“Are they doing a job? ” It’s bad

The ODS in Hradec Králové endorsed a candidate for the autumn municipal elections over the weekend, and the course of negotiations does not seem to be going smoothly at all. According to our information, the new chief Miroslav Hloušek, the current director of the municipal police, had what it takes to assert himself against the disgruntled members.

The Civic Democrats elected Hlouška as leader at a previous meeting in early March, now they have settled the rest of the 37-member candidate. The current mayor of Hradec Králové, Alexandr Hrabálek, has completely disappeared.


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According to this, he found himself in the assembly, obtaining the fewest votes ever recorded. For a long time, criticism has been heard within the party, therefore in the ranks of ordinary citizens, that there is practically nothing to see or hear about the current mayor. As if he hardly existed.

One of the members of the ODS cell in Hradec Králové explained Hrabálek’s position to us in more detail. “He is a completely invisible man. He could still work with it if he had quality marketing, but the people around him are tragic. In general, our party has a PR problem and the example of the mayor of Hradec is just another. But Hrabálek also has a complicated personality. He is a mosque. He cannot be criticized, he will not receive advice. He is drunk on office and thinks that is enough for his respect. But the primaries clearly showed the truth. He received the fewest votes, completely failed. However, he left the room immediately afterwards. He must have expired, ”one told the editorial staff. participants at last week’s ODS assembly.

The current director of the municipal police of Hradec Králové, Miroslav Hloušek, won the position of leader and candidate of the ODS for mayor in the primary. He reportedly defeated Mayor Hrabálek and politician Hradec Králové’s matador Martin Soukup.

“It’s not surprising,” the source continues. “A strong internal clique has been created in the Hradec Králové ODS, which has managed to push its man into the position of a leader. But they will not have it easy. At the assembly, we is terribly disputed on the form of the candidate”, describes the participant of the assembly.

This was confirmed to us by other parties that participated in the assembly. “This cannot be sustained,” said a longtime ODS member from Hradec Králové. “I’ve been here almost 20 years, I’ve been on the board, but this stuff wasn’t there before the election. They pulled new people out of their hats like rabbits, but they didn’t do anything about it. the ODS. I simply will not vote for this candidate”, he adds.

The name of vaccinologist Roman Chlíbek, one of the faces of anti-AIDS measures, has also caused quite contradictory reactions and disappointments. He was eventually ranked 11th. Chlíbek is listed in the public eye as a vigorous proponent of widespread and mandatory vaccinations and critics of disintegration. Many Civic Democrats have worn this name on their own particularly tough candidate.

“Are they doing that?! Who will elect us then?! To have this shot there that would close everything? Where did the free ODS stay? The members were very shocked. It has been said repeatedly that the Civic Democrats have deviated from the initial direction in the House. “I am renouncing my position as a candidate because I do not agree with the direction the party is taking. The original conservative right ideas of Václav Klaus are forgotten. There is no interest in my work. I am resigning said the longtime MP, who was in charge of the economy and advised representatives on financial matters.

Vaccinologist Roman Chlibek

Although Professor Chlíbek is a well-known figure in his field, he does not like the fact that the measures and the proposal associated with his name differ considerably from the ideological equipment of the civic democrats. The party has already criticized some drastic anti-AIDS restrictions, mandatory vaccination proposals, non-recognition of tests as confirmation of infectiousness and other things within the opposition. And Chlíbek is tied to all of that.

Last fall, Chlíbek spoke about the need to pressure the unvaccinated to possibly get vaccinated against covid, admitting that a significant advantage for the vaccinated is a form of caste in people. “If there are other measures to be taken, it is above all a question of increasing vaccination coverage. We have evidence that a vaccinated person or a person with an infection really spreads the disease very little. On the other hand, it would be one more tool to persuade the undecided to go get vaccinated, ”he said in early November.

Interestingly, the Hradec Králové ODS does not mind that Chlíbek has been the target of criticism from the opposition, the current government, during his work in the anti-civic teams of the Ministry of Health under the government of Babiš. He objected to frequent accusations that the Ministry of Health was hiding some important data. They say they’re not hiding anything, they just can’t publish everything. “No one is hiding numbers. We publish acute bed occupancy, ventilator availability, lab capacity, increase in infected people, age structure, regions, risk factors. These numbers are available But not all the data can be published”, defended Chlíbek, adding that there is too much data. At that time, he was working under the tutelage of the Minister of Health Roman Prymula.

At the end of 2020, Roman Chlíbek pushed for the total closure of everything, which would be an ideal way to fight covid. “From an epidemiologist’s point of view, it would have a greater effect if the measures were more drastic and stricter. Of course, the ideal would be to cancel everything and close everything, then the numbers would drop quickly, but that’s not is not realistic in our economic situation,” the vaccininologist and current ODS candidate told the Právo daily last fall.

“The leader is going to have a hard time,” said another member of parliament. “He had something to do to mount a candidate. He was given the job of changing the ODS, which is easy to say, but harder to do. He called his friends and begged them to join him. Hradec Králové’s ODS is disputed, no one can be trusted. I myself have already given up on my ambitions. I go to parliaments to have fun polishing my egos. It’s not about nothing else. But the fish stinks from the head. It’s the same thing upstairs, with the government, in the Chamber. Everyone shakes the stain and presents his fart as a mega-success. But the People who actually do something are pushed aside. Partly because they’re deliberately pushed away by underperformers, but mostly because they don’t want to participate in embarrassing parades. It’s below their level. And I am not surprised. I have already thought several times this year whether I will continue to pay the membership fee. I do not see the interest of the ODS”, said the Civic Democrat with disappointment.

The question of the number of women and young people on the list of candidates also came to the fore, an aspect which also did not belong completely to the top of the list of priorities of the ODS. In the end, however, the candidate was approved in the following form:

It is said that, unlike many others, the new chief electoral officer has not spared his good humor. “I’m satisfied,” smiled leader Miroslav Hloušek. “I believe that voters will see the change and give us enough voice. And I would also like to appeal to all of you here to support the ODS within your means. If you would like to get involved in the campaign, please do not hesitate to contact me. contact,” he said goodbye to the assembly attendees. But not everyone applauded him. “Well, you know I know that,” laughed one of the skeptics in the back rows. “The morons will laugh at you and you will come to them”, heard the PL from a participant in this meeting.

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author: Radim Panenka

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