Brno University Hospital accepts children with cancer in Ukraine

“In total, pediatric oncologists in Brno now care for 12 patients of various ages and with a wide range of oncological diseases requiring active oncological treatment.” said spokeswoman Veronika Plachá.

The children, who can no longer be fully treated by doctors in Ukraine, find refuge in various parts of Europe. “Brno is part of a network of reference oncology centers. Children will receive comprehensive care like any other patient,” Timid added. Experts from the Department of Pediatric Oncology will take care of them.

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They are children of different ages and with different diagnoses, from leukemias to so-called solid tumours. The group was hosted by the Krtek Children’s Oncology Endowment Fund, acute hospitalization is not immediately required. In the morning, the families applied for a visa at the carnival. They arrived in the Czech Republic via Poland or Slovakia.

The opening hours of the material aid collection point for Ukraine, which the city of Ostrava had set up in the warehouse on Wattova Street, will be limited. On weekends, it will be possible to provide assistance during the usual opening hours, i.e. from 08:00 to 20:00. Hours will be shortened from Monday. The reason for this is less donor interest. Gabriela Pokorná, spokesperson for the municipality, told the press today.

The city established a collection point shortly after the outbreak of war in Ukraine. From April 4, it will be open Monday to Friday from 12:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. and Saturday from 08:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., the collection point will be closed on Sundays. “We are reducing opening hours in response to the drop in the number of donors. While hundreds of donors came to us in the first days of the collection point, dozens of people are now targeting us with their donations,” said Pokorná.

As part of Medevac’s health and humanitarian program, the Interior Ministry sent three more material aid packages to Ukraine, which has been under attack from Russia since late February. They include, but are not limited to, medical supplies for the treatment of burns and complicated fractures and other blood bags. The Vinohrady University Hospital participated in the collection of the material, and the transport was provided by the Czech Red Cross and its Ukrainian counterpart. Interior Ministry spokeswoman Klára Dlubalová said so in a press release today.

According to the spokesman, the first aid package sent for 2.5 million crowns was for an orthopedic clinic for children in Kyiv; The second batch of blood bags has now arrived in Ukraine. It contained 3,000 bags for 600,000 CZK, which the Medevac program provided at the request of the Ministry of Health and their transport was provided by the fire brigade.

The Czech Republic has gas reserves for about a month, oil and petroleum products for more than 90 days. At present, all energy supplies are stable, Minister of Industry and Trade Jozef Síkela (for STAN) said today after the meeting of the crisis cell. According to him, European Union companies will continue to pay energy to Russia in the currency in which the contracts were negotiated, and any unilateral modification will be considered a violation of these agreements.

According to Síkela, representatives of the energy sector are due to meet again next week. According to the minister, the Czech Republic is ready for all possible variants of the development of gas and oil supplies from Russia.

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday signed a decree that customers from so-called “non-friendly countries” must pay in rubles for Russian gas starting today. According to the decree, foreign buyers must exchange money for rubles using Russian bank accounts. Putin also said that if these payments were not made, gas supply contracts would be suspended.

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