Just feels like the non-free time has passed… Jarek Nohavice addressed the audience

Self-described entrepreneur and songwriter Jaromír Nohavica has revealed how he differs from some other musicians. Perhaps by calculating the fees. But he didn’t stay there. He mentioned that he was not an optimist in life and he certainly didn’t think the lack of freedom was over and now he would only get better. He sees it differently…

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The description: Jaromir Nohavica

Singer Jaromír Nohavica is glad he lived to see the internet working in full force, as he loves the way information is spread, as well as the songs on the internet. As a singer, he is said to try to work as a freelancer and only ask for a realistic fee, not hundreds of thousands.

“I don’t play for a fixed amount when someone calls and says, ‘We want you to play in our room. And I’ll say, ‘Okay, I’ll come, and you and my colleagues will give me two hundred and fifty thousand, plus the price.’ No, we do it differently: ‘What is your capacity?’ “Four hundred people. ‘How much can we give?’ ‘Dude, it’s a, poor town. We will put five hundred crowns into it. So we collect two hundred thousand, we deduct VAT, now we deduct OSA, we have to deduct a farmer who has expenses, madam cloakroom, so we have so much left, and from there we have to pay for the trip, hotel , accommodation, and we have this amount. But all of that comes from the price of admission we have, which is fantastically beautiful! “Described Nohavica in an interview for Rádio Universum.

“I talk about it in so much detail because it’s a wonderful feeling, even humanly. room, like in the old days when they came to the pub, they put money on the table, a pile was made, and it was calm: “Musicians, play! It’s yours!” And the musicians played for what was chosen. And that seems fair to me, like the good old days,” he added.

He also revealed how his songs are made. It is said that he writes for himself in the first place. Either for fun, or to get out of some anger.

“As I wrote I hope it sucks, about covid – i wrote this for me, chicken, to yell at myself, and while i was writing i was like, ‘yeah, yeah, that’s good! Agreed!’ And I played it with pleasure, then I sent it to people. But I can’t think of people, and I can’t. Maybe someone can do it, but I don’t believe it. It’s very complicated if you want to create it artificially,” he described his inner creative process.

At the end, he said he was definitely not an eternal optimist; and he doesn’t think it’s going to get better now.

“The question is what he will do in the future. Because I’m not such a big optimist anymore, and I don’t believe that after everything I’ve seen in my life, we’ll get any better than that. “one way or another. Those who don’t want to get better just won’t get better. You know, I’m afraid that we who know the candle was burning fast and feel that it got to the good time, can read it, we could do it again, we will know. But there are people who, no matter what, will read it completely differently. It is possible that life is a book, and we all read it , everyone reads it, and everyone gets something completely different out of it,” he philosophically remarked.

“It was just a feeling that everything would be fine, that the unfree times were over, and now we have inhaled freedom and the world is fine. Everything has been here, is and will be. The world will never be completely right , the world is as it has been for thousands of years, and only the scenery changes,” concluded Nohavica.

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