Our price increase is incomparable with the suffering of Ukrainians who fall on their heads from bombs and die children, says actress Kristýna Frejová

“Lord, what did we think? That they plow there and come in a carriage? They are normal Europeans. They are hard working people and so they even come in good cars. But that doesn’t mean they don’t need help.”

Rising prices are not an argument to stop helping people on the run. Bombs fall on their heads and children die.

Kristina Frejova

“So again, I would like to appeal to those disgusting populists: ‘Please, there’s a war out there. We can’t imagine what it’s like because we haven’t experienced it. ‘, urges actress Frejová.

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And he continues: “And the same war is taking place there as in Syria, from where we have not received a single sad orphan. Now, and thanks to the fact that the Ukrainians are closer to us – historically and “miles away” – the god at least gives them this help.”

He is well aware that in connection with the war and the global crisis, everything becomes more expensive, and the fuels that are probably the most talked about are and will be expensive.

“But that’s no argument for us to stop helping people who are fleeing because bombs are falling on their heads. People whose children are dying because the Russians are bombing maternity wards. After all, it’s not at all comparable to the problems we have,” he adds.

Humanitarian aid for children

The actress also tries to help war refugees. “I have done little.” As Jan Palach said, you have to fight evil as much as you have to – and I stick to it one way or another, “he describes.

She helped co-organize a fundraiser to help the children’s home, which successfully moved from the Ukrainian town of Luhansk to Poland. “We knew there were no specific things there, so we collected for them.” And because she wanted to travel before covid, so she bought a big car, she decided to take things to Poland as well.

Our help? It was an emotionally powerful experience, which is a house of children even in times of peace.

Kristina Frejova

“So we filled the big car with nappies and cosmetics and drove off to Poland, where we handed over that and our humanitarian aid to the children’s home. The girls were moved and surprised. It was beautiful. Of course, it “It was also an emotionally powerful experience, which is a children’s home even in times of peace, let alone in times of war. These are three- or four-year-old children fleeing the bombardments,” he describes.

The horror of helplessness

Frejová also admits that the war in Ukraine has hit her hard.

“I have to say, I didn’t expect it to hit me so hard. That a person would start to fall into some sort of depression of sorts. I still have the greatest horror of impotence. C t is the worst condition I can imagine. What we have to watch every day, and at the same time the call for help from President Volodomyr Zelenský, is something so terrible for me that it is pain in the chest which is omnipresent. »

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“My daughter and I had an interesting debate, where we found it absolutely monstrous and incomprehensible that Russian parents who live in Russia do not trust their children living in Prague or Ukraine, for example. And their children tell them this happens because they have information, but their own parents don’t believe it.”

But according to the actress, this means denying her own existence and her own upbringing. “So my daughter and I had an interesting debate about what would have happened if I hadn’t believed her. Rachel was raised in the truth, so I can boldly say that she’s not lying because she can’t,” he thinks.

“I can’t imagine what kind of life one would have to lead to deny one’s own children and one’s own upbringing.”


NoD Alternative Theater has prepared a new VOVA performance of “Dova Vova” Putin’s 22-year rule with the subtitle Happening caused by frustration from Putin’s special military operation.

“We have a Russian joke on this show: ‘Comrades, all of you who elect Vladimir Vladimirovich can give up and walk away from the wall.’ I think it’s kinda there. Because the fact that elections in Russia are rigged is an indisputable fact. Even the fact that a lot of people can’t afford to vote other than the way they do. It’s all under control, even of their employers and so on.”

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“On the other hand, I’m not a fan of saying, ‘Poor Russians, what can I do about it?’ I think the Russians had access to information, they also travel a lot and they see it.”

It is clear to the actress that if someone lives somewhere in Siberia, then most likely they have no other source of information than Russian state television.

“But fortunately, we already live in a time when the truth will always come to the surface. Whatever happens in any part of the world – be it the Far East, the Middle East, Russia, Chechnya. I think that the monstrosities against humanity can no longer be suppressed. We live in a time when everyone has a mobile phone in their pocket to which everything can be turned, “he concludes.

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