No candy, Christmas presents or computer games! Here are the 15 strictest parents in the world of celebrities –

Did you think that children of famous parents have a freer upbringing? Error. Sometimes they have stricter rules than their peers. They are often not allowed to watch TV, play computer games, use the Internet. And sweets are also taboo. The server has compiled a ranking of celebrities who have strict rules and stricter upbringing of children.

Take a look at our gallery for the educational flight of the stars. Because maybe such Penelope Cruz is a pretty rough mother. He professes what is called nurturing, so no safe chairs, no chitchat for kids, and in extreme cases, no toys. Followers of this method consider children as small adults. And what about the others?

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Phone Gisele Bundchen in one of her conversations, she claimed to have breastfed her son and then held him over the potty for five minutes. canadian singer Alanis Morissette she passionately believes that children should breastfeed as long as they are interested. Actress Pamela Anderson she has no problem with her sons who are experimenting with drugs, on the contrary. According to her, it’s good to try as much as possible.

She is known among Czech celebrities for her unconventional approach to education Helena Houdova. “At first I wanted to give the children unlimited space to become who they really are, but I realized that they chose their mother and father, so they need space, so today we’ve agreed on boundaries that work for me and for them,” Time magazine quoted the model some time ago.

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher

The couple decided not to buy Christmas presents for their children. It looks like a punishment, but in fact the parents have a good opinion of them. They want children to appreciate the well-being of the family gathered during the Christmas holidays, and not just things. The actors also asked their grandparents to donate money to charity instead of buying gifts.


Queen of Pop Madonna, known for her sex scandals, has always been a cautious mother. She had a long list of rules for her six children. For example, she forbade her eldest daughter Lourdes to go out with her until she was eighteen. Television, sweets, junk food and magazines are totally forbidden for children. And the clothes that roll on the floor will end up in the basket.

Michelle and Barak Obama

In the family of the former American president, the television and the computer can only be turned on in exceptional cases. Obama’s two daughters can only use it for a few hours on weekends, not at all on weekdays except for studying. Their mother, Michelle Obama, admitted she checked her daughters’ computers to make sure their classmates were actually discussing homework and not having fun.

Cate Blanchett

The Oscar-winning actress admits she’s pretty much a bad cop in the family. She believes it is more important to be a good mother to children than to be friends. Cate Blanchett and her husband Andrew Upton agree that when you try to subordinate everything to the wishes of the children, you are moving on very thin ice.

Victoria and David Beckham

Former footballer and girl heartthrob David Beckham and his wife – singer and fashion designer Victoria – are role models for every British family (and not just the British). Their four children have an excellent education: they never get into trouble, they always say “please” and “thank you” and they are the epitome of good manners in general.

Denzel and Pauletta Washington

Oscar-winning actor Denzel Washington seems to be one of the strictest dads in the celebrity world. His four adult daughters have never had a conversation and have not featured in any scandals, however small. So we can say that the Washingtons have done an excellent job. But their daughters probably didn’t have it easy. The parents had strict rules and even wanted the children to address them as “ma’am” and “sir” and show them due respect.

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Jessica Alba

The children of famous parents also hang around. When actress Jessica Alba’s daughters were little and argued and argued over things, she sent them to a corner as punishment for shame. They must have stood there for a few minutes. However, even two minutes with the nose against the wall can be endless for a child.

Gwyneth Paltrow

Oscar-winning actress and promoter of a healthy lifestyle, Gwyneth Paltrow, has imposed a strict diet on all members of the family. Her children are not allowed to eat sugar, gluten and only eat low carb foods. The actress herself admits that even children sometimes complain about it. Not when they don’t have pasta, pizza and cakes like their peers.

Jennifer Lopez

There are also strict rules in the family of singer Jennifer Lopez. Their motto is: “Pleasure is earned”. So if the twins want to watch TV or play gadgets, they need to be well behaved and have good grades in school.

Megan Fox

Banning excessive television watching is quite common among celebrities, but in actress Megan Fox’s family, this rule is even stricter. Her children have completely banned television, tablets, internet and computer games. Only once in a while can they watch a fairy tale or a cartoon movie.

julia robert

One of Hollywood’s most beautiful actresses also has her own educational rules. Her three children are not allowed sugar, sweets and unhealthy fast food. Roberts will only allow them ice cream or cookies on special occasions such as celebrations.

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