I thought that as a father some things would turn me less, Třinec Nestrašil laughs

A new life experience, which he completed during the break between the base game and the start of the playoffs, poured new energy into his blood. At 31, he became a father and miraculously appeared in person at the maternity ward.

“Anyone lucky enough to give birth and see for themselves what women can do should go there and watch it. Because it’s absolutely amazing,” says Nestrašil, who is learning to play in the Czech Republic for the first time. times this year.

Has your new role as a father changed you?

I thought that when I became a father, some things would transform me less, but I admitted that was not true at all. I expected him to have a bit more insight as a father, but he doesn’t.

Do you have a family at home or are they abroad?

They are here with me. After what I went through, I have to say that I would be very sorry if I couldn’t give birth. It is an absolutely incredible experience. The birth took place exactly. We were in the top four, so it went well. I came home and my wife started giving birth. It went well.

Will you go to sleep or will the little one wake you up?

We have a mother-in-law here, she came from America, so I’m going to sleep. I moved to another room, where I made my own corner and well-being. I’ve got to. A difficult series awaits us, so the train does not cross it.

No, I like to sleep.

Do you already know the work involved – repacking, bathing, burial?

I do all. Honestly, I have to say that I was ready for this for a long time. I was just waiting for us to come home and there would be a chance to be with the little one every day. Probably everyone has it like that, but for me it’s the most a person can have in life.

Is the Třinec fanshop well stocked with children’s items?

We already have everything. Also, my fifteen-year-old brother, who had transferred to Sparta, sent us a tip with the Spartan logo on it. I immediately refused to say that we were going to get rid of it (laughs).

Photo: Jaroslav Ožana, ČTK

Třinec hockey players are happy about the goalPhoto: Jaroslav OzanaČTK

My wife doesn’t have a favorite club that Třinec would beat?

He’s from Michigan, so all Detroit teams, Tigers baseball, for example. We are of course supplied everywhere. Everyone buys us a present, so he has a hat and stuff like that.

Have you paid team treasurer Erik Hrň yet at the checkout?

Yes, yes, you write that. He already brought me a QR code and it’s paying.

Yeah. He’s building a house, so he still needs the windows (laughs).

On Sunday you start the semi-finals against Mladá Boleslav, who unexpectedly went through Pilsen and Hradec Králové. How will your opponent be?

Heavy. We won’t meet the weaklings at this stage of the season. We defeated them four times in the base game, but we know it will be very difficult. The boys also said that last year the series was very balanced, that they played very uncomfortable. We know they are a very abrasive team. We will still play our own and hope it works for us.

Have you watched any other playoffs?

Personally, I tried to see as much hockey as possible. I didn’t always watch the whole match, for example Bolka and Hradec played with us at the same time, so I didn’t see much of those matches, only the results. I can’t even say that I’m as surprised as everyone can be. It’s a playoff. The basis is to get started and then it’s open to everyone.

Didn’t Mladá Boleslav’s progress on the baseline winner surprise you?

Anything really can happen in the playoffs. Pardubice, Budějovice … If we could always guess exactly how it would turn out before the season, the bookmakers would have no work. There is always a surprise. Boleslav skates very well. Their adversary will not rest for a moment. They always roll, they play honestly. I think that’s their greatest strength.

As an excellent skater, are you looking forward to Boleslav?

As an excellent skater since fourth grade, I always have to deal with it one way or another. I’m really looking forward to the series. I like playoff games, where every situation can decide the series, I like that a lot. When 56 games are played in the base game, it is sometimes long for one person. There are also matches when it’s more or less nothing. Personally, I don’t care if we play with Boleslav or someone else. I go to every game the same way. And I think that’s how we all have it in the cabin.


Andrej NestrasilPhoto: HC OCELÁŘI TŘINEC

Wouldn’t you love Sparta as a former Slav?

It would definitely be a great atmosphere too. We hope we defeat Boleslav and see what happens next. Now we are mainly thinking about the semi-finals and match number one. It will not be an easy series, it will be a fight. How about Vitkovice. Even though it was 4:0, it was a very good series from them.

How does it feel to play an extra-league playoff for the first time in 31 years?

To be honest, it comes to my mind that against the world, or against the trend where hockey is going, there are a lot of personal struggles, like hanging on, holding on… It’s very difficult to go through the ‘opponent. This is not the case in the world when I watch NHL games, for example. Any fuss or hold is an immediate foul.

Is it a problem for referees that fouls are not called?

Don’t sew it to me, shit like that. I won’t tell you. This is my personal opinion, not the referee’s denial. It just feels like those hooks and holds are left a bit more here.

With Vítkovice you scored nine goals in four matches. Did you see the shooting?

Sometimes it only takes two or three goals to win, the important thing for us is to win the game. We don’t need to score seven goals. When the game comes when the opponents fall, maybe we’ll play a little differently and score more goals. What’s great about this team is that everyone wants to win. And it’s not about me scoring a goal, you scoring a goal, or we’re all better. We pursue the goal we have and our goal is to win games.

Before the Olympics, you admitted your disappointment at not having made the selection. Didn’t that increase your desire to prove, for example, to get a Czech title?

I was definitely very disappointed. There were a lot of guys playing in this league and they look like me year after year. I was sorry, but I must say that success in the club means a lot more to me. National tournaments are good, winning medals is good, but the season lasts eight months and it shows the team, the peloton and all the work. The satisfaction of this long-term title, of this medal, is even greater.

What if the new national team coach, Kari Jalonen, calls you after the season?

I was hoping that question wouldn’t come up (laughs). We’ll see how it will be. My family comes first, so we’ll see what they want. I would decide.

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