Music Against Murder. Ukrainians will not be discouraged even by sirens, they are frozen by captured videos

The touching video immediately became an internet hit. The recording eventually reached the songwriter, Hans Zimmer. It was shown to him by his daughter, who came across it on social media.

“Alex, I am absolutely amazed by your interpretation of Time in these times of crisis. Your music lifts the spirit of the Ukrainian people. We are on your side, ”said the German artist in a video message in which he has a scarf draped over the shoulders in Ukrainian colors.

Zimmer also sent Alex a video of his concert at the O2 Arena in London, where he played a young pianist in Lviv to his audience. “I am very grateful for the support of Ukraine in this terrible war that Russia has waged against our people. Hans Zimmer showed this video during his concert in front of 15,000 people. I am very grateful to the Zimmer family for having brought attention to the war in my country. I am happy to be able to make a great contribution so that as many people as possible know the truth and protest against the aggressive and criminal Russia, ”said Alex on his Instagram.

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Farewell to the piano

Alex’s courageous act is not the only one that has spread from Ukraine to the whole world thanks to the Internet. Music lovers and those who look at the country with trepidation were also moved by Ukrainian musician Iryna Manyukina, who probably played for the last time in the ruins of her home.

Source: YouTube

According to Radio Free Europe, her daughter’s video shows their ruined house in Bila Tserkva, about 80 kilometers from kyiv. The house was reportedly badly damaged by Russian shelling in early March. The bullet hit a place a few meters from the building, fortunately no one in the family was injured. The musician chose Chopin’s composition to say goodbye to her beloved instrument.

The family left the damaged house and evacuated.

violin harmony

And violinists around the world aren’t ashamed either. A total of 94 musicians from 29 countries joined nine Ukrainian violinists and together they performed a song in favor of Ukraine. “I became friends with young violinists in Ukraine via Instagram and discovered that although many of them are hidden in the shelter, they have their instruments with them. So I asked colleagues from all over the world to accompany them in harmony,” said British violinist Kerenza Peacock.

Source: YouTube

Together they performed the Ukrainian folk song Verbovaja dosčečka. “kyiv violinist Ilya Bondarenko, who was then in an underground shelter, had to shoot between the explosions because he could not hear them playing. Violinists from so many countries have never met before. Even more Ukrainian colleagues wanted to get involved, but some of them now have weapons in their hands instead of violins,” added the musician.

Ukrainians who have been trapped in cities due to Russian attacks are cooking in the streets, scooping water from the snow.

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Another video, which began circulating on Twitter in early March, shows a young girl reassuring people in hiding from the kyiv metro bombing by playing a violin. He plays the Ukrainian song A Moonlight Night.

Lviv residents are also trying to please the local street artist, who hails from Bukh, west of kyiv.

The music also resounds in the headquarters of the Ukrainian army. In the following images, published by Nexta TV, the soldier plays his Ukrainian anthem to his colleagues to boost morale.

study against war

Words of consolation for a war-torn country are also sent by children’s entertainers. The nine-year-old Greek pianist even composed his own composition for Ukraine. He called it the anti-war study. “I don’t see people suffering anymore. Children have a right to peace. Please stop the war,” said Stelios Kerasidis, who is considered one of the greatest young musical talents in the world.

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