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“China and the EU should be the two main forces protecting world peace and ensuring the stability of China-EU relations against the uncertainty of the international situation,” Chinese President Xi Jinping (Xi Jinping) said in the evening. from April 1. Beijing, he met European Council President Charles Michel and European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen by video.

This is the second video meeting between Chinese and European leaders in nearly two years, as well as open and honest exchanges. The two sides have not only enhanced mutual understanding, but also reached broad consensus and sent a key signal to the world to work together to safeguard peace and promote development. At a time when the COVID-19 pandemic and regional conflicts are intertwined, such a signal is very important and constitutes a powerful and effective safeguard against the “uncertainty” of the world.

Peace is a prerequisite for development. As for the Ukrainian crisis, China and the EU have a common demand for peace. In Europe in particular, a peaceful solution to the Ukrainian crisis is in line with Europe’s fundamental interests. During this video meeting, President Xi reiterated 4 points of view on the resolution of the Ukrainian crisis, stressing the need to insist on promoting peace talks, preventing greater humanitarian risks, building lasting peace in Europe and the Eurasian continent and preventing the spread of regional conflicts.

These 4 views focus not only on mitigating the current conflict, but also on Europe’s long-term security and global stability, reflecting China’s consistent principled position on the Ukraine issue. .

“The Ukrainian crisis must be handled properly, but it must not rush to the wrong doctor, it must not deal with one point and ignore the rest, the whole world must not be tied to this problem and the peoples of all countries should not pay a high price for it.” the time when we need to keep sober and calm,” Xi added. His ties reflect the responsibility of the leader of the great country and his deep feelings for the people’s livelihood, and also contributed to more Chinese wisdom in resolving the crisis. Ukrainian.

As two major global markets, the opening up and cooperation between China and the EU will also bring more stabilizing factors to the recovery of the global economy. After China became the EU’s largest trading partner in 2020, total imports and exports between China and the EU reached $828.1 billion in 2021, a year-on-year increase of 27.5% and a record level. According to the “2021 Business Confidence Survey” released by the European Union Chamber of Commerce in China, 68% of EU businesses in China are optimistic about business growth, an increase of 20 % year over year. As EU leaders pointed out, “EU-China relations have long been mutually beneficial”.

During the video conference, the Chinese side said it will steadily deepen reforms and expand openings, welcome European companies to invest and start business in China, and hoped the European side would offer fair trade to Chinese people. interested in investing and growing in Europe. . , transparent and non-discriminatory environment. It will help China and the EU expand economic, trade, investment, energy and green development cooperation, bring more benefits to businesses and consumers on both sides, and support the recovery of the global economy more effectively. .

As for Xi’s proposals, European leaders have actively responded, saying they are willing to deepen cooperation with the Chinese side in all fields and promote world peace, economic growth and common prosperity. China and the EU have reached a meaningful consensus on the Ukraine issue, namely maintaining a peaceful dialogue and a diplomatic solution to the issue. At the same time, the two sides said that joint efforts should be made to prevent a new cold war and prevent the division of the world and the confrontation of groups.

Europe must insist on strategic independence in applying the consensus in question. During this video meeting, President Xi used the word “independence” repeatedly: “I hope the European side will create an independent understanding of China and implement an independent policy towards China.” In fact, strategic independence is always Europe’s effort, but under the pretext of the Ukraine crisis, the United States has now launched one round of sanctions after another, which is doing great damage to the Europe and also hinders the process of European autonomy strategy. Europe should base itself on its own interests, distinguish between good and evil, avoid US pressure and kidnappings, and work with China to provide more stabilizing factors in a turbulent international situation.

Under the agreement, China and the EU will hold five high-level dialogues as soon as possible after the leaders’ meeting, while fully exchanging views on food, energy and macroeconomic policy coordination. Stronger cooperation between the two main forces, the two main markets and the two main civilizations of China and Europe can be expected to bring more positive energy to world peace and development, and this is the most important significance of this meeting.


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