From herbarium to criminal. Kateřina Winterová can arrange the order

She holds the position of head of the homicide department, she works with men, which means that she must know their psychology well in order to be able to lead them and work with them, which, of course, in turn affects her behavior. Additionally, she does not trust the men she comes into contact with as she suspects they have something to do with her husband’s murder, which she wishes to clarify. It is not easy. On the other hand, he has a great relationship with his seventeen-year-old daughter. I would describe it by saying that Karel is melting at home. Although of course he has a certain “handicap”, he sometimes questions his daughter lightly. (to laugh)

But anyone who has an older child at home will understand. The good thing is that although the essence of the individual episodes is, of course, the solution of criminal cases, the creators of the leader wanted to show that even detectives are also just people who have their problems, who are sometimes not not very compatible with their work. We each have two sides of the coin, and even a policeman sometimes resolves the contradiction that he’s not doing something exactly by the rules or the generally accepted idea of ​​what law and order should look like. However, Šéfka’s personal line is not only with Karla Langerová, the other characters also have their stories there, often related to the past, which develop and unfold slowly and gradually over the course of the series, which keeps the audience in pleasant tension.

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Is there anything about babysitter Karla that bothers you personally?
I haven’t found anything like that yet, because like I said Karel isn’t extreme or overly radical in anything, so there’s nothing I haven’t been able to m ‘identify. However, the original version of the series already has ten series in Germany, so what do I know, what will the writers say to Karel in the future and what will change in his behavior? On the one hand, it may seem like a pitfall to work on the series, but to be honest, it amuses me, motivates me and excites me enough, because this way of working allows me to wait for unknown elements that just come to be revealed. .

So you didn’t mind working with corpses, shooting criminals and arresting them? Did you receive a briefing from the police about this?
Fortunately, that’s how it is. But of course we had a few hours of lessons before the shooting, where the professionals explained to us how to handle the weapon, how to move while holding it, how to put on the handcuffs, which was quite an interesting experience. For example, when the police use classic claws on the offender, it naturally hurts him, but when you play with a colleague, you don’t want to hurt him, and you come into conflict with how to represent everything in a way realistic, but without hurting the actor. Also, when a similar scene occurs, we usually have real criminal investigators present to advise us on how to proceed.

Do these professionals, facing the worst thing a person can do, affect you as brutal, life-beaten cynics?
Absolutely not. On the contrary, I perceive those I meet while filming as very balanced personalities. They are able to work well with the emotions they experience daily in their work, which in this case means they meet crime to the bone. I can talk to them not only about their profession, but literally about everything. For example, we recently talked about horoscopes. (to laugh)

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However, when shooting a realistic scene with dead bodies, you as an actress have to clear your head. Already have a template?Personally, I understood it well: my shooting day is going to end, I’m going to change into civilian clothes, go home to my family and push them away completely. The fact that we shoot at a breakneck pace and we all have to learn a lot of text also helps me, so we have no choice but to take it completely professionally, with foresight and distance. I have to say that I’ve never done such intense work in front of a camera and such a large and important role, but on the other hand, we’ve been working on the show for a while, so when I come to shoot and come in my caravan, I wear Karla’s costume and I also slip into this silhouette. I already automatically have her posture, her way of expressing herself and every day I learn about Karla, but also about new and new things about myself.

I was kinda hoping you’d tell me that an escape from the corpses for you is the Herbarium show, which you’ve been hosting and co-creating since 2013…
I also greatly appreciate the work on the herbarium, and I fill it, especially with its content. It represents what I really live and what I would like to transmit, what I would like to inspire others. Nature, with her natural walks, offers us an incredible amount, and in return she only wants us to treat her as sincerely as she treats us. What I really agree with, Kateřina Winterová. It’s not a role, I’m here for myself – and that’s why I’m happy that this project, which I canceled with my team (this year we’ll see the tenth series – editor’s note), not only gives me, but also the audience at least a moment of peace, of suspension, of joy, of positive feeling, and which motivates people to do something different.

Do you follow the advice of the Herbarium in your own life?
(Laughs) I literally grew almost everything I talk about and describe in my books in my own garden on our farm. I research all the possible varieties there, I find out what is good and what is not – it is a personal experience, which I then share with the public. Nature inspires us all.

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We talked about the fact that Karla sometimes “questions” her daughter. Do you also have a similar Herbarium “handicap”?
For example, I realize that over the years I have been somewhat spoiled with what I know about preparing meals from quality ingredients, so sometimes it is quite difficult for me to abstain to comment when I see some people cooking and what they eat. But that’s because, of course, I realize how little it takes to improve the quality of your diet, and therefore your quality of life.

Does your family accept this approach to healthy eating?
We don’t care about it at all. We don’t say, “Let’s eat healthy now!” My children (13 and 16) plant, water, cultivate, and then pick the food we eat on the farm themselves. When we have a farm, all hands are good, and the children work with us normally as much as possible, keeping them in constant contact with nature and the reality of life. I consider it a great gift that we live on a family farm and can pass on our experience to our children without violence. They can touch the ground. I too experienced it in my youth and it is still my strongest memory. And I also want to give them to our children.

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