Creating a Children’s Group: Service Providers, Staffing and Funding

Finding a place in a traditional kindergarten is sometimes a headache. For this reason, parents have been able to place a child in a so-called children’s group for several years, which is a relatively new non-commercial service in the field of preschool childcare. How do children’s groups work and what does it take to set them up?

Children’s groups started operating in the Czech Republic in 2014 in connection with newly admitted legislation on groups of children.

Use of children’s group services it helps parents to return to the labor market at an early age. Parents can place in these devices children from 6 months until the beginning of their compulsory schooling.

At first glance, it may seem that children’s groups operate like a classic kindergarten, but they differ significantly in terms of legislation. The biggest difference is the different slope. Classical kindergartens come under the Ministry of Education, while children’s groups under the MoLSA.

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How does the children’s group work?

Leading a group of children is part of non-profit servicewhich consists of regular childcare before the start of compulsory education. Childcare takes place outside the child’s home in a specific structure and group of children. There are qualified personnel in each group of children, who are responsible for ensuring the needs and mastering the basic habits of the child.

Who can start a children’s group?

Start a group of children often employers who want to keep employees with young children are also looking for a job. Children’s groups are increasingly found in universities, where they serve mainly to care for the children of students who participate in full-time studies.

So, who can become the founder of a group of children?

  • An employer creates a children’s group for the children of its employees
  • University
  • Public research institution
  • Autonomous territorial unit or legal entity created by it
  • A legal entity established under the Churches and Religious Societies Act, if the provision of childcare services in a group of children is consistent with its business
  • Non-profit, non-governmental organizations – associations, institutes, foundations, endowment funds, public benefit corporations
  • A worker providing childcare in a group of children with a maximum capacity of 4 children

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How do I obtain permission to lead groups of children?

In order for the provider to start caring for a child in a group of children, it is necessary request registration in the register of providers of groups of childrenled by the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs.

A request for authorization can be submitted electronically or the completed form can be sent by post to the address Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, Register of Children’s Groups, Na Pořícový právu 1, 12801 Prague 2.

It does not end with a completed form. The request must be accompanied by the following annexes:

  • Proof of ownership or other right to the object or premises where the children’s group is to be operated
  • Evidence of compliance with fire protection requirements
  • Opinion of the Regional Hygiene Station
  • Liability insurance contract agreed for damage caused during the provision of childcare services in a group of children
  • An extract of criminal record dating from less than 3 months
  • Description of real estate security and financing of the provision of child care services in a group of children

MLSA will only grant permission if all application requirements and documents are met. Any modification made after the authorization has been granted must operator to report within 15 days at the latest, by mail or using a data box. MLSA can issue a fine for not reporting changes up to CZK 30,000.

How many children can be in a group of children?

Children’s Groups Act sets a maximum limit of 24 children per group of children. The capacity is determined by the supplier according to his abilities and preferences, but must not exceed the legal limit.

The 24 child limit refers to the maximum number of children who use the services of a group of children at a specific time. Therefore, the provider may have more children in the registrythan the limit indicated (children can have individual attendance).

The possible number of children in a group of children also depends the number of caregivers, see table.

Number of caregivers

Number of children in the group of children

1 caregiver

6 children

2 caregivers

7-12 children

3 caregivers

13-24 children

What qualifications should those accompanying groups of children have?

All persons caring for a child in a children’s group must respect one of the qualifications listed below.

  • Professional competence to practice as a general nurse, auxiliary nurse, nurse, midwife, health and social worker, paramedic and health care psychologist
  • Professional competence to exercise the profession of social worker or worker in social services with a complete secondary education completed by the Matura examination
  • Professional qualification as kindergarten teacher, primary school teacher, teaching assistant
  • Professional qualifications of the nanny
  • Professional qualifications to practice as a doctor

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Funding for children’s groups

Children’s groups can draw contributions from the state and collect contributions from parents. Alternatively, they can draw operating grants and small investments from the European Social Fund.

State allowance for the operation of children’s groups

From 1 October 2021, groups of children can also receive a state allowance for the operation of a children’s group, financed from the state budget. This contribution is intended to cover salaries and wages, meals, payment of on-call duty, social charges and health insurance, compulsory continuing training costs for staff and other operating costs.

The allowance is always paid for a calendar year for a capacity place (minimum 3 places in a group of children), which is occupied by a child for at least 3 consecutive hours. The supplier is only entitled to the contribution if the parent of the child is employed or registered by the Labor Office, self-employed or studies daily.

The supplier can request a contribution from the State no earlier than January 1 and no later than January 31 of the calendar yearfor which he asks for a contribution for the functioning of a group of children.

The amount of the planned contribution depends on the current norms for operation and meals in private kindergartens for 1 child. For the purposes of children’s groups, the annual standards of private kindergartens are transferred to daily allowance.

Children from 6 months to 3 years are entitled to 1.7 times the school standard (younger age category).

To children from the age of 3 until the start of compulsory education, the same level of standards apply as in education (older age category).

The amount of contributions is summarized in the following table.

Daily norms for groups of children

The amount of daily norms for groups of children for the year 2022

Daily norms of operation at a place occupied by a child of a younger age category


Daily norms of operation at a place occupied by a child of an older age category


Daily dietary norm for a place occupied by a child of a lower age category


Daily food norm for a place occupied by an older child


Source: MLSA

Contribution to the operation of parents’ children’s groups

If the child group provider is applying for the state allowance and if it is a child from 6 months to 3 years oldthe amount of the contribution can be parents for a maximum amount of CZK 4,000 per month.

For children in upper age limit, there is no limit to the amount of parental allowance.

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