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Do you like movie nights with kids at home? We bring you great tips on the best popular entertainers that will keep you and your kids entertained. These are classics that have proven themselves for years as well as newer films that have broken cinema attendance records and that you will quickly fall in love with. What will you do next?

frozen kingdom

The brave and devoted Princess Anna embarks on a magnificent expedition, accompanied by the eccentric adventurer Kristoff and her faithful reindeer Sven, to find her sister Elsa, whose ice spells have imprisoned the entire kingdom of Arendelle for an eternal winter. …

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An amusing and at the same time moving story about family and also about loss. Despite a strange ban on family music, Miguel aspires to become a popular musician like his idol Ernesto. Eager to prove his skill, Miguel finds himself in a beautiful and colorful realm of the dead with an incredible combination of circumstances. What will be next?

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toy story

Andy is a little boy who likes to play with his toys. He has a doll with a potato head, a plastic Rex dinosaur, but his most popular toy is a cowboy figure named Woody. When Andy isn’t in his room, his toys come to life. When Andy’s next birthday party is about to be celebrated, the toys are afraid that Andy will get a new toy to take their place. As a big surprise for this birthday, Andy receives a Buzz Rocket figurine, which other toys will soon like. Woody doesn’t just love him, because Buzz will instead become Andy’s favorite toy. But Buzz doesn’t know it’s just a toy, he thinks it’s real, and he wants to go back to his planet…

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Hotel Transylvania

Few people know that Dracula is not only the prince of darkness, but also the owner of the elegant Hotel Transylvania – a five-star luxury resort where all the monsters of the world, such as Frankenstein, mummies, wolves- werewolves, the zombies or the invisible man, can get away from people and be alone and safe. But there’s an even bigger reason for Dracula to keep ordinary mortals as far away as possible to protect his beloved daughter Mavis. Like most teenagers, she wants to leave the nest and explore the world beyond the hotel. But it’s an idea that really scares Papa Dracula!

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The Lion King

If your little ones were excited about the remake of the famous 2019 movie, introduce them to the original hit film as well. What is it about? Beloved king Mufasa rules over all the savannah of the African savannah. His son Simba has just been born and the whole kingdom is happy to welcome the heir to the throne. Only King’s brother, Scar, is unpleasantly surprised by this news. He wants to become king himself and Simba is an obstacle for him. That’s why he hatches a plan to get rid of the hated Mufasa and his son…

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Sobik Niko

A lively and adventurous fairy tale about the little reindeer Nik. Niko thinks his dad, whom he never knew, is one of the world famous Santa Squads. His biggest dream is to learn to fly as well as his father. However, the adults in Nik’s herd don’t understand the talent of the reindeer at all, and the children laugh at him. In fact, no one believes his father is an international star. The only one who supports and trusts him is a clumsy squirrel named Julius, with whom Niko embarks on a long journey to find his father.

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house of spells

Bouřka, an abandoned boy, hides one rainy day in the mysterious house of an old magician, where a number of unusual creatures from the world of fantasy also live. But not everyone is thrilled with the arrival of an unexpected guest. Rabbit Jack and Maggie Mouse will do anything to get the cat out. Things get worse when the magician ends up in the hospital and his greedy nephew takes the opportunity to sell the house. The boy does not give up and decides with new friends to share a magical home.

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How to train your dragon

Have you ever seen a three-dimensional dragon? And the real Viking? Otherwise, you have the option. The adventure takes place in the rugged north, which is inhabited by even tougher Vikings and with them dragons. The main character Škyťák somehow cannot fit in with the other inhabitants of his native island, because unlike them, he uses his head rather than his muscles (which he slowly has). This would probably have been possible if he had not been the son of the village chief, Klidas Velikan. Dad loves his son, but is aware of his “insufficiency”. Especially as we approach Škyťák’s first introduction to adult Vikings, which can be successfully completed in one way – by slaying a dragon in a duel…

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The New York Zoo is home to four friends. The biggest star is the lion Alex, the party also includes the heavy hippopotamus Gloria, the hypochondriac giraffe Melman and a zebra named Marta. It celebrates its tenth anniversary. He’s got half his life behind him, so he’s starting to take stock. At the same time, he discovers that he wants more than a trained monkey at the zoo. He would like to look in the desert. When he confides his dream to other friends, everyone tries to talk him out of a crazy idea. But Melman mentions that the Boston Zoo offers a perfectly mimicked wilderness. Marty therefore secretly disappears at night and decides to take a train to Boston for a trip. When the trio remaining at the zoo discover that their best friend is gone, they expect nothing and go to him to bring him back. And they won’t have it easy.

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The world of Nemo

One day, a diver catches a fearless and curious little fish named Nemo and takes him far from home to his own aquarium. His father Marlin, very attentive, immediately undertakes a long pilgrimage to his son. He is joined by Dory, a friendly fish who suffers from short-term memory problems. During an adventurous and playful journey, vegetarian sharks, turtle guys, surfers, fascinating jellyfish and still hungry seagulls will meet…

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Ice Age

The prehistoric sloth Sid has slept a little during the migration and is trying to catch up with the others at all costs. Along the way, he encounters the rhinoceros Frank and Carl, who probably swoop down on the last dandelion, but as soon as Sid sees her, he eats her. However, this annoys the rhino and they start chasing it. Fortunately, on the run, the crazy sloth meets the mammoth Manfred, thanks to whom the rhinos do not tear him apart. Sid decides to go with Manfred, even though he’s not going south like everyone else. The saber-toothed tiger pack didn’t retreat either, they want revenge on people by kidnapping a baby. In the end, it is Manfred and Sid who take care of the trip with him. A little crazy and a little dangerous…

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Bob Parr was once one of the world’s greatest superheroes – nicknamed Mr. Amazing, he saved lives and fought bad guys every day. However, he now works as a claims adjuster with an insurance company, and the only battles he gets into are length and growing overweight. When he (along with all the other legendary crime fighters) was forced to hang a super-suit on a nail fifteen years ago by a series of unfortunate mistakes and senseless lawsuits, he and his wife, Helen aka Ms Amazing, and now try living a normal life. . But Bob has an unshakable urge to return to action…

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To sing

Koala Buster Moon is the owner of a failing theater who has no money to pay actors or renovate the building. So he writes his last thousand dollars as a reward for the winners of a singing talent contest, which he organizes himself at the theater. Advertising flyers inadvertently list the price as one hundred thousand dollars. Before Miss Crawley’s secretary can fix this, the leaflets are blown through an open window and they fly through the town. The turnout is huge. Johnny from the family of thieves, the shy elephant Meena, the housewife Rosita, who takes care of 25 little pigs, and also the uncharacteristic mouse Mike, who complicates everyone’s life, will be part of the restricted selection of the competition.

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