New books: Woleská, Santlofer and Němcová

Marianne Levy: How to be chic in Paris

New York has Chelsea, London Notting Hill and Paris – she has the Left Bank. What are these places? All of them are a paradise for style lovers and hatcheries of fashion trends…

Especially on the Left Bank, fashion has the say and literally dictates what to wear or not to wear. That’s why it’s not surprising that Capucine and Karine, two young women with common tastes and humour, meet right here in a luxury department store, come across a note and soon come up with a brilliant idea: It’s time to break the binding rules and dictation of standing fashion!

Metaphor, 232 pages, 269 CZK

Lauren Layne: Loving Blindly

Gracie Cooper is cheerful, strong-willed and tries to make the best of every situation. When her father dies a few months after being diagnosed with lung cancer, Gracie puts aside her ambitions and artistic projects and takes over her champagne business in Manhattan.

But she soon discovers that the proceeds from the sale are dwindling more and more, and a big company run by the handsome but annoyingly arrogant Sebastian Andrews is trying to get her out of the store. Gracie can’t stand the thought of having to throw away her father’s dream, like she had before.

Metaphor, 272 pages, 329 CZK

Jana Woleská: good or bad decisions

The main heroines of the individual stories come from diverse backgrounds, and their fates, set on the horizon of the last thirty years, are also different. These women often fight for the favor of people who do not even deserve their attention.

They find themselves in a whirlwind of various events and are sometimes dragged by life for many years in a direction that leads nowhere. Nevertheless, he tries to learn from all his mistakes and find what he wants, whatever it is…

Pragma, 112 pages, 299 CZK

Casey McQuiston: Last Station

Twenty-three-year-old August moves to New York to prove to herself that her cynical attitude is the only right one – she doesn’t believe in fateful love, and she doesn’t believe in anything at all. She is determined to go through life alone. And working in a creperie or moving in with strange ezo roommates won’t change that.

But then he meets a beautiful girl on the subway. Jane is dazzling, charming and mysterious. She’s not just an old-school punk with a hobby in her 60s. She is literally cursed in time! And August will have to do the unthinkable to save her from the trap of time.

Jodi Taylor: Symphony of Echoes

Beneath the seemingly innocent veil of Saint Mary, a slightly different historical inquiry unfolds. The local staff in no way admits that this is time travel, but rather examines “significant historical events of the time”.

They can’t always maintain the appearance of innocuous eccentricities – perhaps only because when there is peace for a long time, something very strong explodes through their fault, because they simply tend to make…

Laser, 376 pages, 359 CZK

Cynthia Harrod-Eagles: The Secret of Ashmore Castle

Best-selling dynasty author Morland’s new novel is set in the early 20th century in southern England on the slopes of the picturesque Valley of Ashes, complete with a majestic castle, which locals still call The Castle and home to several generations of the esteemed Stainton family.

Jonathan Santlofer: The Last Mona Lisa

Art painter and teacher Luke Perrone attempts to uncover the truth about his infamous ancestor named Peruggia. His research attracts the attention of an Interpol detective who wants to prove something; a beautiful woman who might cost little more than Luke’s affection; and the wasp’s nest of the most ruthless art collectors.

The Last Mona Lisa is a gripping novel about the secrets of the 1911 robbery and the dark fungus of today’s collector’s world, a story romantic and sexy, as well as exciting and chilling.

Lyssa Kay Adams: Men’s Secret Book Club

Gavin Scott’s marriage is in shambles. The baseball star recently revealed a humiliating secret that his wife Thea has always pretended to be the big O. This revelation is the final straw in their already strained relationship. Thea files for divorce and Gavin realizes he has been overcome with pride and fear. But he doesn’t want to lose the relationship. Will the marriage be saved?

Lisa Regan: Unexpected Confession

When the body of a young college student with a picture pinned to his collar is found in the driveway of a Denton home, Detective Josie Quinn is the first on the scene. The house belongs to Gretchen Palmer, a dedicated member of Josi’s team, but she has disappeared. Josie doesn’t believe for a moment that the attacker could be Gretchen, and she works not only to solve the young man’s death, but also to find her colleague. But a few days later, she presents herself to the police and wants to be arrested.

Josie knows Gretchen can’t possibly be a killer. But why would she confess to a murder she didn’t commit?

Cosmopolis-Grada, 368 pages, 449 CZK

Božena Němcová: Wonderful fairy tales

Božena Němcová’s fairy tales are part of the national literary treasure. They always captivate with their immense imagination, mysterious environments, witty storylines and a clear message that good must win.

Most of Božena Němcová’s fairy tales are already well known and many have been filmed. Nevertheless, there are still a number of his fairy tales that seem to be waiting to be discovered. Actresses Aňa Geislerová and Anna Kameníková read the text of the audiobook.

Supraphon, 3:01, 309 CZK

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