Austrian minister: I don’t think I will be a minister without problems

03.04.2022 14:03 | From the nets

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“After all, you only deal with Ukraine, and what about our people…”, more than one fellow citizen wrote to me on social networks. And for the first time in many days, I seriously paused. Does anyone really think we can’t solve Ukraine? That we can’t help people fleeing war? 80% of the adults who come to us are women. I do not have to mention the photos of children lying in the so-called regional assistance centers. The vast majority of adult males are no longer able to fight. Yes, I have to deal with Ukraine. Not just because of my own values, when I will always call it all by the right name: it’s Putin’s aggression, we’re living in war. Something my generation thought he wouldn’t know. We are also the target of the attack, not just Ukraine.

We must take care of the safety of our country, our people and those whose conscience will not allow me to leave in a situation as terrible as them. And I must say that we are doing a great job. All of us, our society. Our security forces, authorities, associations, all volunteers. We managed to very quickly create a system that effectively resolves war refugees. Get to the ground quickly so they suffer as little pain as possible. Get quick access to support centers, where they’ll take care of everything you need in one place.

Reinforce the Department of Asylum and Migration Policy with members of the police, all thanks to a state of emergency, which is implemented in such a way as not to deprive anyone of rights and to help us and our Ukrainians. A well-organized website where everything is in Ukrainian in one place. I am very proud of the team in my ministry, as we are also a model for other members of the EU. I thank them, in particular the firefighters, the police, the asylum and migration policy staff, and I thank you all for your exemplary approach.


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But I know the initial enthusiasm is fading. In a moment we will start to get tired, problems will start to appear. I know that. I’m not naive, I don’t think I’m a minister without problems, I’m here to take care of it. And to warn them. That’s why I try to anticipate. I know the problem will be misinformation, the hatred of the people we’re all trying to help now. Let’s face it. Let’s defend them before that, let’s not make them the victims of our own problems.

And they are blessed. Putin’s darling is shamelessly attacking our households, the inflation that the previous government suffered and which is fueled by everything we have to do now, expensive energy, expensive fuel. Above all, we must cooperate with the government, not look left or right and do what is right. Things that will have the intended effect: helping people who need it and those who don’t need it to breathe freely. A lot of positive things come out of this free blow: helping our Ukrainians, fighting the dictator, often just a better mood, which our country also needs.

We extradited Andrej Babiš for criminal prosecution. We have approved this year’s budget. We submit bills, we resolve the social situation of our fellow citizens. We are thinking about reforms in our ministries, Petr Gazdík in the Ministry of Education and his very just considerations towards the finally modern form of the Matura are proof of this.

So thank you again. Not only for all of the above, but also for all that may actually arise. It is thanks to you, your support.

  • 1st Deputy Prime Minister

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