Come with us to visit the Karviná Modellers’ Club to admire the Karvina trains News

The Karviná Model Makers Club started operating six years ago and has grown successfully during its existence.

Rostislav Roubic, manager of the Karviná Modelers’ Club: “Together we form another track, here are our adult members of the circle. It’s already in digital form.”

Jaromír Sikora, co-founder of the Karviná Modelers’ Club: “Each locomotive contains a small decoder, a heart where we send the commands of these drivers. In this way we control everything, the locomotive has in mind the basic functions, forward-backward, various lighting, engine noises, starting “Four locomotives on one track, each one can do something different, which was not possible with analog technology. Everything happened the same there.”

David Hajek, member of the Karvina Modelers Club: “I drive a train called Berta. It went to Karviná and shines light number two.”

Jaromír Sikora, co-founder of the Karviná Modelers’ Club: “We make precise models, when you see Ropica in this length, it’s a real station reduced to 1:120. Everything you see here, including the leveling, the hill, the house, we try to make it believable because we’re building the 3rd and 4th epochs and we’re building something that no one will ever see again. We’re trying to pull the whip out of nowhere to make it work without much cost because costs do a lot. We argue with that , because today is such a time that the subsidies are not very much.”

The main advantage of the circle is that children learn to work with a variety of tools and learn crafts.

Rostislav Roubic, head of the model makers club in Karviná“Some come to see us and hold scissors for the first time in their lives. Holding a screwdriver, for the first time in your life, taking up soldering, soldering electronic things, an introduction to this electrical genius. But it is true that these children usually separate on their own. Some are skilled in crafts, they will craft trees, build houses and general crafts, and others will deal with electronics and machinery. Everyone will find their own. In the future, I would like us to do such workshops in the circle, not only for railways, but also for such general competence. We would like to start something like this in the future. »

Children try their hand at modeling and first attempts in the kids club, no matter if something does not happen by accident.

Rostislav Roubic, manager of the Karviná Modelers’ Club: “This track is more of an educational medium, where you try to solder electrical circuits, make grass, model the landscape, there is no imagination, but the railway also has standards and regulations, so we try to give the kids the opportunity to know why the track is being built in the level that is not called a bend, but an arc and things like that.”

Jakub Frömmel has been in the circle for five years. He was just trying to get a fake dump truck out of the kit.

Jakub Frömmel, member of the Karviná Modeler Club“I love being among my own people, they’re all the same railway freaks as I am, and I’ve learned a lot of good things here too.”

Another railroad enthusiast, Patrik Szafarzyk, tried out a train safety simulator.

Patrick Szafarzyk, member of the Karviná Modeler Club: “It simulates the real safety technology used, you can learn how the path construction works in real life. There are also stations, like in real life, like the Jablunkov-Karviná line, which is remote controlled from Přerov. »

Patrik Szafarzyk has been in the ring for six years. Despite his young age, he worked part-time in the railway administration as a switch supervisor in Bohumín.

Patrick Szafarzyk, member of the Karviná Modeler Club: “After school, I plan to stay on the track, do a storyteller and be a track dispatcher, which is the highest job there is.”

Most of these boys would already be able to drive a locomotive, explains Rostislav Roubic.

Rostislav Roubic, head of the model makers club in Karviná: “We have taken a few trips to try it, they will tell you more about the locomotive than I do, and I think few of them will be off the railroad, the children really go on the railroad from us .”

At the moment, the Modelers’ Club is limited by space, but plans to expand its facilities in the future.

Rostislav Roubic, head of the model makers club in Karviná“The railway administration promised us that it would be possible to expand the premises in the future after the reconstruction, so we hope that you will be able to welcome new members. We currently have ten children in a children’s circle and 11 adults. We need very large spaces, already because of the exhibition possibilities. We would like to show our works to the public in Karviná one day and we would like to use the main vestibule of the Karviná station, the ground floor. The railway administration has spoken positively, I hope that some cooperation will develop. »

Adult members also organize and participate in exhibitions in an international spirit, young model makers draw their inspiration from it.

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