Ukrainian children were used near kyiv as ‘human shields’, witnesses say 2. 4. 2022

2. 4. 2022

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The Ukrainian army liberated the entire Kyiv region from Russian troops, but the withdrawal of Russian troops left behind a catastrophe of murdered civilians.

Terrifying accounts show that Russian soldiers put children on tanks to protect their vehicles during the transfer.

Ukraine has accused Russia of using children as “human shields” to regroup. The first chilling testimonies of witnesses from the newly liberated town of Buča near kyiv appear.

Besides a mass grave with almost 300 people, corpses left in the streets and civilians executed, the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense found evidence that Russian troops had tried to burn the corpses of some civilians.

The Ukrainian Muslim “Crimea” battalion found the bodies of shot civilians near Motyzhyn in the kyiv region. They are the family of the mayor of the village, Olga Skuchenko, who was kidnapped on March 23. Official information will follow.

Russians shoot civilians after they tie their hands behind their backs. Corpses are everywhere in the Kyiv region, in the streets, in cars, in backyards. Mass graves are full of unidentified corpses. Many families will never know what happened to their loved ones.

Olha Suchenko, her son, her husband and other civilians were found murdered by a Putin regime terrorist:

Ukraine’s prosecutor general’s office is building a case with evidence that the Russians are using local children to avoid shooting when retreating from the Ukrainian capital and elsewhere.

Prams were reportedly placed in front of tanks in the village of New Bykiv, near the besieged town of Chernihiv, 160 km north of kyiv.

Witnesses further say that in a number of outbreaks across the country, children have been taken hostage to ensure locals do not give Ukrainian forces coordinates of enemy movements.

“Cases of exploitation of children as human shields have been reported in the regions of Sumy, Kyiv, Chernihiv and Zaporizhia
[regionu]“, said the Ukrainian human rights ombudsman, Lyudmila Denisova.

Colonel Oleksandr Motuzyanyk, spokesman for Ukraine’s defense ministry, said the cases were being investigated by Ukraine’s prosecutor general’s office. He said: “The enemies are using Ukrainian children as a living shield when moving their convoys, when moving their vehicles.

“Russian soldiers used Ukrainian children as hostages, put them in their trucks. They do it to protect their vehicles when they move.

“Cases of brutal treatment of minors have been documented by Ukrainian and international institutions, and we would like to emphasize that the information will in any case be passed on to the national criminal courts and that the occupiers will be brought to justice for any military and war. they commit themselves.”

Ukraine’s prosecutor general said at least 412 children had been injured or killed since the invasion began in February, including 158 dead.

Dead civilians lie on the road 20 km from the city of kyiv. Under the blanket are 4-5 naked dead women that the barbarians tried to burn just off this road.

Further developments:

Witnesses testified to the British weekly Observer of war crimes against civilians in the town of Buča, when Ukrainian forces liberated the town. According to a statement, the 33-year-old mother and her two sons, aged eight and four, were shot by soldiers in a Russian armored vehicle with a 62-year-old man as they tried to flee in two cars .

The bodies of at least 20 men in civilian clothes, one of whom had his hands tied, were found on a street in Bucha when Russian forces carried out a “rapid retreat” from the area around the capital on Saturday, according to the Kyiv authorities.

Ukrainian forces occupied about 30 towns and villages around Kyiv, including Brovar, a key town east of Kyiv. However, President Volodymyr Zelensky said the retreating soldiers were causing “complete disaster” as they left mines and corpses in homes as they retreated.

Pope Francis said he was considering a visit to Ukraine’s capital, Kyiv, and for the first time indirectly criticized Russian President Vladimir Putin for invading Ukraine. “We thought invasions from other countries, fierce street fights and atomic threats were dark memories of the distant past,” he said.

Ukrainian military intelligence reported that residents of the eastern Ukrainian town of Izium gave Russian soldiers of the Russian Federation’s 3rd Motorized Rifle Division poison cakes, which killed two people and 28 of them ended up in the intensive care unit.

Lithuania has become the first EU country to ban imports of Russian gas.

As Russia continued to withdraw some of its ground forces from areas around the capital on Saturday, Zelenysky’s adviser Mykhailo Podoljak said the Kremlin now appears to be retreating “rapidly”.

However, Podoljak warned that the Kremlin had returned to a plan to divide the country.

He said: “After the rapid withdrawal of the Russians from kyiv and Chernihiv, and if we analyze all the movements and the concentration of the occupying forces, it is clear that Russia preferred a different tactic – to move towards east / south, control large territories (not only in the Donetsk and Luhansk region) and gain strong support there. [Rusko] he will try to bury there, to build [do] air defense and thus greatly reduce the loss of its equipment and personnel. »

In eastern and southern Ukraine, Ukrainian troops are on their lines, while the beleaguered city of Mariupol faces renewed fire and the prospects for the evacuation of other residents are dim. The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) said that after numerous attempts to organize humanitarian corridors failed, it was sending a team to try to help those imprisoned.

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