Spontaneous collections in the garage and preparation of trucks with material. The region lives with the help of Ukraine News Company Olomoucka Drbna

Food, clothing, sleeping bags and transport from the border and accommodation. Also in the Olomouc region, after the invasion of Russian troops on Ukrainian territory, a huge wave of solidarity was manifested. People are looking for ways to help the citizens of the invaded country. Olomouc should also send trucks with equipment for the partner city of Chernivtsi.

For example, the Ukrainian Taras Retiznyk from Dolan near Olomouc did not hesitate to support the people of his country of origin. He has lived in the Czech Republic with his family for six years. However, his parents and other relatives remained in Ukraine. With their help, he brings help to other compatriots, collects necessary things in the garage of Dolany 668 and then transports them to the border with company vans. “I am currently at the Hungarian-Ukrainian border with three deliveries, we will translate things into deliveries from Ukraine. We mainly transport food, blankets and clothes. We also have a stand at the border, where we offer water and food to people who have been waiting with their children for several days in the queues.” Retiznyk approached over the weekend.

According to him, the collection is intended for Ukrainian soldiers and their families who have been left homeless. It mainly focuses on sleeping bags, mats, but also clothing and food. People can bring gifts directly to his garage at the family home. “Once the van is full, we will go to the border again.” he added.

Palacký University has decided to help set up a hotline, provide a scholarship fund for extraordinary support for Ukrainian students, as well as prepare accommodation facilities for dormitories for incoming families of students and scholars…

Within an hour, people filled the warehouse of the Zábřeh charity over the weekend, which announced a fundraiser to help people fleeing Ukraine. According to the director of the charity Jiří Karger, the solidarity of people was enormous, they brought bedding, but also beds and small electronic devices to the charity warehouse, and in many cases it was new things. The humanitarian collection will serve three dozen Ukrainians who will find settlements in the Zábřeh region.

Volunteers also organize material aid or accommodation in Litovel, Oskava, Hlubočky or Olomouc, for example. The capital also faced a conflict support regime over the weekend. Olomouc is in contact with the leaders of the city of Chernivtsi, with a quarter of a million inhabitants, in western Ukraine. With information straight from the scene of the war, the city prepared a list of materials and equipment needed. People can bring it to the fire station in Černovír. Olomouc will also take care of certain things.

Donated equipment and materials will be available at the fire department in Černovír, U Staré Moravy 1, Olomouc and at the fire department in Chválkovice, Selské nám. 704 / 64a, Olomouc Monday from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. and weekdays from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. and from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. for the moment. In the case of foodstuffs and medical equipment or materials, a minimum expiry period of two months is required. The electrical equipment must be new or in perfect technical condition with electrical control.

Naděžda Šišková, lawyer from Kyiv: Ukrainians will defend their homeland, but they need help

Naděžda Šišková, originally from Ukraine, who works at the Faculty of Law of the Palacký University of Olomouc, watches the events in Eastern Europe with apprehension. As a political scientist, she has been managing the situation for a long time. “The conflict could spread to other states. Hooray…

“In Chernivtsi, fighting has so far been limited to shelling the immediate surroundings of the city, but in its center, thousands of civilians are seeking safety, fleeing areas of the country where the worst fighting is taking place.” self-government of the city of Chernivtsi and its civil defense means an extraordinary assault, so he turns to Olomouc with a great request for help. We agreed to provide us with a list of the most needed things and we will provide them. » the mayor of Olomouc explained Miroslav Zbanek (YES).

The next technical assistance procedure was dealt with by the Security Council of the city of Olomouc on Monday, when the form of transport of the collected equipment, which should start from trucks for Ukraine, was previously agreed on the weekend. -end.

“At the moment, there is sufficient capacity in the region for a possible influx of refugees, Olomouc itself has already prepared its evacuation center in Terer Square”, Michal Folta, spokesman for the town hall of Olomouc, informed that the police and the army, whose representatives participated in the meetings of the Crisis Unit of the Olomouc region, recall that the accommodation in the administration of refugee facilities in Vyšné Lhoty is always preferred. Here, trained professionals can take care of the guests, who will help them with everything they need in the host country.

Those interested can also help financially and contribute to the collections of charitable organizations such as People in Need or Caritas Czech Republic.

List of necessary equipment and materials (for the city of Chernivtsi)

Generators 1.5 KW and above
Flashlights and batteries
Tactical helmets, glasses and tactical gloves
Sleeping bags, thermal blankets, blankets, blankets
Warm underwear
Non-sterile and sterile disposable gloves
First aid kits, rescue backpacks, plasters
Thermal blankets
Pulse oximeters
Scissors for cutting clothes and shoes
Monitors, Laptops, Printers, Projectors, USB Drives
Sustainable foods and convenience foods for long-term storage (larger packaging)
Baby food, milk nutrition for small children (powdered milk), snacks, disposable diapers

Medical material:
traction plate, portable oxygen cylinders, central venous catheterization kits, lumbar puncture kits, tracheostomy kit, tracheal intubation kit, pleural drainage kit, immobilization aids of various types and sizes, syringe needles ( various volumes), catheters for peripheral veins (various sizes), transfusion system for infusion solutions, non-sterile dressings (various sizes), elastic fixation bandage (various sizes), sterile material for anti-burn measures, sterile material for surface treatment of wounds, hydrogel bandage against burns of various sizes, external fixator, sterile gauze bandage 14 cm x 7m, pack of dressings, patch 3cm x 500 cm, hemostat (means for stopping bleeding) – chemical , means of stopping bleeding – mechanical/rubber (strangulation-tourstile).

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