Lame is set to end his career for good and yearns for World Cup success

Updates: 31.03.2022 16:39

Prague – Biker Jaroslav Kulhavý is preparing for the final season of his brilliant professional career. Although he has considered leaving several times, he is convinced that this time it will be a final end. He looks forward to having more time for the activities he already does. At the same time, he has a strong desire to say goodbye to success at the September Mountain Bike Marathon World Championships in Denmark.

“It’s definitely the last season on a professional level. I don’t rule out going for a race or another discipline, but more as a professional. I’ve had more activity lately and it’s starting to outweigh professionalism. It’s not worth leaving the back door ajar one percent, “Kulhavý said in an interview with reporters.

In addition to the increasing number of years, the burden takes time from him. “Training, racing, training… If I’ve done three races instead of twenty thirty, that’s fine. I can combine training with other things. But traveling and racing abroad takes a lot of time. I’ve been doing it since “It’s time for me to stop playing as a cyclist and do something else again,” said the 37-year-old Olympic gold (2012) and silver (2016) in cross-country.

But he doesn’t want to let a very successful piece go all the way, he wants to say goodbye to success. The European championship in the domestic environment of the Lusatian mountains awaits mountain bike marathon runners, but the native of Ústí nad Orlicí has ​​another race in the spotlight on his calendar – the world championship, which will be organized by Denmark in mid-September.

“I have the highest goals. That’s why I left cross country, because I would have a hard time fighting for the top ten, but more for that. And I didn’t find it interesting “That’s why I bet on stage races and long races. It’s a way to get a bike. And I can also think of the higher goals,” Kulhavý said.

“If I’m healthy, the performance will be good. If you ride with an elevation gain of 4000 meters, I have nothing to do there. It’s like sending Peter Sagan on the mountain stage, but this year’s program looks good Malevil (Lusatian Mountains Marathon European Championship) At home there is a challenge for everyone And the world championship in Denmark too, it could stay there for me.

After an experience with the coronavirus, he stopped planning for a long time. “I especially want to enjoy the season and leave it to be satisfied. I have also planned a farewell race in the fall, but I leave it open. So far there are many things and there is no There’s no time to plan. It’s different every day so far. I’ll see what’s coming. , it’s hard to plan something far in advance, and if I stumbled on a tail with poor performance, I wouldn’t want to run anywhere else.” Lame thought.

In winter training, he again bet on alpine skiing. “I did last year’s training, when it worked for me. I diversified my training and I didn’t spend as much time on the bike. It suits me better than when I switched from many weeks on a bike. And the training is more complex. One involves the whole upper half of the body. Different imbalances stabilize. Certain muscles are not used on a bike. I replace the gym and training I’m also able to train for intensity and endurance,” said Kulhavý, who enjoys using Slovakia to train on the Alps.

Outside of the wheel, he invests in real estate and tries to profit from things he didn’t have much time for before. “I bought a motorcycle, but only for the pleasure of having it at home.

He also carries various sporting challenges in his head. “Two years ago I tried Everesting (overcoming the altitude of the highest mountain in the world, Mount Everest 8848 meters on a hill or a mountain), I think of different things … I think that I will certainly not betray the sport, I will make it continue to play sport,” Lame said.

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