Refugees also take care of refugees at the outpatient clinic in Ústí nad Labem

Illustration photo: UNHCR

Dozens of women, a man and several children went to the special outpatient clinic for refugees from Ukraine at the hospital in Ústí nad Labem. They are also cared for by Ukrainian or Russian-speaking nurses and doctors.

“Yes, it’s true, Ukrainian doctors and nurses work there. But not only them”, confirm for Jana Mrákotová, spokesperson for the Regional Health Society, which includes Masaryk Hospital in Ústí nad Labem, which operates a special outpatient clinic.

It is the viral infection, the intestinal problems, but also the arterial hypertension, which bother the refugees who enter the waiting room in groups. There he first fills out the necessary paperwork. So far, they have all had a tolerance visa, which is required to pay for the healthcare provided. And Ukrainian patients praise the care provided at Ústí nad Labem hospital.

“It’s great here, everyone is very nice to us, they help” says Julia, who came with another woman and children a week ago from Kharkov to Prague and then to Ústí nad Labem.

“As soon as the shelling started and a bomb fell on our house, we picked up the children and ran away.” he adds that their men remained in Ukraine.

Refugees won’t break our healthcare system, says Tom Philipp

“It’s very, very bad there” note, with tears in his eyes, the memory of one of the newcomers.

Doctors and nurses at the Ústí nad Labem outpatient clinic continue to take care of gynecological problems, viruses and vaccinations for children. Due to missing documents, newcomers undergo various examinations. Doctors from the special outpatient clinic have already sent a pregnant woman to the maternity ward.

Ukrainians living permanently in the Czech Republic also immediately participated

A larger influx of paramedics is expected in the coming weeks. Patients who need it undergo special examinations.

“People lack documents, so the CT must be redone here”, says doctor Maksym Falion, originally from Ukraine.

He himself came to the Czech Republic from Ukraine with his wife, who is also a doctor, in 2009. Before that, he studied Czech for two years and passed differential exams.

I won a hundred euros in Ukraine, says the doctor

“As soon as the war started, we wanted to do something, we first contacted the director of the Regional Health Service and then the management turned to us,” says the urologist, who now solves problems with patients that usually come down to a general practitioner.

He is accompanied by other Ukrainian, Russian and Belarusian doctors. Nurse Hana Havlíčková, also from Ukraine, who has lived in the Czech Republic for 23 years, says the war is an extreme burden on the psyche. People often come scared.

“They will be immediately relieved to speak Ukrainian or Russian. They often immediately ask how much they will pay for care. They are grateful for every word of consolation.” says and adds: “Here, people take care of the body, but also of the soul thanks to the sensitive staff.”

Accredited institutions can accommodate Ukrainian doctors

According to her, vaccinations, which are necessary before entering kindergarten, are most often solved for children.

“If my mother doesn’t have time to take the vaccination card, they call the men at home, they will take pictures of the necessary documents with their mobile phones, we will translate them here and put them up”, said Havlíčková, according to whom women often need psychological support.

“They are really grateful for such a caress, the auditions, of course we also help them materially if they turn to us”, says the nurse, who has six refugees with her.

“We are a good team” adds Falion.

Nobody knows what awaits the refugees at home

The situation in the Ústí ambulance is also assessed by Nadija Srebnová, who moved from Ukraine to the Czech Republic with her daughter a year ago.

“Whoever wanted to leave Ukraine came earlier, most refugees want to go home, but if they have somewhere,” he says.

The fact that most refugees dream of returning to Ukraine in economic server podcast confirmed the President of the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Gennadyi Chyzhykov. This is due to the fact that it is mainly women and children who have left Ukraine. And you won’t want to leave your family and friends.

“I am absolutely certain that most of our refugees will return home. After all, we see that the refugee life, a homeless life, is not a good life. But those who are fleeing now are trying to protect their lives from war. I am sure that most of them will return home to rebuild Ukraine.” noted.

Ukrainians will return home, says head of Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce

On the other hand, according to experts, statistics show that in times of war, 60-70% of refugees remain in the countries to which they have migrated. This was underlined during the meeting of the House Health Committee this week by Deputy Health Minister Jakub Dvořáček, who has also worked in the past for the humanitarian organization People in Need.

Committee: Refugee health tourism is growing in the Czech Republic and elsewhere

At the same time, he estimated that the number of Ukrainian refugees in the Czech Republic will rise to 500,000 in the coming days. And he does not exclude that their number doubles. This means that despite the opening of low-threshold clinics specially opened for Ukrainian refugees in university hospitals [UA Pointy] it will be necessary to increase the capacity of primary care facilities. Especially those aimed at children and teenagers. Currently, it is their establishment in regional hospitals, although the Ministry of Health does not order their opening. In this regard, the ambulance from Ústí nad Labem is an exception.


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