Schiller (YES): Another government coup

Greetings friends, I hope you are all doing well. And also that if you think back to the events of the past week today, you’ll find a few things there that made you at least somewhat happy. Sometimes it’s a trifle, but even that is worth remembering. Maybe we really appreciate our work, because the current government is still waiting for a signal. Or, beware, he sends it. And then he’s still waiting to see if anyone notices. I know it’s bittersweet, because we’re actually laughing at their inaction and the constant waiting, but sometimes it really just doesn’t work that way. Come deliberately to remember what happened this week.

Do you also remember their solemn promises that there will never be a state of emergency again? So now the coalition has extended it for 58 days. From the beginning we proposed to the coalition (as they say they sent signals) that we would help them extend the state of emergency for 30 days, we clearly refused 58 days. Those 30 days would make sense. Firstly, because it is clear to us that this is a necessary crisis management tool, especially for governors, and it makes it much easier to help people fleeing war-torn Ukraine war. Secondly, because 30 days is within the law, but also thirdly – we certainly didn’t want to behave as hypocritically as the government. I’m sure you still remember it. They made a swear word about the state of emergency at the time of covid, politicized it, and at the height of the pandemic, when there was a shortage of hospital capacity, they incomprehensibly refused to approve it . They simply preferred politics to human health. This is not how we are going to behave. An extension was needed, so we didn’t want to politicize. But it’s not just us “the YES opposition”, who refused the extension for 58 long days. Renowned constitutional lawyers have said it is likely unconstitutional, as has the Senate Constitutional Commission and even the Senate President, who advocates the same colors as the ruling coalition. And the government’s response? We just don’t see, we don’t hear. We have 108 votes and we can do anything. 58 days approved. This is called the arrogance of power.

But anyway, it’s good to be more careful now. It is simply a fact that in an emergency the penalties for violations can be much higher than ever before.

Let’s get out of here.

The government increased the subsistence minimum by 10% this week, and while that is certainly good news and I welcome the increase itself, I have a big problem with it. 10% is hopelessly low. At the press conference, it almost felt like everything was resolved and the most important thing to help people was approved. Of course not. For one thing, it affects a relatively small number of people, and today’s price hike hasn’t just hit low-income people. The CNB Governor says that inflation will soon hit 14% and that increasing these lows by 10% will not cover the growth in inflation. Notabene, when they also correspond to last year’s inflation.

But the main problem with these steps is that they are painfully slow. I don’t know what signal the ministers should receive to increase the parental allowance. What signal do they need to increase the mobility allowance for people with disabilities? It’s the same as tackling the prices of energy, food and fuel. We will do nothing and we will see what will happen. The government decided to do nothing. People will have to deal with the crisis on their own, and it is a fact that many people will fall into poverty. This is exactly what ministers’ statements look like. We will only help those who lose their begging stick. May be.

Another coup from the government


Does President Zeman have your confidence? (We have been asking for this since March 30, 2022)

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At a time when Germany is introducing a public transport tariff of 9 euros per month, our government is going in the opposite direction. Fares for children, students and seniors prefer to double. And why? Supposedly to save. I understand that they want to save, but if I save in the wrong place, it can be counterproductive. And that is exactly the case.

Germany also supports public transport in order to reduce its consumption of diesel and gasoline, and therefore its dependence on Russian oil. And our government? He will tell you that we will reduce our dependence on Russian oil by allowing citizens to drive less. And then Minister Síkel (for STAN) will put the crown on it saying we can do it ourselves for high diesel and petrol prices because we overfill.

I see. Very well then.

And by the way, do you remember how the government recently announced that one of the main reasons petrol and diesel are expensive is because gas station attendants are lining their pockets? So no. It soon became apparent that gas stations were not. The one who gains the most from the high price of diesel and gasoline is the state today. Because more than 50% of the price is excise duty and VAT. Let’s be fair, the government is not to blame, they didn’t pay the tax, but at such a time, it would be fair if they lowered the taxes and left some of the money in the wallets of individuals and carriers, which are also starting to have huge problems. For now, however, we remain among the last countries in the EU to do nothing about it and leave the burden on the people.

But as I said at the beginning. The important thing is to find something nice every day in this mess. Maybe I like this very early spring. Because I like going to work and watching nature slowly change. How Trees Gather on Leaves. I know this may sound trivial to someone, but it just makes me happy.

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