“Go to hell, you bastard! They blocked the center of Prague because of the planet. But this time …

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Extinction Rebellion activists decided this week to make life uncomfortable for the people of Prague until the government agrees to their demands. They call for a “radical solution to the climate crisis”. By making it impossible for motorists, people who go to work by public transport, but also by restricting the passage of metropolises to firefighters and ambulances, they are said to be fighting not only for the climate, but also for the Ukraine. According to them, for example, the order to turn off the heating in schools to a minimum is to stop Russian aggression. During Friday’s blockade, however, some drivers were unable to watch them this time around. “I’ve had enough, man! Pull the dick!” Street said.

Photo: Repro Extinction Rebellion
The description: Activists again blocked the streets of Prague


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Extinction Rebellion activists stopped drivers of cars, supplies, but also public transport and ambulances and firefighters from passing through the streets of Prague as part of their 3°C initiative for Ukraine, which calls, for example, for government regulations to limit gas consumption.

After blocking busy thoroughfares such as Žitná Street or Nuselského Bridge on Friday, activists moved to Tomášská Street near Malostranské Square in Prague.

A group of activists carrying banners in the colors of the Ukrainian flag sat at a pedestrian crossing and remained seated there even after the traffic lights of oncoming cars were already green. Drivers entering the intersection began honking at the activists, but they had no intention of pulling off the road, leaving motorists no choice but to brake hard.

This time, the motorists of the arriving vehicles did not endure the unpleasant moment with great calm. “I’ve had enough, man! To hell, asshole!”, shouted a rather pissed off driver at one of the activists and grabbed one of the banners.

When other drivers, after considering the situation, realized that they had just met militants and that interpersonal understanding would not help much to resolve the situation, other vulgarities began to resonate. “Go to hell,” he said, as one of the passers-by still tried to tell the audience that he was just trying to get to work.
However, efforts to reach an agreement continued to fall on fertile ground, and when the man sitting with the banner tried to justify blocking the street, warning that they were close to Parliament, the driver of the van made it clear what he was thinking: “I don’t care. I’m piling up goods here, dick!”

“Why here? Why not choose another place,” the other driver doesn’t understand. to argue with the filming activist. “It’s clear, but the police will be here soon. It’s five minutes late,” replies the cameraman.

After a while, an elderly man approaches those present and explains that blocking traffic in Prague will probably be difficult for Ukraine. “Can it be signed somewhere? It would seem to me a hundred times more significant than that”, he wonders in front of the form of the protest. However, the woman filming explains that she is wrong, because this type of protest is the best that has attacked the group.

After eight minutes, the police arrived and the members also tried to settle the situation with the activists through a debate. And also without success.

Even after the police arrive, the group of four activists refuses to stand up and explains that they are doing an “important thing”. “It just came to our knowledge at the time. Is it very important to keep people out of work? That’s fine, man,” the viewer doesn’t get it.

The police then ask those present to answer the call and leave. However, one of the men refuses to obey the police and continues to sit at the crossing. After being informed that he will be transferred to the office, the policewoman will turn to her colleagues. “So, gentlemen,” he tells them, and the police get to work.

Two members grab the activist by the shoulders and pull him off the road. The “withdrawal” of another militant follows.

As those present hope that the streets will be cleared, the last of the four will stretch out into the road and stretch, but the police will also prepare for this, but the removal of the last activist is no longer included in the video .

Activists from the Extinction Rebellion movement, which has been placed in the UK by a local counter-terrorism unit on the list of extremist groups, want the government to secure regulation to limit the temperature in the commercial sector, offices and schools to a minimum legal. “It’s 20°C in offices and schools and 18°C ​​where people do light physical activity. If the temperature limit lasts until the end of the heating season (usually lasts until end of April to end of May), we will save billions in gas heating costs, which we will not support the Putin regime in financing the war”, they comment.

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