Šafránková (SPD): Should politicians take care of citizens?

The senior officials of the government coalition are gradually revealing their true political convictions – and above all their contemptuous attitude towards the citizens.

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The description: Lucie Šafránková, member of the SPD

Last Sunday, the President of the Chamber of Deputies and TOP 09 Markéta Pekarová Adamová said in the main discussion program of Prima TV in connection with the unprecedented rise in prices, rising energy prices and other costs of basic life and the decline of large groups of citizens in monetary poverty and distress, they do not care about people, but at most to bring it to safety in the state. And that we are helping our people enough by trying to defeat Putin.

This is another manifestation of the absolutely anti-social character and the arrogance of absolute power of this government – and in particular of Mrs. Pekarová Adamová’s parent political party, TOP 09, for whom anti-social ideology and practice have literally been its basic identification mark since the beginning of its existence.

At the same time, it turns out that recent assurances by Prime Minister Fiala and other representatives of the so-called five-party coalition that the new government will have strong social sentiment were a brazen and cynical lie.

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The social government of Petr Fiala

This government for Czech citizens, most of whom today find themselves in the worst social situation since November 1989, threatened with monetary and subsistence poverty, when their income is not sufficient to meet basic needs and expenses, threatened with debt and foreclosure, does not – and after In the words of the Speaker of the House, we see that quite consciously, deliberately and purposely – nothing at all.

Unlike the governments of our culturally, historically and geographically close countries, such as Slovakia, Hungary, Poland and Croatia, where governments have capped energy and fuel prices and reduced, often to zero, VAT on basic foodstuffs. In general, the speaker of the Chamber of Deputies that governments should not care about the people, but ensure maximum security, is typical of the ultraliberal proponents of the so-called minimum state, who claim that the market will solve everything and that everything the world should take care of themselves.


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According to the SPD

On the contrary, our basic ideological and programmatic starting points are completely different – we in the SPD, as representatives of a conservative and socially oriented movement, say that the government should deal primarily with its own citizens, who finance it with their taxes. We are in favor of the idea that our social system must ensure a decent income and a decent standard of living for all decent and active citizens, families with children, the elderly and the disabled.

Social policy is for us a matter of paramount public interest. Its financing must be ensured and guaranteed in its entirety by the State. This includes, of course, the belief that the state must provide its citizens with quality and accessible public services such as health care, education or social assistance, which they will not pay for alone.

The ideology of Ms. Pekar Adam and the entire government coalition is quite the opposite, and the phrases about Putin’s defeat are just excuses to cover up his anti-socialism, incompetence and incompetence. The good thing is, at least the fact that Czech citizens could now hear it for themselves.

The article is taken from the Profile of Bc. Lucia Safrankova

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