Do not forget the Czech children, declares the tricolor vice-president. They also have a lot of worries after the covid

04.04.2022 17:55 | Conversation

Tricolor vice-president and former MP Tereza Hyťhová welcomes the fact that more than five billion will come to Czech education, which the ministry has pushed to saturate the costs related to war refugees from Ukraine. “However, we must not forget our Czech children, who have to catch up with everyone after covid distance learning,” teacher Tereza Hyťhová points out in an interview for Parlamentní today.

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The government has decided to increase the budget of the Ministry of Education by 5.2 billion. This money is used to cover the costs related to the integration of Ukrainian children. Do you think that will be enough?

If our government wants to admit new students to all schools, it must provide enough staff and funding. It is difficult to estimate how many children there will be and therefore how much money will be needed. However, we must not forget our Czech children, who need to catch up on everything they missed after covid distance learning.

Do you think this money will really be spent efficiently and will get where it is really needed? Aren’t you afraid that they will “roll” in the tangle of ties between the state budget and individual schools?


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Since this government does not have my confidence, I am really worried about the effective use of the funds. I am concerned that the government is indeed providing sufficient resources, and not just making promises. Unfortunately, as is the custom with the government.

Where do you currently see the money being most needed?

It is necessary to provide translators for the schools, funding for aids, teaching staff. The government assigned the children to individual schools. But it’s not enough. The Minister of Education must ensure sufficient conditions for children to learn the Czech language and to understand the teaching. The Ministry of Education funded tutoring scheme which is currently helping children catch up after the covid period when schools were closed is also expected to continue.

How do you think the integration of Ukrainian children into Czech schools should take place? Should schools create special classes for them or involve them among their Czech classmates?

It’s a very difficult question. Only time will tell what is right. On the one hand, it is completely appropriate for children not to feel repulsed and to be in a group of children. On the other hand, teachers cannot focus only on Ukrainian children in every lesson. Standard education must take place, because children have been missing a lot in the closed schools. The teacher needs either a teaching assistant or a translator, in short someone to help him in this lesson. Moreover, children are coming gradually, and no one knows how many there will be and whether they will stay in the Czech Republic or return to Ukraine.

The decision that the veil will be compulsory for children not in relation to school attendance, but in relation to the age of six, also caused a lot of noise. The reason is the children of Ukraine. What do you think about it?

The whole stage with sails and respirators is already very tiring. The system doesn’t have to tell anyone, just recommend it. If someone wants to wear a veil or a respirator, no one should stop them. But there are constant commands that change every moment. The child at school mainly needs to breathe in order to concentrate on teaching.

All current plans are considered only until the end of this school year. However, it can be expected that more than one hundred thousand children will not return to Ukraine anytime soon. What will happen to these children during the holidays? And what about the new school year?

Nobody knows. Maybe just God. It depends on the development of the war. Personally, I would love, and I certainly won’t be the only one, if the whole war is over and people can go back to their homes and their families.

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author: Karel Vyborny

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