” says Auschwitz mayor iROZHLAS

The investigation into the fire at the Auschwitz log cabin in the Zlín region, which belonged to the company of the head of the presidential office, Vratislav Mynář, continues. The police always work with three versions: that it could be negligence, a technical fault or intention. Volunteer firefighters who searched the incinerator told Radiožurnál that they were looking for a safe or its contents. He had to disappear from the cabin before the fire.

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Prague / Auschwitz

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Mynář pub burnt down Photo: Martin Štorkán | Source: Czech Radio

Firefighters and men in overalls pull out the rubble of the blackened beams and sort it out. Forensic pathologists search everything, others dig into piles of ashes. They are looking for clues as to why a log house belonging to the company of the head of the presidential office, Vratislav Mynář, burned down in Auschwitz last week.

The Na srubu pub burned down at night in Auschwitz. It belongs to the Mynář company

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“Stay in front of this band, you can’t come here,” shouts the man in the red jacket, pointing to the police band lying on the ground. Then it climbs along the slope along the ski slope to the Malovaný pension, which is also part of the complex belonging to the Mynář company.

“Dream journalists,” shouts another man from the guesthouse entrance, and immediately disappears inside. They don’t like journalists here.

The local police and volunteer fire department don’t want to talk at first. Later, however, they are more willing and reveal that they were looking for things in the incinerator that would have disappeared from the safe inside the cabin. Some volunteer firefighters even talked about searching the whole safe.

“We knew he was there”

“It just came to our knowledge at the time. We knew he was there, and then I went to work that morning, my colleagues stayed there all day and helped the criminal in the search. “, described to Radiožurnál one of the local volunteer firefighters, whom the journalists visited at home. He did not want to release his name due to the ongoing investigation.

“The boys then searched the criminal all day, but found neither the safe nor its contents,” he added.

His colleagues also talked about the safe. Their version was also vaguely confirmed by the mayor of Auschwitz, Aleš Pfeffer (SPOZ). “Something was searched there and not found,” he said mysteriously. He didn’t want to say more.

Radiožurnál also asked Vratislav Mynář whether the safe had really disappeared from the cabin and what its contents were. But he didn’t pick up the cell phone and didn’t answer the text message. He told Radio Frekvence 1 on Tuesday that it could not have been an accident.

Pub Na Srubu | Photo: Martin Storkán | Source: Czech Radio

Miroslav Červenka, CEO of Mynář’s company, declined to comment on information about the allegedly missing safe or its contents: “It is under investigation, so I cannot comment on it.”

Milena Šabatová, spokesperson for the Uherské Hradiště police officers, responded in the same way. “We are working intensively to clarify this case and analyze all findings and traces. In view of the ongoing investigations, we will not provide any further information at this time.”

The sensor has detected movement

Firefighters and police are still investigating why it started to burn. They work with all possible versions, that is, it can be negligence, technical defect or intention. However, it is interesting who and under what circumstances called the fire brigade.

It was 2:31 a.m. sharp when the phone rang on their line, announcing that the recreation center on the outskirts of Auschwitz was on fire. “The security agency informed us,” Roman Žemlička, spokesperson for the Zlín region, told Radiožurnál.

Mynář flew to Qatar without the knowledge of the Prime Minister and the Minister of Foreign Affairs. ‘Outrageous,’ says Senator Fischer

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According to Radiožurnál, it was a GAN security agency from the nearby town of Uherské Hradiště. He didn’t originally go to the cabin because of a fire, but because at a time when the building was supposed to be empty, a sensor inside detected movement. And it set off an alarm.

“Following the request of the owner, our company GAN installed only an electronic security system detecting the movements of people in the said building, but no fire protection system. In this case, our system was designed primarily to prevent the movement of unwanted people,” said Magda Pekařová, spokeswoman for Synot Group, of which the security agency is a part.

“The system triggered an alarm when there was movement inside the building,” Pekařová said. We don’t know what the decision was. “It could have been caused by high heat and the fall of some equipment, so our patrol called the fire brigade and the police and at the same time provided all possible cooperation and evidence,” she added.

What exactly set off the alarm, medical examiners are in the process of finding out.

It probably started burning in the apartment

It is not yet known exactly where the building started to burn. However, volunteer firefighters, who were approached by journalists from Radiožurnál in Auschwitz, are inclined to believe that the fire in the attic apartment in Mynář most likely happened.

“It just came to our knowledge at that time. Because it was in those places that it was most destroyed. When we got there, for example, the ground floor windows around from the entrance were two windows and these were not broken and the glass only started cracking with the heat when we started to put out,” described one of the volunteer firefighters.

It was in the three-room apartment in the attic of the burned building that Mynář and her family usually spent the weekends. But the last one before the fire was not there – according to a close family friend, they stayed in Prague because of their sick son.

On Monday, the hut pub was closed to the public, as usual outside the winter season. And Tuesday night, the building burned down.

Vratislav Mynář Photo: René Volfik Source:

Damage per 20 million

Mynář’s close friend claims that there was no maintenance in the house, no repairs, which could cause a fire by mistake. And according to him, there was nothing in the attic apartment that could itself cause a short circuit, for example.

“No direct heaters, no gas appliances, none of that,” he said. According to him, there are clear indications that it was intentionally established. “I am confident that the investigation will not have a different conclusion.”

The firefighters initially estimated the damage at 15 million crowns, after specifying it, they finally estimated it at 20 million.

The whole hut is destroyed, the exposed trophy catches have also burned. Firefighters and police took samples from the incinerator, which they will now examine. There are no cameras in the village, yes in the area, but they probably won’t help the investigators, because according to Radiožurnál they occupy other places.

Mynář’s other problems

Radiožurnál and the server pointed out last week that the results of the National Security Office inspection show that the head of the presidential office in Mynář issued an extraordinary shredding order, during which a classified document on the business in Vrbětice in the Zlín region was destroyed. The police wanted to get it when they checked fingerprints or DNA from an unauthorized person. It’s also Mynář, because he doesn’t have a security check. The shredding took place the same day he ordered it. The castle did not explain why so quickly.

The previous week, the Chancellor had traveled to Qatar without the knowledge of the Prime Minister and the Minister of Foreign Affairs. The presidency then explained that he wanted to personally invite the Emir of Qatar to the Czech Republic.

The Ethics Committee of the Football Association of the Czech Republic with Mynář has filed a lawsuit on suspicion of violating the rules of the competition. According to the server of Seznam Zprávy, the head of the castle office should have asked for help from former FAČR vice-president Roman Berbr, which according to the investigators concerned the support or protection of the first league club 1 FC Slovácko referees .

In the past, Mynář has also been suspected of trying to influence judges in specific cases. Chancellor and President Milos Zeman refused.

However, the chancellor’s recreation area at Auschwitz, which includes a burnt-out log cabin, has also not escaped trouble. Mynář is being sued for harming the financial interests of the European Union due to a subsidy of six million crowns for the construction of the Malovaný pension. His company has also received two fines in the past for using water to snow on a track without permission. In addition, she tapped into a side pond, which she built illegally.

Artur Janousek, Martin Storkan

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