Pressure cooker, Elektrick Mann, Vojtaano – Always launched by the drunkest

The Prague team Cocotte Minute and the formation of Valmez Elektrick Mann join forces and decide to cross the Czech Republic under the name of “Vip iče Tour”. Also, they called vocalist Vojtaan at some stops. The gentlemen told us a few words about the planned tour. Of course with humor for them.

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You are planning a joint tour called “VIP Tour”. Why this name? Which of you attacked?
Vojtaano: Who attacked Valmez’s cat. Mukas: It’s my fault again. It wasn’t a targeted promotional slogan, but we had a spinning song with that name and it suited us perfectly for this tour. Martin Zeller (Zeller): Dear children, you have just seen Vojtaan’s death smash live. (smile)

How will the band and singer from Prague connect with Valmez’s band? Who initiated the connection?
Vojtaano: I think Zeller had the idea to start me on their tour. Glory to him.
Zeller: You say it well, but I won’t lend you anyway!

Do you plan any common musical surprises for the fans during the concerts?
Vojtaano: Absolutely! Mukas: There are always surprises, the main one will of course be a show of all the artists, which will undoubtedly be a mega-experience. It will be therapy. You will find that life is beautiful. The surprise in the form of a pilot song will also be rewarding. There will also be limited merchandise for a few lunatics. The electric gentleman will definitely surprise you with overwhelming performance and amazing experience, you can expect that. Zeller: Expect intellectual well-being, high culture, and a heap of snow behind the scenes. So own sleds with you!


Songwriter, comedian and actor Vojtěch Záveský alias Vojtaano has two records so far. First double album “The Beast Of Vojtaano”, on which appeared his probably most famous hit “Budulínek vs. Galantní Jelen” or a jingle to the hit of the series and soon also his movie sequel “Vyšehrad”. More than a year ago, he continued his first work with the more advanced but still provocative number “2020”. The last time he rose to prominence was in January this year with the single “Where I have you” and the anthem of his hometown Litoměřice football team “Liťák”. He has already tried the role of the precursor of the Prague Cocotte Minute – in 2019 he toured with them on the anniversary of their debut album “Czeko”.

The connection between Vojtaano and Pressure Cooker has already worked once. Can we look forward to seeing “Budulínka” with Martin Zeller again?
Vojtaano: There is no more accurate stag than Zeller. Of course we will. Zeller: You’re dead!

What is your earliest memory of your current touring colleagues? When did you first record them?
Vojtaano: I recorded Cocotty on a skate CD, maybe in my 90s. I discovered the old people much later, but in the 1990s their music also threw me off. Mukas: We have toured with Cocotam in the past and it worked. So why not now again. The link between the Electric Lord, the Cocottes and Vojtaan is clear to me. It will captivate you from start to finish. You will not rest for a moment. When you wake up the next day, you won’t believe what you went through yesterday. Not even twenty fathers will cleanse you of so many sins. Zeller: I had the honor of doing one of the first EM interviews for Czech television. And it was huge, so I know those guys have been making history ever since. And Vojta and I married a booker. So he gave us a bunch of weed so I could take him on a trip. We have therefore adopted it as big brother nigga and they took him on tour.

Is there a song you like about each other?
Vojtaano: I eat “Kopem” and “Vlčí hrad”. Makes me feel good from Elektricky “It makes me feel good for my people”. Mukas: I like the song “PKZ”. It is meant honestly. Such a love song. Zeller: I like both.

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Have you been to a concert in recent years?
Vojtaano: Just on tour. Otherwise I’m not going anywhere. Mukas: Yeah, but I’m going on the sly so they don’t know me. I map their performances so that I can prepare a better set. Maybe I’m watching what kind of girls backstage they’re packing and what kind of treats they’re planning. So I can push prostitutes and cut coke on their rounds. Zeller: When we meet at a festival somewhere, I’d love it.

I remember that in the show Orange, presented by Martin Zeller, they broadcast a clip of Elektrick Mann on the absolutely unique song “Mama” from the album “Kokar pičkan”. Did you know then? Who chose the clips for the show back then?
Zeller: I brazenly claim to be the first person in the history of this planet to broadcast an EM video on Czech television. And I’m proud of it !


The band Valmez Elektrick Mann has been around since 1994 and combines punk, hardcore, rap and rock in their work. On November 21, 2015, the singer and then leader of Ice-B died, having become famous, among other things, for his own satirical show “Ice-B is God”. With him they released one of their most successful records “Kokar pičkan” from 2006. The last time they made a name for themselves in 2021 was “Everything I like is forbidden”.

You are quite a colorful trio. Aren’t you afraid of being accepted by others?
Vojtaano: I think we trust each other in the qualities and tolerance of our fans. I am not afraid. Mukas: It will work. It’s better than three Chinaski, the river would be boring. In fact, it would be boring anyway. So you can look forward to the sequel. Just such a wheel of fortune. It will certainly be better than listening to the same choppers all the time. Zeller: I think we all do the same thing, it just sounds different. So I’m not afraid of any Vojta or EM fans. If I stab them with the katana our Czendal carries!

Have you already agreed on who will start and who will end the concerts?
Vojtaano: With this acoustic guitar, I’ll probably have to start it up and then when the mess and bigger harm comes. Mukas: It’s clear. It always starts with whoever is the most drunk. He has to play first, otherwise he wouldn’t play anything. Groups should be strong and understanding. Going out of Moravia usually has consequences, so it’s best to play first. But we can bomb even within the neighborhood. It happened to us in our hometown. But that was because they let us play at noon in the evening and that was half the band dead. We usually coordinate it along the way, call it how we are and how long we will last. Zeller: You have heard the word of God. Uh, that of Mukas.

pressure cooker
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How long will the individual sets be?
Vojtaano: Right. Zeller: So that everyone benefits and at the same time it doesn’t hurt others.

Are you planning any special merchandising?
Mukas: Yeah, merchandising will. Both special for this event and the classic that we have for sale at each concert. In addition, always enriched with new parts. Zeller: I’ll look in the basement for what the Chinese kids found for us and we’ll bring something. Speaking of another great group in Harfa, where they have North Korean seamstresses stitched up in the basement. No, I do my ass. We take it from East Timor. (to laugh)

pressure cooker

Cocotte Minute is one of the main groups of metal rock since the beginning of its presence on the national scene. Under the leadership of leader Martin Zeller, whose characteristic voice has become the hallmark of the formation, they released their first success “Czeko” in 2004, on the occasion of their 15th anniversary of touring in 2019. They chained the debut with the album “Against Each Other” and in 2009 and 2010 with the double album “Sado Disco”. After a five-year hiatus when the band went into hibernation, in 2015 they came up with the breakthrough comeback number “Ritual, Tribe and Heart and Tribe!”. The Cocotte Minute was recorded live in front of the public and released in CD and DVD form. The work was created with the generous help of fans via the server. The last act so far has been the “Lead Me” EP. Last year they also experienced acoustic performance for the first time.

Cocotte Minute has made acoustic tours. What do you think of him ? Will you play any song acoustically on the upcoming channel?
Zeller: I don’t think we should throw Vojtaan in front of his set with our acoustic genius. And in addition, we had the acoustics for the surgeon, and there we missed a few installments, so they took them back from us.

You released a clip of the tallest building in the Czech Republic, to the old song “Další ráno”. How did the idea come about and why did the choice fall on this song from the age-old album “Proti sebe”?
Zeller: We already released “Touch”. And it was such an idea to make our fans from Brno and Moravia happy.

Is anyone planning a new disc?
Vojtaano: Yes. It could be ready in a year…or not. Mukas: It’s not out of the question. Rather singles and demos. If we could still record the whole disc, that would be amazing. We’ll try, but it’s really in the stars. Zeller: No. So far we will only go as singles. We don’t have the time or the resources to make the album to be satisfied with it ourselves.

Is there anything you would like to tell our readers at the end? Do you want to invite them on tour?
Mukas: I tell everyone the message of all local musicians, artists, animators and other artists. Come have fun, because we’ve been living this life ever since. You won’t come across a roast on the couch at home. Vojtaano: Come on, we’ll take care of you! Zeller: It’s the royal tour trio, and whoever fucks it will cry to death!

Concert dates:

8.4. Brno / Melodka + special guest Vojtaano
9.4. Příbram / Junior Club + special guest Vojtaano
22.4. České Budějovice / MC Factory
23.4. Jihlava / Club D
29.4. Teplice / Knak + special guest Vojtaano
30.4. Pardubice / Yellow Dog + special guest Vojtaano
6.5. Nový Jičín / Music Club Drago
7.5. Havířov / Stolárna
13.5. Jablonec n. N. / Na Rampě + special guest Vojtaano
14.5. Prague / Rock Cafe

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