Children ask: how can we help Ukrainian children? Journalist Nora Fridrichová responds

How can we help Ukraine?you?

I thought of it because my daughters have also selected toys that they want to give to Ukrainian children. There is a small demand for toys, because people send a lot of money or donate clothes, but children also travel here with their parents, and children need toys. And then it occurred to me that markers, coloring books and Ukrainian language books would definitely come in handy.

There are many charities on the Internet thatE but they are not realE. How to recognize fakesE of Tlawit?

This is sometimes a question for me, I must say. I would try to go through such a charity on the Internet, I would look for example at its website, how it works on social networks, because today the association is doing well thanks to social networks. I would also check if he has a transparent account, which is not a condition for the association to be credible. But if the charity has it, then look at the movement of money there, especially where they’re going. Well, maybe I would also watch TV, there are a lot of reports in which various charities perform, and that is a certain clue that the charity is considered trustworthy.

WhichE organization you would recommendhe has?

I would recommend an organization near you, near you. Maybe a local resort, because you can see exactly the people going there. Now Ukrainians are coming here to us, so they will go to this organization and you can leave some things for them there. I recommend looking for a place nearby where you can come in person and see.

There is somehowE organization by whichE we can accommodate Ukrainians if it hasmeetneed a vacant cottage?

I think there is already a website where you can post this offer. We also hosted a lady with us some time ago and the trip was through our mayor, who organizes the arrival of Ukrainians to us. People on the border are already connected to the mayor, so that’s how people make phone calls and pass people. I say this because it’s horrible because it sounds weird, but unfortunately it’s time.

It makes no sense to go to Ukraine or help the borders, or there are already too many people there?

Organizations and authorities are now urging people not to go to the border because there is a lot of traffic, especially on the other side. Now there are so many people who have to escape war and bombs, so unfortunately every other car going in the opposite direction takes up space. I think it’s better to concentrate here. These are either organizations that distribute aid here or those that then deliver aid by humanitarian train.

It’s goodestablish a newE charityneed in ourbadlyEm from the city or town, or persuade others to givevali pensomehow goE bigger charityE?

I would probably encourage you to try something on your own, it’s a great experience and I like to support the little ones before the big ones. I love that there are enthusiasts in these small groups who really love it and they do it because they want to join something, help something and also do something. So go ahead and have no fear at all.

What can adults do to help in Ukraine. It’s just financial help or maybe sorting things out etc.?

They can do anything you say, but they can also protest. Now a miscellaneous thing is happening in the Czech Republic, where people can insert information about the war into the comments of various facilities on a map of Russia on the Internet. There is censorship in Russia and people don’t have access to free information and very often don’t know what is really going on. So maybe it’s happening now. And I think that even in some schools it happens, when the teacher works with the students on the Google map and puts in the reviews of various facilities (hotels, restaurants), where reviews are usually written, in Russian information according to which Russia attacked another land.

How can we help people who live here in the Czech RepublicE Republic, but they have, for example, in Ukraine or Russia somehowE relativeE.

At the moment it is mostly relatives in Ukraine, because Russia is bombing there and people are dying there. It is something that is not entirely easy. Ukrainians who live here have relatives at home, are afraid of them and try to bring them here. It is difficult to transport Ukrainians to the Ukrainian border, because the country is at war, bombs are falling there – and you have to go somewhere by car. I admire all Ukrainians who have so far managed to get to the border.

Why are we now accepting all Ukrainians as refugees, but exEDTFor example, we do not accept Afghans or Syrians at alllaugh?

For some reason, Czechs are closer to Ukrainians than to ethnic groups living in other parts of the world. At the same time, by the way Ukrainians live with us as we know them and work with many of them or take care of our children, we feel that they are closer to us. It’s one thing, it’s obvious. The second thing is that, for example, in the case of the conflict in the Middle East, part of the political representation was against it. Part of Czech society agreed with this. This then created tensions and society reacted negatively to migration and refugees.

Have you spoken to Ukrainians? What bothers them most now and what they need most?

She spoke, we have a mother at home who now lives with her three children. Mothers with children or elderly people come here now. All the men stayed in Ukraine because they were fighting, martial law was declared there and the men were working for the war. The women who come here are very unhappy, broken and full of fear if they will ever see their men again, as it is unfortunately extremely uncertain in the event of war.

Many people can now be seen hugeE commitment and willingness to help Ukrainians. Do you think it will last people?

Today I read a comment saying that we are experiencing a euphoria that will one day pass. But that’s not important at all. It is important now that the war is over and that there are as few casualties as possible. The fact that the weather and the way we live here together (because we’re all taking comfort now) is going to evolve in my opinion, and something that we’re going to plan together and try to manage together. The most important thing is that the Ukrainians survive this war and can return home.

I heard about your Wardrobe organization. How does it help the Ukrainian people and how many clothes have you chosen already?

We have now organized a collection in the wardrobe especially for Ukrainians, who are mainly mothers with children. We have already collected several tons of clothes, medicines, toiletries, diapers, shoes and everything. We have already started distributing it, the first Ukrainians come to us, they choose from the marked boxes and take what they need. We also deliver or send them to them if they are not in Prague. Coincidentally, our car leaves tomorrow for a refugee camp. Yesterday they told me that three hundred and seventy people, a huge number, had passed through there in one day.

How to use selectionE collecting moneyGreek?

Different. I also opened the collection, so I will describe it. It’s a collection for the groceries of Ukrainian mothers, because when they come here, they have nothing at all. I can confirm this with the family who came to see us. Shopping is meant to serve Ukrainian families so they can buy food, cook it, and when they have food on the table, at least remember for a while their former war-free life. As for the other collections, their purposes are varied. For example, some collections are at the border for humanitarian aid, and food and drink are distributed to refugees. Or there are collections for the purchase of materials, for housing assistance. A collection can be for anything that costs money.

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