Women should not underestimate the threat of rape

He is ashamed of his rape. But not only that, talking about him brings their shocking experience to life and the memories of him traumatize them. Some also don’t know if the men were provoked in any way. They just find themselves in a whirlwind of strong feelings and dealing with them is not easy at all.

Many of them are also afraid of conflicts and unpleasant or embarrassing situations that arise during an investigation or in court. For many of them, the simple fact that they must undergo a medical examination immediately after the rape is necessary, which is necessary so that the specialist knows, for example, if they are not injured, takes a male sperm from their vagina as one of the evidence of the crime, etc.

And I’m not talking about the possibility of infection, because the vast majority of offenders, of course, do not use condoms. Or about the risk of getting pregnant.

Not all women who are shocked realize the need to use post-coital contraception. It works for another 72 hours after unwanted sex. Although its sales have dropped a lot, it is not possible to take these pills like contact lenses. Women should consult their doctor about their use.

According to qualified surveys, about 11% of women in the Czech Republic have been raped. It even happened several times to about half of them

In any case, on the one hand, we can understand the motivations of women who do not want to report anything and try to put everything out of their minds, or forget everything. On the other hand, they must be aware of what they will support.

The rapist can continue his criminal activity. She often commits them on them repeatedly, or on others. If they report a case, they increase their chances of stopping it. This makes sense both because of the acts of aggression themselves and because of the spread of disease, especially with regard to an infection as dangerous as HIV-AIDS.

In any case, it is good for a woman to visit one of the White Circle security organizations. They offer help from doctors, psychologists and lawyers. Furthermore, they have considerable experience in handling such cases with sensitivity and efficiency.

On the Internet, women can find many tips for defending themselves against a rapist who assaults them, for example at night on their way home. In these cases, however, it makes more sense for a woman to take a self-defense course, where she practically practices certain techniques in order to be able to react as quickly and as well as possible in a real situation.

Well-meaning advice from search engines, which she cannot use forcefully in practice because she is stressed, is usually not very helpful to her.

Not to mention that these acts are usually committed by dangerous sexual aggressors, that is, sadists and people with other pathological diagnoses. Even in these cases, it is useful to learn from the experts what makes sense and what does not.

Pepper spray is often the recommended way to defend yourself. But when a woman uses it in windy weather, it can easily happen that the pepper hits her instead of the rapist. Especially when the wind changes direction. This will paradoxically make it easier for him to rape.

Specialists will also explain to women how much they increase the risk of serious injury or even death if they start threatening the aggressor to report everything to the police, etc. Deviant in particular has no trouble silencing them by killing them.

Risky situations

Today, many modern women are reluctant to hear arguments about the extent to which many victims inadvertently contributed to their rape. But the fact that some situations are high risk is a reality.

In my forensic practice, I have repeatedly encountered cases where the victim does not consider whether it is unnecessarily risky to drink a lot of alcohol with men she does not know. Otherwise, take medicine with them. Or combine the two.

Like rapists, their victims are often under the influence of alcohol. Some are so drunk or on drugs that they are surprised to learn that someone has raped them. They don’t remember anything. (Which, of course, crime alone certainly cannot justify or mitigate.)

For many men, such a situation is even a welcome pretext, which they try to take advantage of. According to them, a woman who does not say no and does not resist agrees to have sex and therefore cannot be raped. Of course, they are very confused about this and, fortunately, the law also remembers such situations.

I agree that alcohol and drugs are no excuse for a crime. As well as the somewhat relaxed behavior of some ladies who find themselves under the influence of drugs. However, a forensic woman prefers to avoid such a risky situation.

Rape is, in addition to physical abuse, an experience that can seriously mark his future sexual life and disturb the psyche. Fear, anxiety or depression are just some of the issues that really threaten her.

What is specific to rape is that most cases do not occur among people who do not know each other, but rather among people who know each other. A rapist is often a relative, a colleague, an acquaintance, a friend or even a partner. This is also the reason why many women do not report their rape to the police.

But even in these cases, it’s a bad decision, because attackers then easily feel that it’s not so terrible, and if they do something like that again, they have a good chance of succeeding again.

A sad chapter concerns cases where parents or relatives sexually abuse children and minors. Parents can only detect and stop it by noticing sudden changes in the behavior of the child or adolescent in time: he withdraws into himself, his school performance deteriorates, he has difficulty to sleep, he suffers from sudden anxiety, etc. Then you have to visit him. .with the offspring of a psychologist or psychiatrist.

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