Patrik Děrgel leaves the Golden Chapel. The former play chef’s acting mate has clear priorities


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The description: Patrik Dergel as Prince Lev Nikolayevich Myshkin in the movie The Idiot. “I think it’s time for a hero who does what he feels and says what he thinks to reappear in a society overwhelmed by overcorrection and alibiism,” said director Daniela Špinar, who, to transfer FM Dostoevsky’s classic, the film’s scene caused theaters to close due to coronavirus.

WHO SPOKEN Several creative chapters are coming to an end at the National Theater. The director of the theater Daniel Špinar and its star actor Patrik Děrgel leave her. But the covid era is also coming to an end, which our first stage has managed to capitalize on with several excellent plays as part of the Théâtre Hors Théâtre event. The last of these, the movie Idiot, hit theaters in March.

The Idiot combines all three endings, or perhaps the highs of recent years at the National Theater. The production was repeated twice and the premiere was canceled twice due to covid. On the third try, director Daniela Špinar decided not to wait and turned a play into a film. The main role of Prince Myshkin was played by Patrik Dergel. It’s a purely artistic film, shot with a single camera, but it’s far from being a production recording. It all happens not only on stage, but throughout the theater – in the foyer, in the dressing rooms, backstage between props and decorations, on the stairs.

The film is, of course, an abbreviation of FM Dostoyevsky’s extensive prose. The plot follows the vicissitudes around Nastasja’s marriage to the ambitious Gana Ivolgin. It was arranged by the wealthy caretaker Tockij with the help of General Jepančina, and the groom was promised a dowry. It’s not about love. The young woman’s marriage is likely to provide social status and conceal what happened in Tocký’s house when she was still a girl. So this is just a line from the first part of Dostoyevsky’s novel, but Daniel Špinar jumped to its conclusion through the climax, which allowed him to stage the tragic point of the story.

Prince Myshkin and Daniel Spinar

Patrik Děrgel as the naive and morally pure prince Myshkin walks through an expressive story and surreal landscapes with the expression of a child who does not understand what is happening around him. The mask with the boy’s bangs, as well as the evasive gaze of the running eyes, give him an unearthly expression. In the face of the rudeness, hypocrisy and disgust in which the protagonists of Russian high society excel, the prince’s humanity and empathy are more than evident. A cruel confrontation of human kindness, sincerity and faith in humanity with a world of numbers, corrupted by the desire for mammon, positions in the limelight, a world without love and without understanding. It’s as if Daniela Špinar had decided to reveal with this play what she feels when she leaves the National Theatre. Namely that she is no longer able to live in the environment of a theatrical establishment. “It’s an environment full of fear, newsagents, routines, cynicism, an environment where there’s no theater at all, an environment where a lot of manipulation and tactics are done to you, you to me,” she said in a statement upon her resignation as head of the National Dramatic Theater. At the same time, she indicated that this environment is made by people, the accumulation of functions, the persistence in management stereotypes. These people don’t expect quality work, they don’t want the theater to develop. And she just doesn’t want to be in such a theater.

Patrik follows “his” director

In the March interview for Face To Face, host René Kekely and actor Patrik Děrgel talk about Daniel Špinar again. However, late last year he came out as heterosexual and began signing Daniel and referring to himself as feminine, saying he would have a long transition period. Patrik Děrgel hasn’t mastered it yet, so he’s still talking about Dan and his friend. Well, they complicated. However, this obviously did not affect their work and personal affiliation. Patrik sincerely admires Daniel and in the interview he makes it clear that he is leaving the National Theater because Špinar is leaving. Both have been working on productions for a long time. It was the significantly modernized production of Hamlet at the Švand Theater that won the Patrik Děrgel Alfred Radok Award for Talent of the Year 2013.

Since then, they have collaborated on several productions. The actor followed his director idol to the National and as a guest star played Roderigo in Othello. But even this small role was meaningful to him thanks to Špinar’s conception of Shakespeare’s drama. Then come Pride and Prejudice, Manon Lescaut, The Dream of a Magical Night, The Impatience of the Heart, Bouquets, The Witness and The Idiot. It is a respectable number of roles that he spends five years at the National Theater. He is currently rehearsing two performances under the direction of the new bosses of the duo SKUTR, so he will be invited to the first stage for some time yet, but he no longer wishes to be in a permanent commitment. He says that not only does he want to follow Daniel Špinar wherever he goes, but he doesn’t feel good in the theater anymore, because lately it has become just a profession. And the 33-year-old actor does not like it, he wants to take on new challenges, to develop artistically.

Groups and musicals

Patrik Děrgel doesn’t consider himself a musician, yet he had a band for many years. They started when they were two and called themselves EMA, according to the old heap from Ostrava, from the top of whom he used to go to a smoky, hot Ostrava with a friend when he was a teenager. Those who aren’t locals probably won’t find much beauty there, but for Patrik there was a bit of romance. Gradually other musicians came to the group, in the end there were seven of them. But everyone comes from a different corner of the republic, so there is no time to play at the moment. In 2018, the actor competed on Your Face Has a Known Voice and finished third. He still remembers what the journey was like when he always had to rehearse another song in four days.

Although he claims that singing and dancing are definitely not his domains, Robert Kodym invited him to the musical Lucia, and other roles in musicals at the Karlín Musical Theater followed. “But I’m definitely not a music star, I’m still there more as an actor than a singer,” he admits. But what he enjoyed was the performance of Garbage Man at the Švand Theater. It was also a musical, but at the same time a very fast and somewhat experimental performance, just something that Patrik Děrgel likes.

series star

The camera loves a dark-eyed actor with a handsome character, so the first offer to star in the series came during the studio. You may still remember how his Vašek entangled the life of his young mother Gábina in Ulice. More important, however, was the role of the criminologist in the VIP murders, which he repeated a bit now in the Badge Vysočina series. If he acted like a young deer in VIP murders, he is now a seasoned detective. “But I determined the character for myself so that he’s still a criminologist who stands out a bit from the mainstream and sometimes surprises his colleagues by coming up with something. He’s a quiet guy with a great inner sense of justice, polite and kind, no action cop,” he describes his role in Vysočina’s badge, adding that he really enjoyed the job and was looking forward to filming a sequel. The friends of the Surgery of the Rose Garden know him again in a white cape. “Yes, I’m still acting in surgery, I enjoy the work. It’s still about people and there’s a great group of colleagues. Shooting such an endless series is a huge job and I appreciate being able to gain the experience in front of the camera among people who are great professionals in this field”, confides the actor, affirming that each profession makes sense for him if it is good.

Acting Marriage

He plays with his wife Marketa in the operating room. They have two children in civilian clothes, Lawrence, five, and Mir, who is not yet a year old. It is said that work does not solve much at home, because there are many other things to solve. The most important times for actors are when they can be with their wives. That’s why he likes to film Ordinace, where they both play. And unlike a lot of people who remember the covidid era as a horrible time with sub sickness, Patrik, on the other hand, praises how wonderful it was for them to have plenty of time , because the whole family enjoyed being together around the clock. hours per day. . It is certainly beautiful and rare.

Surgery Děrgel Děrgelová

Director Patrik Mára and Dr Táňa. The Dergels were also married in the series Surgery in the Rose Garden 2; photo courtesy of TV Nova

“If there will be other children, you have to ask Marketa in particular, but yes, I would like a large family”, he confided to René Kékely about his intimacy. And he concluded by saying that in addition to his ambition to constantly improve on stage, he also needed to decompress with sports. Not at all – he is currently focusing on Thai boxing. It’s a very tough martial art, so let’s hope it doesn’t hurt Patrick Dergel. Because he does not solve it: “I want to be a good actor, which will please the public, even if his nose is broken”, he concludes.

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