We don’t know if we will survive here! Cancer children are stuck in the middle of a fight. – eXtra.cz

In the oncology ward of Chernihiv Children’s Hospital in Ukraine, children’s patients are battling cancer, their town is surrounded by Russian forces and they are now short of painkillers and food. The Guardian drew attention to their situation.

“We don’t know how long we have,Serhiy Zosimenko, a charity that supports 11 patients at a children’s hospital in the Ukrainian town of Chernihiv, their doctors and parents, told the Guardian.We don’t know how to survive here, it’s unbelievable. We have no other resources. “

Hospitals in Poland and Slovakia have agreed to continue treatment and waived all fees, but so far the children – aged 2 to 15 – cannot travel there as the city is virtually under siege . The only way out would be a helicopter. “The problem is that we cannot evacuate the children from the ground, we can only evacuate them by the air“, Zosimenko said. “All the roads leading to our city are mined.“In the meantime, more than half a million people have fled Ukraine.

Similar cases exist in hospitals across Ukraine. The photos went around the world little children crammed into cradles in dark cellarshiding from the bombardment.

The Russians bombed kindergartens and markets

Chernihiv is about 144 kilometers northeast of kyiv on the road to the Belarusian border. A few days ago, it was surrounded by Russian forces shelling civilian areas, including homes, a nursery and a market. All round trips were lined with explosives to defend the city, regional administration head Vyacheslav Chaus said in a Facebook post.

The grenade landed 200 meters from the hospital

A Russian rocket landed right in front of cancer patients. “Two days ago a grenade hit an area 200 meters from our hospital – it was a gradual rocket,” said Zosimenko. He spent the day gathering building materials to upgrade the air-raid shelter in the basement and supply it with medicine from pharmacies and food. Pharmacies and other businesses contribute free of charge to the needs of the hospital. But some things are already missing, including painkillers.

“When people have cancer they need a lot of painkillers and we have a problem with morphine and other drugs.” said Zosimenko. “For example, the oncology hospital only has eight vials of morphine or other painkillers. Everyone is tired, especially the medical staff, last week didn’t sleep normally, only two or three hours,” Zosimenko said.

Doctors and nurses are under a lot of pressure as some employees stay home with their families, which others understand. For those who stayed, even for the patients they try improve the conditions in the basement, put plaster on the walls, provide adequate flooring, lighting and beds.

The whole town comes together and helps

Zosimenko was moved the incredible spirit of the local community in times of intense pressure. Every time he went to get supplies, in building supply stores, pharmacies or supermarkets, everything was free. “Take everything, take care only of the children”, say the traders. “I know I live in the most amazing country in the world – 40 million people who care about people they don’t know,” he said.

They will defend children’s lives with guns in hand

“If Russia can take control of our country, there will be only one way. That they will decide to kill 40 million people because the country has 40 million people ready to protect it,” he added.

He brought his own rifle to the hospital and, together with some of the children’s fathers, set up an informal protection unit. “We are here with our own weapons, some of the fathers of these children also brought something to protect them,“he said. “We are ready to give our own life, but we don’t want to give our life. If I don’t die here in the next two weeks, it will be a miracle,” concludes Zosimenko.

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