He was not afraid: We know it will be difficult, but I hope our game will bring us success

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Třinec – Třinec striker Andrej Nestrašil wasn’t even surprised that Mladá Boleslav eliminated the best team from the base part of Hradec Králové in the quarter-finals. The Central Bohemian club, which entered the playoffs from the eleventh position, will again appear in the semi-finals of the Steelworks after a year. The series will begin on Sunday under Javorový.

“It’s a playoff. The basis is to get in there and then it’s open to everyone,” Nestrašil said in an interview with reporters about Mladá Boleslav’s successful run into the top four.

“If we could always guess exactly how it goes before the season, the bookmakers have no work. There will always be surprises. Boleslav skates very well and their opponent will not rest for a moment. They always roll, they playing honestly. That, I think, is their biggest strength,” Nestrašl said.

Last year, Třinec fought a well-rounded battle with Mladá Boleslav on the way to their third title, which was decided by game seven. In this basic part, however, he dominated the mutual games: he lost only one point, kept a clean sheet twice and a total of 18 goals.

“We beat them four times in the base game, but we know it will be very difficult. The boys also said that last year’s semi-final series was very balanced, that they played very badly comfortable. But we will always play our own and hopefully it will be “Nestestil desired.

Nestrašil was the team’s top scorer in the quarter-finals with Vítkovice with two goals, which the defending champion won 4:0. In total, however, the Steelmakers scored just nine goals in four matches. “Sometimes it is. There are series where two or three goals are enough to win. We want to win games in the first place, we don’t need to score seven goals,” Nestrašil said.

“When the game comes when the opponents fall, maybe we’ll play a bit differently and score more goals. But it’s great in this team that everyone wants to win. It’s not about scoring a goal , you will score and we will all make you comfortable. We aim for the goal we have. And that goal is to win games,” Nestrašil added.

At 31, he is playing in the first qualifiers for the Czech men’s supplementary league. He notices a big difference compared to the NHL and the KHL, where he has worked in recent years. “To be honest, it comes to my mind that there are a lot of personal fights against the world or against the trend of hockey. There are those who hang on, who hold on… It’s very difficult to pass through his opponents. It’s in the world when I look “for NHL games, it’s not there at all. Any move or hold is an immediate foul. It’s very difficult here, there are a lot of personal fights, everyone tries to defend well” said Nestrašil.

He asked with a smile when asked if there was a problem with the referees not calling fouls. “Don’t sew it to me, just do it like that,” he laughed. “I’m just saying how I feel when I’m on the ice. That’s my personal opinion, it’s a league thing, not specifically umpires or individuals. I just feel like these hooks and shots are left here a bit more than “But it goes without saying that the whistle style changes in every league, and in the playoffs it’s a bit more difficult,” he admitted.

Another thing is new for Nestrašil. Just before the start of the playoffs, his son was born. “I thought that when I became a father, certain things would make me feel less good, but that’s not true at all,” he laughed. “I just thought you would have a little more insight as a father, but I don’t,” he admitted.

He is involved in all activities related to the care of his son. He packs up, bathes. He added with a smile that he didn’t even need club clothes for the little one. “We have everything! And now my fifteen-year-old brother, transferred to Sparta, sent me a Spartan esca tip. But I refused. I immediately told him that we were going to get rid of it The Steelman is small!” Nestrašil pointed out.

He also put in place precautionary measures to put him to sleep. “I moved to another room, I made my corner and my well-being. I have to sleep. We have a big series waiting for us, so the train does not pass”, he added.

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