On Survivor tactics and the relationship with Hanychová: Adam Raiter in open confession

Adam Raiter was one of the hottest contestants on the reality show Survivor, but it was his uniqueness that ultimately cost him leaving the game early. We asked a tattooed carpenter how he spent his time on the island, who he supports, and what his mission was in Ukraine, where he went almost immediately after returning from Survivor.

In the short-lived Survival Contest, Adam Raiter pitted most of the remaining contestants against each other for his sincerity and open nature, which the others found difficult to bear. As a result, Adam became the target of elimination and had to show his strength in the duel twice in a row. In the end, he was defeated by his ally Vlad, who was deployed against him by Johy.

Although Raiter on the island often did not have it easy, he would have had very positive memories. “It’s definitely a positive experience for me, I learned a lot about myself and even more about the nature of others. A lot of times you don’t step out of your social bubble and find out how it actually works. I think how divine this concept is, all these competitions.” And some of the competitors, unfortunately, everyone I loved gradually left me. At the same time, I realized that no one was hanging out with me. carpenter as he perceived it the whole stay.

“Others have often mentioned that Adam is self-centered. Others, but no one has taken care of themselves and how to tactically advance the tribe,” says Raiter, adding that, in his opinion, the slander n only disintegrated the tribes within. “For example, Chili, who constantly slanders others and doesn’t show the best performance herself. I was behind her and told her that people outside had seen her, I was talking about her all the time and that they tore her apart when she She’s utterly sorry,” Adam told the greatest tactician in all of Boy Who Lived, cook ChWhere.

I wouldn’t give it to twenty

Unlike most Survivor participants, Adam Raiter would not have felt the discomfort and lack of food and would immediately return to the island. “If someone called me from production now to come back, I’d be packed off to the airport in an hour. I rested well there, I had less to worry about there than in everyone’s life. days. No paperwork, just a clean head, “I missed the food again. I knew I would have enough again in two months, so it was okay,” says Raiter, who was the first to catch fish in the Dominican Republic.

“The fish I caught has no natural enemies because it’s poisonous. In fact, I just stood there and floated around, and when I scared it, it puffed up. and it wasn’t that hard to catch,” Adam recalled of a fun memory.

Raiter has a clear explanation for why he thinks he was criticized despite his efforts. “People don’t like change and different personalities. I live in a social bubble of the same individuals as me. We all laugh and we’re energetic, we like that. I got into a completely different group there and I didn’t sit with them. It happens. Jim, I didn’t mind that they wrote me in a duel, for example, and I kept smiling at them and he was fine, because that I took it as part of the game and they didn’t make it clear and I wear it, so I just didn’t respond to their bullying.”

Nikol will be surprised

Adam was kicked out of competition by Johy, who plays a very sharp game, but according to Raiter it’s okay and she’s the biggest fan of hers. “Yeah, that’s great. She may think I’m gone and I’m sorry she tripped me, but I still deserve it. I didn’t go for two and a half million, so I would never sell my honor for this money. but there are a few people who really need the money and Johy is one of them. that Nikola Čechová, who is the right hand of the Chili cook, is waiting for a difficult return home and probably has no idea what kind of person is manipulating her all the time.

“Nikola will probably be very surprised when he gets back home and sees what really happened there. That friendship with the fans has waned and it won’t be easy,” says Adam, who traveled to Ukraine on his return to help those in need.

“War is real. In the 21st century, tanks and people shoot there normally. I went there mainly because I like to help, just like I went to Tornado in Moravia, and here I felt that I wanted to get involved in. Because thanks to me The Survivor was followed by followers, I actually wanted to show those people that it was real and what was really going on in there.. a really strong experience, I had tears all the time I found a group to one in the morning at the hot barrel There were barricades and soldiers everywhere I admit I was scared for my life I was in freezing sweats most of the time it t is difficult to describe a similar experience, Raiter returned to the powerful experiences of war.

Agatha taught me with Instagram

Adam Raiter started recording audiences before Survivor, thanks to his affair with Agáta Hanychová. We were interested in how the carpenter remembers a three-month relationship with a well-known troublemaker.

“Agatha and I are happy, we are friends. Of course, we went through a breakup which was not easy for either of us, because we loved each other. I am really grateful for some things. Can – maybe she helped me learn about the world of Instagram, maybe I managed her account and that’s what I learned. She’s a great-grandmother, we had the same hobbies. I wish her a new relationship with the doctor, it’s been three months?” laughs Adam, who sings the praises of his ex.

At the end, the friendly carpenter told us what his plans are for the future. “I definitely don’t want to give up carpentry, it’s my life. But I’m an exhibitionist and I like to move, so I’m planning my own show where I’d like to introduce young people to craftsmanship. There’s less and less of craftsmen and I would like to raise awareness as a mason “how much money the car has and therefore motivated the new generation to find their way back to work with their hands”, he concluded.

Adam would like to have his own show in the future

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