Bloody knee, Honzo, get up, sugar, coffee… Do you still remember the rules of those games? Teach them to your children –

Five hens, the third hour has struck, the lamp still on… Does that mean anything to you? Not your guardians either. At the same time, some of these games must have been played over and over again with friends in childhood. Luckily, a piece of rubber, chalk, a ball, or flat rocks sufficed. Deliberately – do you remember a game?

What do you think of when you say bloody knee? Or sugar, coffee, lemonade… I’m sure you remember those games from your childhood (if you grew up in the 80s, then that’s for sure), because they were an inseparable part of everyone groups of children. All that was needed was a pitch or a garden and the entertainment for the whole afternoon was taken care of. Try introducing them to your offspring, it’s a great trick for outdoor fun in the garden or while walking in a meadow somewhere near the forest. The rules are simple and you don’t need any special tools.

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Sugar, coffee, lemonade

It was a very popular game with simple rules. Maybe your kids are still playing it, ask them on purpose. And how did she play? Space was particularly important here. One of the players turned his back to the others and shouted from a distance: “Sugar, coffee, lemonade, tea, rum, boom.” Meanwhile, the other children were running towards him. When he shouted the word “boom”, he quickly turned around and looked at his teammates. They had to stiffen up and not move. Whoever moved had to go back to the beginning. The truth is that personal sympathies have often been favored in this game.

Jump rubber

Rubber will be known primarily to Husák’s children, but she hasn’t shunned the younger ones either. The principle was simple – it was enough to take a stronger piece of rubber, for example from sweatpants, and attach it. The two faced each other, stretched the rubber around their legs, and the third was instructed to jump the lineout. It started with rubber at the ankles, gradually the rubber went higher and higher, until it ended at the waist, for example. The best dared to jump at the level of the ribs. It was good gymnastics.

Honza, get up

Five hens, three elephants, eight ants. Do you remember this game? It was played in such a way that one of the players stood facing the others, turned his back and gradually shouted, saying: “Honza, get up!” The player in front of him asked, “What time is it?” “So he had to show the stork walking and take four steps towards him. The command “five frogs” again meant performing five honest squats. Whoever gets to the developer first wins. Do you already know why there weren’t so many overweight school children in our younger years? It’s easy, we were always on the move. And we enjoyed it all day.

Jump shot

Another popular jumping game. All you had to do was look for flat ground in front of the school, draw a plan with numbered boxes in chalk, find a throwing stone and you could start jumping. And what were the rules? Throw a pebble on the first square, jump it and jump over the other squares on one leg. Where the doll had its hands, that is, two squares next to each other, it jumped up – with both feet at the same time. The same in his head, but with a turn and he jumped back. The box with the stone was jumped and the stone was picked up. Whoever made a mistake, i.e. jumped on the line or on the stone field, had to drop another one. And so on.

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Throw flip flops

Favorite entertainment mainly for boys and their daddies. And what was it? To make flip-flops, you first had to collect a lot of flats, that is, flat stones. Then all you had to do was go to the pond or river and throw the stones at right angles into the water so that they repeatedly bounce off the surface and jump like flip flops. Those jumps counted then. You could usually count them on the fingers of one hand. The biggest bastards passed number five. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, American Kurt Steiner, who threw 88, holds the world record.


Do you remember, dear mothers? While flip-flops were a popular game for boys, kindergarten was mostly for girls. We spent a long time throwing the ball against the wall of the house. Between throwing and catching the ball, various tasks had to be performed. It started with the ball falling to the ground, a turn was made and the ball was caught again. Gradually, the tasks became more difficult. It was thrown under the left and right foot, or there was clapping between the body and behind the body. Great practice for future basketball or volleyball players. However, the kindergarten was also played with a jump rope.

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bloody knee

A bit of a weird game with a scary name, but it was basically a classic hunting game. She was just telling a scary story. One of the kids was Bloody Knee, and another friend agreed what time he would start catching the other kids. Then the children started walking around, counting the time, saying, “The first hour struck, the lamp was still on, the second hour struck, the lamp was still on.” with a new Bloody Knee. Admit it: have you played Bloody Knee?

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