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I interviewed a lady who spread the false message on Facebook that her grandfather had died after being vaccinated. When she spoke, she admitted she made it up. She is convinced that her fantasies, contrary to the statements of the doctors, who said nothing, said nothing about the death of her relative from the consequences of vaccination, were true. And also that she herself is so good that she needs no education for her professional judgment. The confession culminated in the statement that she wasn’t really sure of her statements and that she might be slapping some nonsense.

On Facebook, I saw a post from Hana Václavíková’s account saying that her grandfather had died after being vaccinated. I wrote to him: “I am a commentator for the Weekly Forum and I found your message saying that your grandfather died after vaccination. Could you write me some details about this unfortunate incident, please She agreed, so I had a frosty conversation. The lady is spreading a hoax, which effectively discourages covid vaccinations, and if someone puts it on her, she can pay with her life. At the same time, she admits she made it up Every time she told a lie I boldly wrote in her speech (lying). And, if necessary, some other remarks.

She speaks “expert”

Hana Vaclavikova: Thank you for your interest, but it seems that the consequences of vaccination are not studied (lying) for obvious reasons, autopsies are not performed (lying). Basically, I could be accused of speculating (yes, this is speculation). But my grandfather was fit, at 86 he rode his bike, gardened, cooked, cleaned, led an active and contented life. About 2 months after the second dose, he developed an aortic rupture. According to the manufacturer and other experts, side effects of vaccination include changes in blood vessels, changes in the lining of the endothelium, inflammation and therefore weakening of blood vessels, myocarditis. Of course, this almost incompatible incident could have happened without vaccination. My grandfather was the right age to leave this world, so I say pragmatically that in his case it was rather a “victory”, he did not suffer, everything went quickly, until the last moment it was a beloved old man surrounded by children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. But this is not the only case of its kind, and when it occurs on a larger scale in the population (lying)I’m afraid that no one really studies the effects of this “vaccination” (lying)at least not officially, people are forced as a safe and only solution (yes, vaccination is the only solution, the only effective prevention of severe covid) and it bothers me and that’s why I mentioned my grandfather.

Oh, while “death after vaccination” is a figment of your imagination. Please do you understand that broadcasting a false alarm is a criminal offense in the Czech Republic? Do you realize that you are threatened for such lies, please?

Hana Vaclavikova: Grandfather died after vaccination. It’s a fact. It can’t be proven that the “vaccine” was the cause, but kindly avoid threatening his sad surviving granddaughter! Do you need to threaten people? Did you write to teach me kindly? Thank you very much, but I don’t care about your unsolicited advice, let alone threats! Be with God!

Madam, how did you know that your grandfather had died following a vaccination? After vaccination, after being vaccinated, we will all die because we have all been vaccinated since childhood

Hana Vaclavikova: However, I write clearly that I only think so and that there is nothing alarming about the death of such an old man. His attending physician was rather vague on the direct question. But there are many such cases (lying) and the consequences of the vaccine has a lot of people around me! I can write whatever I want. The official media almost constantly spread alarming news. You don’t respect freedom of expression, journalist?

No, ma’am, you can’t lie all you want.

Hana Vaclavikova: I’m not. And there is nothing serious in what I write. What are you talking about, are you one of those “elves” who curate content from the internet to only be suitable for the general public?

Madam, I wrote that I was a weekly forum commentator. The word “commentator” refers to one of the journalistic specializations. Do you understand?

Hana Vaclavikova: I see. Comment whatever you want. I do not care. In my opinion, you should have stuck to the wonderful writings about weed 35 years ago. I bought your books, I loved your stories at Reflex… I loved them. Which is probably sincere to you. I wish you a wonderful peaceful evening.

Madam, how did you know that your grandfather had died following a vaccination?

Hana Vaclavikova: This is vaccination and “vaccination”. Covid vaccination was also a de facto genetic treatment, experts say (completely absurd) than for immunization with inactivated virus or toxoid (in the case of tetanus vaccine) (Misleading nonsense – there are more principles on which vaccines work, and the public has been sufficiently presented that the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are mRNA vaccines, not attenuated virus vaccines).

Madam, what education do you have, please? Are you a doctor?

Hana Vaclavikova: No, but even a medical degree may not give you real insight into the problem. Even doctors are wrong, as history has often shown. Maybe they even want to be wrong, or maybe they “don’t want to know”. Perhaps financial profit may be behind this ignorance. However, the two of us will not gamble on any speculation here.. (Ms paranoidly speculates on the conspiracy of doctors who “don’t want to know”, at the same time she opposes the speculation, but she’s just speculating on this whole conversation about death from vaccination.)

So you think you can estimate the cause of death without any medical examination of the patient and without any medical training, please? How do you do that, a doctor has to study for six years and then two certifications, and you’re so good at “looking”, where did you get that talent, please?

Hana Vaclavikova: I wrote that this was just speculation and that I personally believe it might at least help. Yes, a doctor has two certifications, but if he has them in psychiatry or proctology, he may have poor knowledge of vaccination if he does not collect this knowledge and develop awareness about it. General practitioners themselves are embarrassed. On the other hand, a nurse who is a little interested in the question can form her own opinion, there are plenty of resources and I see a lot of people around me with symptoms, which are probably consequences, because their occurrence in a so many people are also associated with the vaccination.strike against the Covid. (Lie, not a large number of people “showing symptoms” of something the lady didn’t specify, medical stats didn’t record.)

Thank you, the interview was very informative.

Hana Vaclavikova: Seriously? And I thought I was one of the many “victims of misinformation”? So I’m flattered.

Well, sure, it was an instructive conversation with a man who, thanks to the Dunning-Kruger effect, is spreading disinformation. But you’ve written me a lot about your way of thinking, and it’s not only instructive but also frightening. The Dunning-Kruger effect says that the less competent a person with low intelligence is in an area, the more competent they feel in that area.

Hana Vaclavikova: Did I write you how I think? Where in another dimension? We disinformators don’t think, we blindly accept information that “fits” us, as is claimed anywhere, do we?

The Dunning-Kruger, your absolute assurance that you are competent in an area you know nothing about, and the determination to “argue” with complete nonsense interests me. Thank you for your time.

Hana Vaclavikova: In conclusion, I do not claim to be competent in this area! (The lady didn’t notice that the whole interview came across as very knowledgeable about it. Now, like liars do, they try to lie if necessary.) Which does not necessarily mean that I will trust the promoters of this pseudo-immunization (The word “pseudo-immunization” is offensive and stupid nonsense)who are considered competent. What a man, it’s true (in virology, this statement is extremely stupid), if he is an expert (and at the same time a voracious psychopath, but he can even think well and really be vaccinated). I find it interesting that the vast majority of the population thinks the system and the experts who tend to be its outstretched hand think well of them and only care about their health zas They, in turn, find me very scary.

It can’t be cured…

My conversation with Mrs. Václavíková was exhausting, I am not used to communicating with people with such low cognitive performance. However, the effort was worth it – even if the result is not optimistic. I fear that Mrs. Václavíková is a typical example of a serial anti-vaccine. Antivaxera, whose pseudo-arguments stem from ignorance, ignorance, lack of insight and the incredible vanity that makes the lady know much more about diseases than doctors and vaccines much more than infectiologists. And he knows that without schools, because he’s just good. Such self-impairment disorder is not treatable. Medicine cannot provide superior intelligence to the patient.

Putin’s influence agency has been behind a series of disinformation and its spread on the Internet. But indeed, the massive dissemination of anti-vaccination and now pro-Russian hoaxes, the widespread dissemination of lies and nonsense, is the fault of nothing but the most common human stupidity.

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