Sparta vs. Baník or How did the very first league clash between these great rivals go?

On Saturday night, a league hit awaits us, in which Sparta Prague will face Baník Ostrava. It is already a traditional duel of irreconcilable opponents and, from the fans’ point of view, perhaps one of the greatest matches on the Czech football scene. But how did the very first match for these historically successful clubs go?

The first duel between these two teams took place on Sunday, August 29, 1937, at the Sparta stadium in Prague in front of five thousand spectators. The 1937/38 season was the first of the highest Czechoslovak competition for the Ostrava team. At that time it still bore the original name SK Slezská, which was created together with the club in 1922 in the hostel in Ostrava U dubu.

The course of the game

The Ostrava guests started the game when striker Jaroslav Moták, who came to Ostrava from the Brno team SK Židenice, scored the goal in the 8th minute. However, within two minutes, Ľudovít Rado equalized from the penalty spot after a foul on Josef Zeman.

In the 17th minute, Sparta took the lead when Zeman scored after Josef Košťálek’s cross. However, at the end of the first half in the 43rd minute, the Ostravas managed to equalize thanks to Václav Pospíšil.

SK Slezská took the lead after 48 minutes 1-0 as Spartu elegantly received a long pass through the middle, finishing with a half-volley just below the bar. Former Slavia Praha player Adolf Šimperský scored the goal for the Ostrava team.

At the end of the match, the situation had not changed. Surprisingly, SK Slezská took two valuable points from Sparta.

Table league

After the match, the Ostrava edition of the Czech newspaper sheet commented on the situation in the standings: “The prerogatives of Letna clubs are shaken [pozn. tedy Sparty a v té době i Slavie]. The campaign moves forward with player material intact, which will often triumph over blasphemous prima donnas. »

It turned out that the diary foreshadowing was somewhat premature.

Despite this defeat, Sparta finally celebrated their historic 8th Czechoslovak National League title in the 1937/38 league year. Another then-stellar side Slavia Prague, who won the Central European Cup this season, finished in second place.

However, Ostrava had just two points at the end of the 1937/38 season ahead of penultimate SK Prostějov, who fell with last Victoria Plzeň. The victory in Sparta therefore largely helped her to save her first participation in the highest competition.

Responses after the game

The word Czech responded to the surprising result: “The biggest surprise is the progress of Silesian Ostrava – a newcomer to the league – who won last Sunday Bratislava 4: 1 on his way, but yesterday the famous Sparta Prague were not afraid of Letná either Yes, until recently the completely unknown Silesian from Ostrava, who was thought unable to succeed in Prague for anything in the world, took both points from Sparta.

The 3: 2 victory and the performance of the Silesia-Ostrava talks. Yesterday, eleven honest and fearless athletes showed in Prague how to play league football. Fast, militant, with enthusiasm and a good shot.”

The newspaper also commented on the atmosphere in the galleries of the match itself: “We are extremely happy with yesterday’s triumph, but at the same time we are delighted that the Ostrava athletes have won the favor of pampered Prague. Throughout the match, the Praguers sympathized with the Ostrava team, wished him good luck and finally rejoiced in the success of the modest team from Ostrava.”

The Czech word also informed the post-match mood directly in Ostrava: “It’s lucky that the Ostrava athletes were also able to share the joy of yesterday’s success. Radio Ostrava took care of it, which won the hearts of listeners with yesterday’s report.

There was someone at the amplions yesterday and you should have seen the joy of the listeners when the editor Laufer brought us some good times. In front of the editorial office of Český Slov there were 800 listeners who clapped and applauded after the report. “Ostrava is in a festive mood.”

According to the daily, the enormous enthusiasm for football in Ostrava was already evident in the pre-war years, and the demanding public of Prague in the 1930s could positively appreciate the honest sports performances.

Hopefully we will see such great sporting moments with great charge and public speeches in the spirit of healthy rivalry and fair play not only in the next Sparta with Baník, but also in all Czech football.

Source: AC Sparta Prague, Czech word, FC Baník Ostrava, Wikipedia

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