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Apple Watch straps are an absolutely perfect accessory, with which you can easily tell the world which style you prefer. Thanks to the easy exchange possibility, you can easily change several different wristbands in one day. Some users prefer comfort, others of course the straps match the clothes, or according to the occasion. There are many types of bracelets, from fabric to leather to metal. Of course, the original bracelets are also offered by Apple itself, but we will lie to them – their price is simply high. It is justified for some types, but not completely for most.

Due to the high price, Apple Watch users are looking for several times cheaper alternatives, which are often indistinguishable from the original straps, both in terms of quality and workmanship. And in the end, even if the alternative bracelets do not last as long as the original ones, you will always be better off financially by buying more parts. Of course, I don’t throw away the original bracelets, but I think that if someone wants to change dozens of bracelets, it’s just better to buy the cheaper ones, because for the price of twenty original bracelets, per example, you could buy two new iPhones. Most individuals buy wristbands from Chinese online marketplaces, but also offers its own wristbands. We received three Swissten bracelets at the editorial office and we will review them together in this review.

Official specs

As usual in our reviews, we will of course start with the official specs. Frankly, though, we don’t find many of those specs in the straps. So let’s at least say what types of Swissten wristbands are available. The first type is classic silicone, which you can get in a total of 5 colors. At Apple you would pay 1,290 crowns for this bracelet, offers it for 249 crowns. The second type available is The move from Milan, in 3 colors. This bracelet is offered by Apple for 2,690 crowns, a Swissten bracelet of this type will be released on 299 crowns. The last type available is metal link push, Available in three colors. Apple charges an incredible 12,590 crowns for this, and on it pays it 399 crowns. But the truth is that the articulated movement of Swissten differs from that of the apple. At the same time, it should be mentioned that the straps are available in all sizes, i.e. for the 38/40/41 mm version and the larger 42/44/45 mm version. And if you even read this article, you will be able to use it 10% off entire purchase.


Swissten Apple Watch straps are easy to pack. It comes in a small transparent packaging on the front so you can see the bracelet immediately. You can also see some basic functionality from the front. On the back of the paper, which covers the strap, there is a mark, as well as information on compatibility, that is, what size watch is designed for the strap. There is also a band installation guide, which of course all Apple Watch users are familiar with. To remove the strap, just pull the cover paper layer up, then the strap can be removed.

Treatment and personal experience

The three types of Swissten bracelets mentioned have arrived at the editorial office. Specifically, these are straps for the larger Apple Watch, i.e. for the 42/44/45 mm version. The silicone strap is red, the Milan line is silver and the link bracelet is black. How is the processing of these straps going and what is his personal experience?

silicone strap

First in line is the Swissten Silicone Strap in Black. Compared to the original Apple bracelet, it differs in some respects. Once you pick it up, you might notice it’s a bit more malleable and fits better. There are a total of seven holes that you can use to adjust the size and turn on the strap. With regard to the fixing studs, it is possible to notice other differences here – the Swissten bracelet has two studs compared to the original Apple bracelet. Otherwise, the band in the body of the Apple Watch fits well and does not move in any way. Personally, I’m not a big fan of silicone wristbands, as they are uncomfortable for me, but if you prefer these wristbands, you certainly won’t have a problem. In terms of size, I used the smallest holes possible, as I have a fairly small hand. I noticed that when you use your MacBook with this wrist strap, the nubs touch its body, which can cause scratches. The color of the bracelet is also very colorful.

You can buy the Swissten 38/40/41 mm silicone strap here
You can buy the Swissten 42/44/45 mm silicone strap here

Moving to Milan

As for Swissten’s Milan move, it’s virtually indistinguishable from the original version – and it costs several times less. In this case, the magnet is supported by the magnet, which attaches directly to the bracelet after turning. So you can adjust the size exactly according to your needs, you are not limited by any holes. The Milan move is extremely elegant and is particularly suitable for festive occasions, or for work or simply and simply wherever you want to look good. Of course, it is not quite suitable for sports, which is understandable. Even this strap in the body of the Apple Watch holds firmly and does not move. The materials used are of high quality and from the point of view of personal experience, wearing a Milanese movement is not a problem for me. Sometimes, however, with some movement of the hand, hairs from the hand get into the eyelets of the pull, which then tear, which can pinch. Personally, I can say that’s the only thing that annoys me when moving to Milan – but that happens with both the original bracelet and the Swissten bracelet.

You can buy the Milan Swissten 38/40/41 mm race here
You can buy the Milan Swissten 42/44/45 mm race here

Articulated thrust

The last type of bracelet that you will find in the offer of the shop is a link line. This bracelet is very popular, because thanks to it you give the Apple Watch the look of a classic watch that most often uses the articulated stroke. In concrete terms, you will not find this moving article, which offers, directly from Apple. As far as processing is concerned, quality materials are also used here. The attachment takes place by means of a folding clip, which is also very common in hinged handles. This type of closure is quick and convenient – to unclip it, just press the buttons on the side, in case of ignition, just click. Because this bracelet is made up of several links, it is necessary to pull or add links to change the size. It should be noted that all the links are mounted on the bracelet, so you will not find any more in the package. To reduce the length of the watch, you have to remove the cells in the classic way, ideally using a tool (not included in the packaging), where you pull the bar out of the cell in the direction of the arrow in relief. In total, this bracelet can be shortened by six links. This bracelet is also comfortable to wear on your hands and is suitable for both everyday and festive use – in short and simply everywhere you would take a classic watch.

You can buy the Swissten 38/40/41 mm link here
You can buy the Swissten 42/44/45 mm link race here

Closing and surrender

If you want to expand the collection of your Apple Watch straps and don’t want to invest thousands of crowns in the originals, then I think Swissten straps are absolutely ideal. They are available in stock in the Czech Republic, so you can have them at home overnight and you don’t have to wait a few weeks or months. The price is quite acceptable and, of course, in case something happens to the bracelet, you have the option of filing a complaint. In terms of quality, Swissten bracelets are similar to the original ones and you will certainly not have any problems with them. The shop provided us with 10% discount code on all Swissten products with a basket value above 599 crowns Its wording is SALE10 and simply enter it in the shopping cart. offers countless other products that are really worthwhile.

You can buy all straps for the Apple Watch from Swissten here
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