“Putin can still explode.” We were at Semaphore for a show for Ukrainian children

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Children always suffer the most in wars, which breaks my heart. I’m a father of two boys, so I’m trying to understand my parents’ feelings in Ukraine. This was told to us by theater actor Semaphore Felix Slováček Jr., who co-organized the show for Ukrainian children. There was a lot of singing, a mealy-faced mime played and probably most of the children were disturbed by the ventriloquist Zdeněk Polach with a puppet Matýsk, who spoke Russian.

Photo: Jan Rychetsky
The description: Dáda Patrasová with the President of the Association for Science and Research Jiří Michalička, his son and his grandchildren

“I’m afraid that people don’t even realize how serious the situation is and that Putin could still burst out somewhere,” said the main organizer of the Help for People from Ukraine project, which included a children’s performance in the theater Semafor, and President of the Science and Research Association. The event brought together Czech and Ukrainian children with their mothers and it was fun.

Band of songs and gags

Yesterday’s performance was actually a bunch of famous songs, including Babeta the Fire, and various gags. Actress Anna Julie Slováčková and actor Felix Slováček Jr. sang a lot, that is, the daughter and son of the famous clarinetist and saxophonist Felix Slováček and actress Dagmar Patrasová.

“War is terrible. Whatever the problems, they should not be solved militarily. Russia has hissed it and should stop. Children always suffer the most in wars, which breaks my heart. I am a father of two boys, so I’m trying to understand my parents’ feelings in Ukraine,” Slováček junior told ParlamentnímListům.cz, adding, “My opinion about Russia hasn’t changed. I have a lot of friends among “I’m not going to put all Russians in the same bag, but I don’t like violence.”

It was he who organized the aforementioned theatrical performance, trying to help, but this is just a drop in the ocean. Meanwhile, mime Martin Sochor appeared on stage, tortured his face and acted out a whole range of different feelings – fear, anger, joy, etc. Before the end, ventriloquist Zdeněk Polach, who worked as a soloist at the prestigious Moulin Rouge in Paris in the 1980s, also performed. The children’s audience asked for Matysk’s baby puppet and they both apologized for speaking Russian, which the Ukrainian audience probably doesn’t appreciate very much, but they just can’t do it in Ukrainian. And they started a great show.

Encourage Ukrainian children

“Today’s event took place because we wanted to support Ukrainian children in combat zones. Unfortunately, the scars on the soul that these children have are often forgotten. I have two classmates from Syria and I saw their children suffer during the fighting there. It just shouldn’t happen. It was always done by the powerful gathering in a meadow, fighting there, and the subjects learning the result. We should back to that. Let the mocipes take care of each other and don’t involve ordinary people. Life is so hard for many and the war makes it complete hell,” Michalička said, adding that the reason for the performance was to cheer up the kids.

The Association for Science and Research, which she chairs, also wants to pressure the government to start housing construction in the Czech Republic, because if Ukrainians are to stay here longer, it will be necessary. “Even for poor Czechs who don’t have access to commercial housing,” he added, adding that in Russia there was still only a ley line and people weren’t never considered.Czechoslovakia was just another federal republic with extensive autonomy under the USSR. . . , and when he started wanting to go his own way, tanks came here.

Kyiv actress

Actress Katarina Manko from kyiv, who arrived in Prague on March 18, also took part in a children’s theater performance. She came here with her aunt and relatives. “Currently, the situation in Ukraine has stabilized to some extent, but this is only for a while. I expect this to change in the future, as Russia is ready to continue the invasion. It’s sad, but unfortunately that’s the way it is. We don’t know what’s going on in Putin’s brain, but so far it seems to me that he doesn’t know what to expect from the war, because the Ukrainians are defending themselves very heroically. Putin cannot occupy Ukraine because the survivors will always defend themselves,” she said.

At the end, all the performers, led by Dada Patrasová, took the stage and sang his song We Like It in the World. Among other things, she sings to him: “We love this world and it would be a sin to destroy it all. The greatest sin of all adults.”

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author: Jan Rychetsky

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