Sixteen years as a full-time factory. Anička d’Ulice revealed how to live a double life


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The description: Ljuba Krbová on René Kekely’s talk show Face to Face

HOT CHAIR Ljuba Krbová is not one of the actresses who would give interviews to meet. So when he speaks from time to time, there is something to talk about, something to remember and something to talk about. She gave a very open interview on René Kekely in the talk show Face To Face about the street, the theater and the films, but also about the brothers, her husband, the daughter and the family drama.

“I stay on the street, of course, because of the people,” she answers a question she’s been asked many times. “There are nice people in the staff, in the production. I’ve been a freelancer since I was ninety-three, so it’s a substitute for my engagement. I know I belong somewhere, that I like to go back there after the holidays, and perhaps most importantly, that I have very good colleagues in my screenplay. Because I play very well with them. Adrian Jastraban, Vanda Hybnerová, Jirka Štrébl, but also our “kids”, especially Matyáš Valenta, who has grown from a little boy to an adult actor. Now come the new talented young actors, these are the refreshing ingredients that keep you interested again and again. Anyway, if I didn’t like not that there, I wouldn’t be there,” he summarizes his relationship with the multi-year workplace.

Street Chimney

That’s how it started once, in 2005 – Anička Málková in the toy kingdom; photo courtesy of TV Nova

Excellent training

When asked if she doesn’t regret that working on the streets deprived her of other opportunities, she answers with foresight. “I certainly missed a lot of things, because filming such a series takes a long time. But it’s not like I’m not playing anywhere else. So I say to myself: don’t be ungrateful, you know how many actresses in your age group would like to have a stable job! And then there is one more important thing for me. I have done a lot of dubbing and I have often wondered how great actresses do it, that they were so obvious on camera. And here’s a little improvisation, you can see they’re having fun. But when I was on camera twelve days a year, I can’t be so sure. Now that I’m on camera the camera twelve days a month, I also check on other projects that the training is just great. When it turns red, I don’t mind. When a cameraman tells me to go to the light, I know exactly what I make sure my colleague doesn’t overshadow me. This is just a training session. n that allows actors to focus on what is important. About the situation, about what and how you tell your partner, about the experience. Technical things don’t limit me at all.”

Street Chimney

They married Bedřich Liška (Adrian Jastraban) in 2007, a year later they adopted František (Matyáš Valenta) and later Emu (Anna Marie Valentová). In the end, the writers divorced in the 13th season; photo courtesy of TV Nova

German yes, English no

She speaks general Czech in the interview, but she has excellent acting diction, so her speech sounds very cultured. But Ljuba Krbová also speaks German very well, as she spent part of her childhood in Berlin and later perfected German. “It took me a while for the teachers to teach me the terrible Berlin dialect and teach me how to speak, but it worked. It got me a number of cool shoots with German crews, I I’ve played a few great roles. The biggest compliment for me, then, is when a German colleague asks me, “And where are you from, Hanover? She thought she would learn the few phrases and pass them.” anyway, but the director didn’t want to do any dubbing, so she had a so-called coaching dialogue that forced her to repeat the line a thousand times before it sounded quite British to her.” Since they called me about a foreign movie, I made sure it was German, not English. I’ll never do that again!”


With Jan Zadražil ten years ago in the show Sleeping Around; photo courtesy of Strašnice Theater

Third meeting with husband and mother-in-law

Before marrying writer Ondřej Neff, with whom she has been with for two decades, she married twice and had a daughter. She was suspicious of men who indicated they liked them. They met Neff during a joint performance in a literary café. “I came with my daughter and there was such a bald gentleman in a suit with a waistcoat. Everyone around him jumped, they could break. Ladies call out to him: Come sit with us! But he pointed finger and said firmly: I’m going to sit there! He sat down at a table with my daughter, and I thought she was an overconfident cheeky. When we were introduced, the first sentence he told me was: I had an actress mom. And I thought it was so cheap to try to get carried away. But he really had an actress mom, she played for Voskovec and Werich. Now that I plays in Werich’s villa, I have a cloakroom in the exhibition where the museum is. Once Ondřej came to the cloakroom, pointed at the picture and said: It’s mom! That’s how that I saw my mother-in-law for the first time. Now I always look at her before the show and say to her: mother-in-law, cross your fingers for me, let it be today today! »

In the attic of Werich’s villa, Ljuba Krbová plays Margarita, a monodrama about a lady who celebrates a birthday and whom no one remembers, neither her ex-husband nor her children. He only receives an unexpected gift from his doctor. It is said that adversity can always be overcome, preferably with humor, even if it is sometimes harsh. After all, the actress herself had a very difficult time.

Marguerite fireplace

How do you fight adversity? Best of all, the humor isn’t afraid to be brutal at times. And above all, do not drown in trouble. You can inhale with one nostril. Ljuba Krbová in the monodrama by Spanish playwright Carlos Be Margarita; photo courtesy of Werich Villa

Proven marriage

“I have an incredible handle. Ondřej is a Renaissance man, straddling several disciplines, far from science fiction alone. This is my private google, the walking encyclopedia. But above all he is an extremely generous, empathetic – and extremely impractical. It’s just that life with a genie has to be balanced with something on the other side, so that he doesn’t completely hesitate,” the life actress scoffs. with a man who is said to be clumsy, but who just never finds anything. When he has to drive a nail, he will buy a new one. So, for example, they have several sets of screwdrivers at home, but more will likely be added.

Fourteen years ago, Ondřej Neff suffered a great tragedy. Her daughter Irena was murdered by her husband and sentenced to many years in prison. Ljuba and Ondřej thus took over the education of Ondřej’s granddaughter, Dominika, who was then two years old. How does the actress view the whole story after years? “These are things you never come to terms with, you can’t deal with. It’s hard to talk about. We’re happy to have Dominica. As a child, she used to spend a lot of time with us. We’re villagers, she had a girlfriend opposite and she was happy with us. She is a young woman now, so Prague is more attractive to her. But Ondřej is very happy to still have something to give her. is now interested in 20th century history, and Ondřej has an amazing knowledge of it, so he passes it on, passes it on,…”

Would the couple be after the death penalty? “No. It’s weird, I just filmed Case 1 Cases, and the criminals from Mordpart came there as consultants. We talked about that too. And they also said they wouldn’t be sentenced to death. They said it would be too easy, because the punishment should be educational.”

Krbová_Poldové to babies

Dr. Doubravová in a detective comedy for the sequel Poldová and the Infant; photo courtesy of Czech Television – Tereza Suchánková

happy grandma

Ljuba Krbová has an adult daughter, a surprisingly very practical occupation. “Before, she thought about acting. I don’t think she would be good at that. She would worry about such injustices and behind-the-scenes scuffles. Dad has a great orthopaedist, mom an actress. It must have been hard for her to find her own way. When she had the idea to go to rights, I did not imagine how she would get out of it with her temperament, ”recalls a satisfied mother and grandmother today. “I’m proud of her. Not only as a lawyer, but now also as a mother. It works continuously because some cases drag on for years. But she’s also a great mother and that makes me makes her very happy.” In short, Elijah’s grandson is happy with the whole family.

Krbová_Jastraban_I love you, so have fun...

With serial ex-husband’s rep Adrian Jastraban on March 23 at the premiere of the comedy I Love You, So Have Fun…; photo courtesy of Divadlo Metro

Wandering with the camera

With her series Anička, the actress has a common hobby, photography. Unlike Anička, however, she is not afraid to take long trips. At the same time, she prefers to travel alone in the distant mountains. It is said to be the best way to get closer to the local people who appreciate it the most as an object of photography. The slender and frail sexagenarian is made for fear, she travels in the Himalayas, the mountains of Latin America and Africa. Maybe because he trains in martial arts. Who would tell him that, right? “I love traveling and experiencing life in other areas the most. Maybe I’ll sit somewhere in a pub and people watch. Also, when I’m traveling alone and asking for help someone, people are more willing and open. In exotic countries, animals are more dangerous than local ones. So something wanted to bite me or trample me rather than get robbed.”

Ljuba Krbová comes from five children, his brother Martin Krb also acted in films and series in his childhood. In addition to the Ulice series, he regularly plays episodic roles in films of various genres, and is invited to the cinema. She specializes in photography and the Chinese martial art of wushu, in which she even represented the Czech Republic in international competitions in 2001. She and her husband Ondřej Neff have a common interest in Japanese gardens and they care of one of them in their house near Prague.

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