“You have other responsibilities than protecting us from Putin, Pekarová!”

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“It is not possible to solve the whole situation with the benefits alone. Measures must be taken that will affect inflation. Above all, it is a question of reducing excise duties, reducing VAT,” believes Václav Krása , tricolor guarantor of labor and social affairs. “The government should support food production more, because it is an essential commodity for the citizens”, he added. He also admits that he considers the idea of ​​​​the Green Deal as misleading and in his blog he deals with the statement of Marketa Pekarová Adamová.

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Inflation is on the rise. Prices for gas, electricity, petrol and diesel continue to rise. Food goes up in price. The government has abolished the road tax, mixing biofuels with fuel, and since April 1, the subsistence and subsistence wage has been increased by 10%. Which will really only help the poorest and, according to some experts, not much more. Is the government doing enough on this file? “In my opinion, the government should do more for the groups of citizens who are affected by the huge growth in energy, fuel and food. These are all things that are necessary for every citizen of the Czech Republic and there is a relatively large group of people for whom it is a huge burden.Today, inflation is already affecting the lowest middle class, that is, people with a regular income at a certain level”, explains Václav Krása for ParlamentníListy.cz, which is the guarantor of the Habs for work and social affairs.

“It is not possible to solve the whole situation with the benefits alone. Measures must be taken which will affect inflation. These are mainly a reduction in excise duties, a reduction VAT. These are the tools that should affect price growth. Without affecting price growth through these tax measures, we cannot in any way reduce inflation. The increase in benefits does not in any way reduce the inflation. On the contrary, it’s inflationary money. The only way to fight inflation is to cut taxes and maybe watch if the retail chains have too much margin. The government is is focused on fuel margins. I’ve had reports that they’re not that high. I’m not at all sure about that in the retail chains,” explained the chairman of the National People’s Council. disabilities from the Czech Republic. “The government should support food production more, as it is an essential commodity for the citizens. It seems that the proposal to support only those cited by small farmers does not really address food production”, believes- he.

The YES movement proposes to abolish VAT on electricity, gas and fuel. “I would prefer to switch to excise tax on fuel. We have a higher excise tax than the European Union average. It is not true that we are dependent on European Union law. Each country has different excise taxes. There are no guidelines and we have to defend our interests. We prefer others instead of defending our interests and our fellow citizens,” Václav Krása thinks.

A politician cannot claim that the government should not take care of the people

In his blog, Václav Krása referred to the declaration of the President of the Chamber of Deputies, Markéta Pekarová Adamová, that the government is not there to take care of the people, but to protect them. Exactly his statement in Partia’s Prima was: “I think it is important to achieve a few key things – and I will respond to what has been said. You know, I don’t think governments should take care of people, they should make sure it’s safe here. That security is the first prerequisite for our success. And that’s very important now, and I think we all realize that Vladimir Putin doesn’t want to stop alone in Ukraine, and I don’t think anyone wants these tanks to come here. And by helping to defeat Putin, we are also helping our people,” the TOP 09 chairwoman said.

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“Ms. Adam obviously wants the only problem to be the Russian-Ukrainian war, so instead of answering questions that the government is not trying to help our citizens bear the burden of rising energy prices and fuel he is trying to teach citizens what else they would like the government to fight Putin, take in refugees from Ukraine, provide him with humanitarian aid and arms It’s pretty scary when the third politician the higher does not know at least the basic characteristics and therefore the responsibilities of an independent state. This is undoubtedly the protection of citizens, but also other obligations. One of the most fundamental is to ensure a certain degree of solidarity between the poor and the rich, the oldest with the young, the healthy with the sick. To ensure the agreed level of solidarity, we citizens pay taxes and insurance”, recalled the Beautiful.


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However, according to him, the President of the Chamber of Deputies is not aware of a number of other contexts, otherwise she could not say such an outrage. “For example, that all aid to Ukraine is financed by taxes from Czech citizens, and these people are increasingly saying that the burden of rising prices is too high and that they need help Mrs. Pekarová does not know or does not want to know that the growth of energy was not caused by war, but by senseless decisions that will be paid for by end customers. energy suppliers, emission permits, the sale of the electricity we produce energy on the Leipzig Stock Exchange and many more.The state increases energy prices through its energy interventions, but he doesn’t have to worry about the citizens!” “Special consideration,” he wondered.

“Someone should explain to Mrs. Pekar that the state has other responsibilities, not just protecting us from Putin. These include the need to ensure energy and food self-sufficiency, another attribute of security of If Mrs. Pekar is serious, the state has a duty, and that is to ensure the safety of its citizens, it should stop collecting most of its taxes and it should stop regulating the market with various subsidies and controlling us more and more. It’s a bold idea, but Ms. Pekarová Adam certainly didn’t think so. She has no idea how much our lives are regulated. The state determines the amount of excise duty and so the prices of many goods, decides where and what will be grown, regulates the buying and selling of raw materials, determines what bins and what to put, begins to determine what we can eat and drink, what we can drown and what we can’t listen to and what we can say,” described Václav Krása.

Let’s put the Green Deal aside for a long time

Václav Krása published the statement of the President of the Agrarian Chamber of the Czech Republic Jan Doležal, postponing the Green Deal for a long time, on his Facebook profile. “The situation has changed and the old patterns of thinking, the finish line and the starting position no longer apply. The food crisis, which will manifest itself in high prices and supply disruptions, is fast approaching. If Europe is to take coal and nuclear to its mercy in response to the energy crisis (at least for a time), it must also take to its mercy productive agriculture.The crisis in Ukraine can show us a solution. If member states have to spend 2% of GDP on armaments, the current 0.3 HPD for agriculture is a lot. Moreover, only 15% is allowed to go into production”, underlined Doležal in his column Hovory z lán in MF Dnes. “Just as we export electricity to Germany and buy it back dearly, we export feed grain or raw milk to our western neighbors – they bring us value-added food back to their markets. Green Deal, with its limitations stricter emission standards for Czech pigs and cows, will only deepen this. Without support for production and processing, it is better to “undermine the subsidies” ecologically in our basin or to concentrate on simple productions of open field, without employees and above all without special productions, such as fruit, vegetables, potatoes, hops, vines, sugar beet and without animal production, which is already lacking on the market. a lack of organic matter in the soil and the much-discussed diversity of the landscape today, “warned the president of the Agrarian Chamber. “So little is enough. Reconsider the common agricultural policy drafted in peacetime for the years 2023 – 2027, support production agriculture for at least two years and throw the Green Deal in the trash for now,” Doležal believes.

How does Václav Krása see the Green Deal? “I consider the whole idea of ​​the Green Deal to be completely wrong. Today there are no other automobile propulsion systems than diesel and gasoline. When we have a hydrogen base, let’s go -y. But it is obvious that, for example, electric cars are completely wrong. The dismantling of nuclear power plants is a completely wrong path, because it is the cleanest energy to date. As for propellers and solariums , this is only a partial way. For example, photovoltaics on the roofs of houses is good, it will help the individual family. It gives them a certain autonomy and independence. But occupying the land with photovoltaics is a bit strange. We have land to grow crops,” Václav Krása told ParlamentníListům.cz.

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