Martin Macík presents Arnošt, a new truck for the Dakar 2022

Martin Macík finished fourth in the last Dakar, but perhaps even more valuable are the three stage victories. Nevertheless, he already mentioned during the rally that if they want to succeed in the fight with the Kamazy in the coming year, some things will have to be changed, and that it would be absolutely ideal to have two trucks at the start.

Photo: Big shock! Races

Why Arnost? The idea of ​​one of the fans and also the first machine of Martin Macík the Elder

The result is presented at this time. The new Iveco Powerstar truck, which they call Arnošt. The second racing truck, Karel, is ready to cover Arnošt’s back. “The Big Shock! Racing team has been striving for a long time to have two yellow and black trucks at the start of one of the next Dakars and to be able to support each other during the race. After Arnošt’s engine failed crashed for the first time in front of the Sedlčany workshop, the plan is becoming more and more realistic,” reads the press release.

The new racing truck is again Iveco and it is not a revolution, but an evolution. All the proven parts of the car remain, i.e. engine, automatic transmission, cabin, wheels and axles, but the weight distribution has changed and some have been built to regulations that will come into effect. effective in 2022. “The storage of the spare parts that we take with us is elsewhere than before. We no longer have four separate tanks, but one main. Part of the new modifications correspond to the safety protocols and approvals of the FIA World Cup, which will start next year with Dakar 2022. The fire extinguishing system in the cabin, modifications to the steering wheel, fuel valves, storage of the spare wheel and other details are therefore also newly designed”, describes the differences of Martin Macík compared to previous versions.

It is not without interest that Martin Prokop is also preparing a new technique. His first tests were passed by Shrek during the crossings in Baje in Poland, and it seems that Shrek is on steroids. We promise you will soon learn more about him also in the garage.

Macík senior is the originator of the construction of racing trucks. He has twenty years of experience in this field. “The successes and mistakes of previous generations of our race trucks have imprinted themselves on the new car. Going forward, the new truck should become the fastest, most agile and most durable car in the team” , hopes the father of the successful pilot, the former pilot himself.

Preparations for the new team car lasted more than two years. After this year’s Dakar, new mechanics arrived, new foreign partners presented cooperation offers and the development of the racing trucks changed a bit again. “But I already have in mind what a car model that comes after Arnošt should look like,” says Macík Sr.

Photo: Big shock! Races

Dad and son, two Martin Macíková. A connection that has worked for a long time in Dakar

The racing truck is created like any other product of the 21st century. It starts with creating a 3D model of the car and all of its components on a computer. This creates assignments for individual parts, which are continuously improved based on testing and experience gained.

“We produce the whole truck in-house. Only the cabin, axles, gearbox and engine are based on production parts, due to approvals, but we also modify and develop them,” reveals the details. of the Macík starší development. “About ninety percent of the parts that we manufacture ourselves, we are talking about more than two thousand parts. About sixteen companies cooperate with us in the production of individual parts and at least twelve people spend seven months from morning to evening working on the individual components and then assembling them. Side panels, brakes, springs, we do everything ourselves – manually. David Švanda completely prepares the electricity, I do all the air conditioning,” he adds.

Nobody from the Big Shock team! Racing will no longer say anything other than Arnošt to the new truck. “During the Dakar 2020, I received a message from a fan of Eva. She wrote to me that her mother-in-law had three sons and they were all watching Dakar. The eldest is called František, the middle is Karel, and the youngest, her husband, is Arnošt. And she wondered if we already had a name for our next truck, and if we didn’t think Arnošt would be fine,” describes driver Martin Macík and continues: “And when it turned out that daddy’s very first fichtl was also called Arnošt, so that was definitely clear.”

Arnošt is a guy!

As already mentioned, the new truck is structurally based on this year’s successful Dakar car. The thirteen-litre engine has over 1,000 horsepower and over 5,000 Nm of torque. The truck weighs 8.5 tonnes, has a 900-litre fuel tank and its maximum speed is electronically limited to 140 km/h. The dimensions of the truck are also interesting, its length is equal to seven meters, it is 2.5 meters wide, and the height is 3300 mm.

The new car is first driven on the road, then the crew tests it in the field. And because there is no better event than the race, Arnošt and the entire Rallye du Maroc team will be there from October 7th to 13th. Martin Macík with navigator František Tomášek and mechanic David Švanda will drive at a brisk pace.

“It’s a completely new car, we have to test it completely. We are taking the Rallye du Maroc as a practice for the Dakar, but we calculate that anything can happen. Arnošt will pass the greatest possible stress test in Morocco. We are looking forward the next race, but at the same time we have to reveal the possible weaknesses of Arnošt, which is the main reason for this year’s participation”, explains Martin Macík. “We’ll just try to destroy it.”

So good luck not only in Morocco!

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