Cruel Gottwald and the peculiarity of Shadows in the Fog. Jiří Vyorálek knows charismatic roles

Your partner Magda Mala is played by Petra Špalková. Is it difficult to work with someone in pairs, playing with partners? Or are you used to theater?
We are used to playing. And with Petra it was very fast and pleasant. We both have Moravian roots. She is a very sensitive and intelligent actress who processes everything and brings it back.

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Petra Špalková speaks a Moravian accent in the series. Among other things, some viewers explained why Ostrava actors did not star in the series.
He speaks very softly and decently. At the same time, I should talk to him, Černý came to Ostrava from Brno. But the authors wanted it that way. Even so, the Brno language sometimes flourished in my dialogues so that I did not, I spent twenty-five years in Brno and I still have it in me. And on the casting side, the authors and especially the productions always want better known names in the main roles to attract viewers. At the same time, there are a lot of great actors in Ostrava and incomparably better than me, but I was approached. It’s not fair, but the media world works that way.

You have experienced something like this before. You performed in the theater in Brno for so many years, but the audience recorded you only in commercials for a mobile operator.
Another rule of the media world: you have to be seen, viewers have to get used to it – and then you are supposedly brilliant.

Because of Black’s role, you worked on the physics and changed the look a lot. Will you stay with her?
Yes, I put a coarser image. By the time the First Republic turned I dropped my foot, I had already had my teeth full over the years. I practiced before, it was necessary due to back problems. And during the filming, in twelve-hour shifts, I wouldn’t have time to train. The physicist is also suitable for the theater. Contrary to rumors about the lifestyle of the actors, the reality is different, you have to work on yourself to endure the team.

Your son is played here by Tomáš Mrvík, with whom you have already made a film about the hockey scene in Smečka.
Yes, but we didn’t play father and son, I was the father of the main character, whom Tomáš harasses. And when I saw that he was on the menu to launch the Shadows in the Mist, I talked a little about him, it seemed to me that he would be quite suitable for the role of the sympathetic brig. And I was happy that director Radim Špaček finally decided for him. Tomas does not act professionally, he has a civic profession, but he is an acting talent.

In recent years, you have had the chance to play big roles: in the series First Republic, Cop and Now Shadows in the Mist.
I would say the series started with the role of Klement Gottwald in the Czech Century cycle, which was the first dig. Then I got an offer for the First Republic.

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Jaroslav of the First Republic was a bit moody and yearned for the love that had eluded him all his life. Poldy’s Frost is humorously sly……And he yearns for true love too, but the pathologist no one wants to love… (laughs)

And Martin Černý is a bit of a mystery, unguided shooter. Which of them are you closest to in nature?
I’m not a businessman like Valenta, nor do I have a medical degree, so I’m probably closer to a detective. I think we have a similar take on some things and I also have a bit of sarcasm and irony in me. I like being able to play a variety of roles, and an action cop that makes me want to get a little wet is a nice challenge for me as an aging guy. I want to try as many such changes as possible. Some people like a drawer, but I would die of boredom. When people think of my name every time, I just think.

When people react to you on the street, what role do they most often remember?
The guys in the pub want to invite a doctor to Dr. Mráz. They probably feel sorry for him, so they want to treat him a little. Which is nice of them.

You left Brno for Prague in 2013. Why that year?
I have been collaborating for some time with the Reduta Theater team, which won the audition for the Na Zábradlí Theater. And I got an offer for the First Republic. I took it as a sign to move to Prague. It was so striking that only a moron wouldn’t understand. Moreover, in Brnéčko, I already did what I had to do and what I could do. So it’s time to change.

We will also see you in the film Alternance. In what role?
Alternate is a comedy about divorced families and how they reunite again and again and take care of all the children. Which brings a variety of happy situations. I play a practical dad, a handyman who can fix and fix anything.

Are you a similar practical person? A handyman?
I’m probably pragmatic, but I leave the organization of things to my wife, because she’s perfect at it. And I tried to be a handyman, I have a lot of tools at home and I know I enjoyed it, but DIY takes time that I don’t have. So in the end, I prefer to invite an expert.

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And you prefer to play guitar with your band during the time you earn?
That’s for sure. We have the Dr. It Gout group. The doctor is our dentist Martin Starý and the second word is an abbreviation of the names Vyorálek, Karafiát and Pěnička. The boys performed with the Garáž band. So now we play together in a friendly way from time to time.

Do you ever think that everything could have happened a few years ago? Serial offers, but perhaps family ones?
I think you shouldn’t receive anything from life for free, what you can take away, and then enjoy it more. Well, good luck counts too. And I got it and I don’t regret it, not right away. I don’t blame myself for having more to make him come sooner. It may have occurred to me many times that I should catch up now, but that would be bullshit. Everything came at the right time. And the family? I would like to have more energy for the children, yes. But maybe I appreciate families a lot more now. I wonder if I will sacrifice my work time or if I prefer to be with the children. As a young man, I wouldn’t think that way.

Today you are performing a performance of Hamlet About the Pitfalls of Acting at the Na Zábradlí Theater in Prague. About how a person absorbs a number of characters and what he does with them. Are these questions that you have already asked yourself?
Definitely and we asked them mostly during production rehearsals. We make fun of our profession. But it talks honestly and sincerely about actors and what the profession does to people, how they can grind them down.

In your opinion, what are the specificities of the actors?
To be polite to my colleagues… I prefer not to answer… (laughs)

What makes you a typical actor?
Probably in the constant doubt, in the search for new and unpublished paths and in the questioning of the conquered destinations, which could become stone monuments if we did not go further.

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The rest of the paintings will be added to the Polda series. So you have to edit the image again.
We should be shooting in February now. And we are going to the mountains, because our group had the opportunity from the police to spend a week in the mountains. So we plan to go skiing and leisure, but because there is a corpse in the place of residence, we will end up working. I am particularly looking forward to this shoot. The face change will be minimal, I just shave smoothly, put on my glasses and dress in other rags. I have to say that the short and effortless haircut that I wear now looks great on me. And I was a bitch and I had hair halfway down my back. But those times are long gone, I’ve aged and I’m more comfortable.

In what situations does comfort manifest itself?
As I try to find as much time as possible for the children, I limit everything else. What I don’t have to do, I don’t do.

Do you plan how you will teach your son to play hockey which you have already played, how you will teach him to ski?
The son is almost five years old and the daughters will be two years old. They are already playing well together and they are starting to have fun. I have always been to the mountains in the winter and to the water in the summer, I would like to take them there. We are going to the mountains now, but someone else has to teach his son to ski, I have my own style. (to laugh)

How do family and children change you?
I hope they will change me for the better. I was a stubborn punk. Until I see my son for the first time. Maybe after thirty years, I began to cry with happiness. But I’ve been crying ever since.

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