Orozovič embarks on a musical career. Even a stupid song can do wonders, he says

It seems very complicated at first.
May be. The thing is, I’ve never had a problem playing with a band, but rather I wondered what genre the band should produce and what means of expression I would choose. At the same time, I can’t imagine playing a genre over and over again. So we’re looking for it with a new band – and maybe our listeners will be looking for it with us. It seems kind of funny to me that we’re not quite classifiable yet.

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In a few days you will go on tour with a little-known repertoire – with the exception of the single Earrings. Only when you test it on the public will you release it on disc?
It’s not my ambition to have a “gold record” right away. For me, it’s essential to get on stage and “make” music and enjoy the atmosphere, which we also work with a lot. Besides, my songs are quite rough, and knowing that we’re going to hold our attention for twelve seconds at the most today is a bit of a disadvantage for them to listen to. This is why we lock the spectator in the hall, our space-time, and serve him to watch breathlessly. I have this theater experience, of course. And at the same time we build on living instruments… So now, live. The board will need time.

Back to the earrings – it seems to me that you know how to play with words and how often you get along, because “a special arsonist shines in the soul of a liar” is literally a tongue twister.
Yes, it’s a bit more difficult, when I recorded I tried to make myself understood at all. I’m so grounded – that’s why I do the aforementioned cabaret. I like to work with the language and the lyrics and I work so that it combines perfectly with the music.

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And how would you describe your artistic tension?
I can create dozens of melodies and melodies in an instant. But I always look for the right one that will be detachable from the text, and then I sit quietly for hours and hours at the piano. Respectively for pianos and keyboards. After all, I’m not a composer by training and I take advantage of the fact that different instruments inspire me for different melodies. I also like to be inspired by the ideas of the musicians of the group. That’s why I don’t like to say that I’m a composer. I just make songs.

Earrings are a romantic affair – what’s the theme of your songs?
Different. I was inspired by this situation when I lent a friend an apartment, and when I came back the next day I found an earring in my bed. Since then, of course, I’ve had the experience of finding or searching for “an earring” several times. And I collect them on the street. The clip shows a photo of a real collection. Otherwise, I’ll look for stories, they interest me. This is also the case of the song Swan, which we play with Cabaret, or the song Angel, which attacked me when I was on vacation in the jungle. There I saw a spot of paint on the gravel, which reminded me of an angel. And that’s what makes the song get lost in the rain forest… I often go to things from the outside and get inspiration from the inside.

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What is behind the name of your When a Guy Undresses Darkness concert tour?
I think the whole point of my performance in concert. I wanted the name to have a certain eroticism to it, but I don’t mean explicitly physical, more atmospheric. Common intimacy in the room and at the same time passion and testosterone… In a way, I miss that these days. Otherwise, it’s just the name of the song, which is quite meaningful to us. We even considered releasing it to the public as the first single to report on what our production would sound like. But we didn’t want to scare them.

You say that creating for yourself is more difficult than for other colleagues. What’s inside ?
In this, you have no affectation from outside. If, for example, I create something for Cabaret, I tell myself that I will laugh at this and that. We just know that it is only for these purposes. But as soon as he thinks he’s doing this for himself, it’s me, he suddenly finds himself losing playfulness, freedom and non-commitment. It’s strange. And most importantly – I don’t have an overpressure of pure emotions that I need to cry over something. Although now, unfortunately, the time has come to “help me” in this matter. At the same time, I have enough songs that respond very much to the theme of man versus nature. It bothers me more than love. She doesn’t bother me. That’s why I write more about the joy and beauty of women.

And Lazarus? I had a great experience seeing you as David Bowie at the Comedy Theater in Prague. Has this work acquired another meaning or perspective over time?
From the start, it’s been one of the strongest musical-dramatic experiences for me. I immediately felt a great responsibility for Lazarus’ work – not just because of Bowie. Even for its complexity. I must have blinked and I think I exceeded my current singing limits. It was also the first time I sang in English. Without forgetting the “meeting” with Bowie. I had to suck it in and take it in, it was incredibly inspiring. It’s just intense business when you know Bowie’s journey in connection with the novel The Man Who Fell to Earth. It’s always a holiday for me when I play this show. I’ve been a little nervous and focused since the morning, but at the end I tend to get very emotional. Of course, the music helps a lot, but I realize that.

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Speaking of musicals – in the summer you will find a Marta performance dedicated to the 80s by Marta Kubišová. What stage of testing are you at?
The premiere is announced in early June, rehearsals have already begun. I will play his producer in the performance. It will be a musical role – all the main actors are part of a live band. I’m really looking forward to it. We have already met Ms. Marta when she performed on the Ungelt summer stage in Prague in the Desire Named Einodis production. Now it looks like a large group of people will come together in the performance dedicated to him. It’ll be OK.

At the same time, you started rehearsing at the National Theatre, a lot of hype for nothing… This is Daniela Špinar’s last production. How about you and Shakespeare?
As an actor, I honestly have to say that I don’t like Shakespeare comedies. In general, I just think they are more grateful to the audience than to the actor. But I love Shakespeare’s dramas, they’re great. The rehearsal is great so far, we also consider it a nice farewell to Daniela Špinar. It is also the incredible film Idiot, which we shot with her during the covid. He’s great, and paradoxically, it makes sense right now to go to the movies. It perfectly depicts some features of Russian society, so that we can understand something.

And how about working with Daniela Špinar? By the way, she will be replaced by the SKUTR tandem at the direction of the National Theater. Can’t wait?
Daniela and I have done a lot. I have often been chosen for his productions, which I am grateful for, but at the same time, I am looking forward to a change. It is good for the healt. Anyway, I think she was very good as a boss. She was able to breathe new energy into the “national colossus” and bring together some really great people in her head. Not just actors, but also people in the background and in the offices. Anyone who comes after her will find out how difficult it is to function as a theater artistic director at the National Theater. A lot of people say that’s not what it used to be, there’s no more Vinklář, Hrušínský ale But that’s bullshit. I’m completely out of actors playing there now – it’s peak! I think it’s good to see the idiot mentioned too because everyone is awesome in him.

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We came to see you in two comedies that will hit theaters this summer. The first is Birthday Wishes, which is a sequel to Marta Ferencová and Adam Dvořák’s Wishes to Santa Claus, and the second is Say It with a Dog by director Robert Sedláček. How private are you with animals?
I have two snails – Ambrose III. and Ambrose IV. They are the calmest and most demanding pets. Otherwise, because I wanted to be a veterinarian, I had almost all the animals. Various mice, hamsters, rats, degu eights, geckos, tarantulas, cockroaches, turtles, Australian scarecrows… And of course we had a dog. I would like that, but the “Monsieur Journal” forbids me.

I also have to ask you about the Ninadesátka series, in which you played the “leader” of Karel Kopáč’s Eagle gang. How did you play?
Well, I was surprised that such epochal crimes were caused by such a sad group of existences. I liked being able to use the recordings of Kopáč’s testimonies and try to suck it up. At the same time, there is a great responsibility in playing a real character. Even though I had some space in the series, now that I saw him, I congratulated myself, because I think his final statement is a good copy of Kopáč’s speech.

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You are a person who also pays a lot of attention to charity. With Vladimír Javorský you sang the duo Hippocrates’ Army, with which you supported frontline doctors during the covid period, now there is a song in favor of Ukraine I Won’t Give Up, which you have recorded with great performers. What brings you there?
So when I’m not a doctor or a billionaire… As an actor, I can often help just by lending my face. Or as an artist, I will use my talent. In Hippocrates it turned out that even a “stupid song” can do wonders. He really energized the doctors and still collected more than a million crowns. But what is difficult for a charity is not to start abusing it for your visibility and to carry out your projects at a certain level. Balance. Like always. Igor Ochepovský’s clip I Will Not Give Up also contains this peace. And on the subject of aid to Ukraine. It is complicated. But it is good to admit that with the help of Ukraine and refugees, we are helping ourselves – Europe. In fact, this is our chance to participate in the fight against Russian expansion. And that’s really good – to fight while helping someone.

Are you even going to rest?
The only thing I live with now is concerts. I can’t make room in my head for anything else. But I’m happy about spring, I can’t wait to ride a Vespa and love spring, nature and reading a book after a very long time. And maybe there will be peace. I don’t want anything else.

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