“You’re spreading thoughts of Putin!”, “What’s up?”, “You’re a complete demagogue!” Emotions explode. Koten, Richter, Juchelka and Jakob in the studio

Richter pointed out that the government is gradually preparing financial assistance to Czech citizens, working with the possibility of increasing the contribution to mobility and other things, but the war in Ukraine lasts only a month and various measures come to come into force.

“In a situation where we focused on what needed to be corrected after the government of Andrej Babiš (YES), such as the fact that the oil reserves were not bought up, even though they could have been. We knew we had to deal with a number of things, and the war in Ukraine came into play,” Richter said at the start of the previous government. She recalled that as soon as he took office, the government widened the circle persons entitled to immediate emergency assistance.

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Jakob stressed that the government is doing what it can, but area measures are not the way to go. “I am not a fan of blanket measures in general, because it costs a lot of money. It is better to help those who really need it. And if there is to be a blanket measure, then one that will really help people. To give an example, if we reduce VAT on certain products, this will not fully affect lower prices in stores. Conversely, if we increase the tax credit per taxpayer, it will help citizens” , underlined Jakob.

A member of TOP 09 also expressed his opinion that the opposition contributes to stirring up negative feelings against refugees, “because he keeps saying that Czech citizens are not helped, which is not not true”.

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Juchelka shook her head at Jacob. “I completely watch what I hear here. That instead of helping in this way, the opposition is to blame for everything,” Juchelka said. He pointed out: “Poland, for example, helps both refugees and its own citizens by capping food prices, reducing VAT on fuel and food, etc.” Juchelka pointed out that only three EU countries do not help its citizens extensively.

“We also want to help, but we need to know who the government should help. The taxpayer pays the Czech government, but this government resigned to support the Czech citizen!” Koten thundered.

Richter immediately foamed. “Your party was the one that shared Vladimir Putin’s views countless times. It was you who helped subvert cooperation in the EU here in line with Russian stories, so please don’t talk Czech interests here!” she told Koten.

Richter added in a breath that “the government is working on different scenarios depending on the number of Ukrainian war refugees who will eventually come to the Czech Republic.”

She then warned against the plans of the Russian Federation. “Vladimir Putin’s administration had prepared lists of Ukrainian politicians, civic activists and mobile crematoria. Probably for these people. This is what we are facing here. Ukrainians are fighting for us too! said Richter.

Jacob spoke along the same lines. “Ukrainians are also fighting for us, they are fighting for democracy and freedom. And it is our duty to take care of their wives and children. Let there be as many as there are” , stressed Jakob. And he immediately continued the verbal cannonade. “I absolutely reject the rhetoric that by helping the Ukrainian refugees, it does not help the Czech people. I completely reject my colleague Juchelka’s rhetoric that Czechia is one of the countries that does not help at all. After all, it is an absolute lie. After all, a number of measures have been put in place,” Jakob said angrily.

But he did not convince Juchelka. The YES MP came out with a table of European countries that are helping a lot. And that was not all. “You haven’t helped the disabled at all, you haven’t increased the mobility allowance in government. You haven’t raised your parenting and other things,” Juchelka said.

“But Mr. Juchelka, that’s not possible,” Richter said, noting that she had previously tried to enforce benefit mechanisms for socially needy people and parents, but the YES and CSSD governments of the time refused.


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When Koten got the word, he went to see Richter. “I don’t think Ms. Richter follows my Facebook page because otherwise she couldn’t slap such nonsense!” he fired.

Immediately afterwards, he declared that he would follow the Hungarian route and that he would not send arms to Ukraine, nor would he allow arms to be sent to his territory. “Because the supply of weapons to the site of the conflict, on either side, has never led to a de-escalation of the conflict,” Koten warned.

“I was dumbfounded by the horror of what Mr. Koten was saying here. It is as if we were telling Ukrainians to lay down their arms and as if we were inviting Russian troops to join us. This is completely unacceptable,” Jakob said.

The guests then debated whether it made sense to buy as much Russian gas as possible after the start of the war in Ukraine, or whether Czech governments should be more careful and diversify energy flows to the Republic. Czech. They did not find a match.

Orbán’s argument: You are a complete demagogue!

Then, for the second time, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán came to the rescue, refusing to release arms to Ukraine through Hungarian territory.

Koten stressed that Orbán was acting in Hungary’s interests. “And if this government envies Viktor Orbán for his success, his election results, I have to say that Hungarians know who they are electing,” Koten said.

“Unlike the SPD, we don’t have to envy such a thing. The SPD envies the authoritarian Hungarian Prime Minister. It envies the introduction of censorship. We won the election, we have a majority, so we don’t not envy his accomplishments,” Jacob said.

Koten countered that the Czech government recently shut down 8 websites, so that’s the censorship that worked here before 1989. That’s how Radek Koten sees it. He would also have heard that the Czech Republic’s membership of the EU and NATO should be enshrined in the Constitution of the Czech Republic, which his political colleague Tomia Okamura does not like at all.

Juchelka stressed that he will wait for the result of today’s parliamentary elections in Hungary, but in general he noted that Ukraine also needs military assistance, which Hungary does not do. “I would soften the rhetoric about authoritarians here,” Juchelka demanded, adding that a normal pre-election battle was going on in Hungary.

“There is no normal election battle there. You can see here that the populist style of politics here probably fascinates the YES movement,” Jakob remarked.

“You are a complete demagogue!” Juchelka yelled at Jacob at the top of her lungs at the time.

When Richter spoke, she noted that Orbán had been a liberal politician, but over time he found he would gain more by divorcing the company. She also defended the closure of these 8 sites, and about twenty others. Russia is the aggressor and Ukraine is the victim – and anyone who denies this has no right to spread these lies! Richter shouted.

Koten insisted that Orbán was doing just enough to defend the interests of Hungarian citizens – and that the Czech government should do the same vis-à-vis Czech citizens.

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